Udta Punjab: A Crude Reality 

Just back from the “Udta Punjab” & I find the urge to share my views.

The issue raised by Udta Punjab is definitely the most urgent matter to look into; hoping it isn’t exaggerated out of proportion. The first thing I appreciate about the movie is that it shows things in their most natural form. Rather I’m panicked by the extremity to which the state youth has deteriorated.

“The state of Punjab is known for its brave jawans. Lively & cheerful Punjabis have been showing everyone how to lead life humbly with a big, brave heart.”


The youth of Punjab is being supplied drugs by some “unknown” people at a price even school goers can afford. Be it Charas or Afeem, everyone is familiar with various forms of illegal drugs. 
There’s a hint in the film  that the government knows who supplies the drugs!!

School kids are getting habitual. Music industry is being alarmingly infected. Functions to Elections rallies, everything is incomplete without its presence. Seems, someone is targeting youth for its benefit. Who can be at an advantage by inducing  youth with drugs!?

The most shocking thing is that the top Government officials are involved in this horrible trade. Now I understand why there was hue & cry before the release of “Udta Punjab”!


I know you care, dear Daddy!

There were tears rolling down my cheeks. Mom was anxious & my brother suddenly got ready to give me all his toys. To me it was the end of the world. My best friend was shifting to another city..

Father was sitting quietly in his cushioned chair listening to good ol’ Bollywood music. When everybody gave up, he got up from his chair & cracked a joke on my teary eyes! Then blew another. It continued till I burst into laughter.

Further came the great lesson of life. He said,

“Life keeps on flowing. Change is its another name. You have to be prepared to pass these changes with excellence. Otherwise there’s stagnation. Means no life at all!”

I was just 8 then!

This is my father. He extracts life’s deep lessons from insignificant events.

“Caring without my knowing. Showering love without any expectations. Sharing jokes and bursting into laughter. Playing petty games with me & telling stories. Extracting great lessons from routine life events. This is father for me!”

I know daddy is by my side everytime I need him. I know he’s the best person I can take advice from. His objective in life is to shape lives of his children beautifully.

Thanks “Goodyear” for giving me the opportunity to refresh my memories down the lane.
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Why Udta Punjab is not another Tanmay Bhat!

 Tanmay Bhat & Udta Punjab both created ripples. Freedom of speech is what they are exploiting to make their voices reach masses. At this juncture the question arises as to what extent a person may go to benefit from freedom of speech!

Is it fair when “Freedom of speech” of one person becomes an insult to another.  Are we fine when “abusing” is portrayed as a form of freedom of speech! People feel proud to abuse others in public and say it’s their freedom of speech! How ridiculous!

The issue is that we don’t really know the meaning of freedom. The “Freedom” itself comes with limitations. Can we judge when Freedom of one person hinders freedom of another. 

Tanmay Bhat misused the term freedom by degrading idols like Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. With a pinch of salt he took entertainment to objectionable level. 

“Udta Punjab”,on the other hand, speaks of alarming situation Punjab is facing right now. A step towards much needed reforms in the society. 



  Abhishek Chaubey’s Udta Punjab lands in a pool of trouble after being pushed into political controversy. As the film deals with drug threat in Punjab, ruling party  Shrimoni Akali Dal feared an issue in coming assembly elections. 

The Central Board of Film Certification, CBFC, has demanded 89 cuts in the film & asked to replace the word “Punjab” in the title. 


CBFC also directed makers of the film to remove any reference to the state of Punjab. Another blow on the freedom of speech.

Inspite of being compared to the Tanmay Bhat case, I strongly reject any similarity between the two. Where Tanmay’s snapchat blunder was his “successful” attempt to grab the attention; Udta Punjab highlights the drug threat Punjab is facing right now.   

Udta Punjab is the crisis Govt must urgently deal with. An alarming situation which is spoiling youth of our country, inhibiting productivity. 

Karan Johar reacts to #UdtaPunjab restrictions by Censor Board

Producers of the film moved Bombay High Court seeking a copy of the order passed by Censor Board’s Review Committee suggesting removal of reference to Punjab in the film. 

Top members of  Film fraternity opposed the censor board order. Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt & Karan Johar have been quite vocal while reacting to the censor cuts. 

Mahesh Bhatt on censorship!

Bollywood is an art platform that has its own version of analysing and criticising issues. Curbing artistic views is not beneficial for a developing society like ours. 



Bhat gained all the attention he needed.

Bhat gained all the attention he needed,

For the reason good or bad, that’s secondary.

Poked fun at celebrities, Indians pray as they grow 

Abuse he used to raise the brows!  

That was not intended he says

To whatever extent a comedian can convey

Little does a comedian relate to respect

It’s Tanmay the Bhat wants to portray.   

He takes the shelter under “Freedom of speech”

Even freedom shies while watching  the clip

Speech is free to one and all

Who uses how much makes the amusement or the troll.