Journey of a social media influencer(II)

Do you really want to be a social media influencer?  I never asked this question from myself. Media influencing has an invisible charm  associated with it. Arousing curiosity in people to associating with brands, everything had lasting impact on me.     More than handsome money I earned by tweeting for brands; somewhere deep in my…


As I pass through The narrow bylanes of the old city, Strange yet familiar faces Beckon my soul. As I explore The layers of confined interiors, Gutsy shadows Mark their uninhibited presence. As I try to escape the realm, My enchanted being Surrenders to the worthy medium….

What should I write?

Just started playing with words. Can you take a moment to suggest what I should write in my blog?

For Once

For Once My Love Let me Fly With You To The distant Portlands Of My Dreams! For Once Allow The Blushing Me To Sway In the Melodious moods Of The Moment! For Once When Everything else Lays Silent Let me Hear The sound Of Togetherness! And….. Once Again Witness The magic Of The Eternal Love…