Why social media influencers are the most socially awkward personalities;) 

Social media influencer. The name itself suggests a person who has the ability to influence society. Do these influences really influence or it’s an overhyped concept? 

Being in this business for quite a time, I can confirm that these so-called influencers (including me) are socially awkward personalities;) 

Knowingly or unknowingly they get detached from their immediate social circle. They must be having thousands of followers online but in real life, their behaviour is more of an eccentric;)

A social media influencer is busy “influencing” his followers whom he’d never met. His immediate surroundings miss him a lot. His friends miss him in social gatherings & parents wonder if he has some psychological disorder:D 

My case is no different. I remain busy making online contacts & “influencing” people “online”! My immediate social groups have started ignoring me more than I do to them.

I was just wondering whether we could have a perfect balance between real & virtual lives! I’m hoping for the best but the process has long way to go. 


The art of being Kapil Sharma 

TV watching is not my hobby. News; I catch on social media. Entertainment; they’ve plenty of platforms to keep us entertained. Moreover, I don’t have much patience to watch elaborated TV serials. 

Yet I’m magnetically attracted towards  KAPIL SHARMA SHOW! Kapil, the lead, takes his audience on a hilarious merry go round! 


Exhausted from day’s work,  I  need some sort of healthy relaxation that’s not a burden on my nerves. And Kapil’s show truly flatters my laughter buds;) 


I owe you Kapil Sharma for all laughter nights when I forget my worries & get prepared for another challenging day! Of course, with a broad smile on my face! Courtesy Kapil aka Bittu Sharma😂 


Bleed My Heart. You Bleed…

Bleed my heart. You bleed. 

For the divine intervention you need.

For severity of thoughts you reap.

Bleed my heart. You bleed. 

Smile. Smile for today doesn’t remember yesterday.

Laugh. Laugh for they’d never reach your depth.

Enclose yourself in the bubble they’d never creep in.

Bleed my heart.

World is not going to change for you.

You’re to change for the world.

If this is the only truth,

Go behind the scene…

Bleed my heart. You bleed.