the 3D mantra

🎉 Why does chilling out imply going to a theatre/ action movie/ disc/ an occasional drink?

🎉Is it that one desperately wishes to experience the thrill mingled with a rare chance to be with oneself?

🎉 Why can’t this level of high voltage and high decibel lifestyle be extended to even our work life?

🎉A soccer player is one such image that immediately comes to our mind. The hysteria around him doesn’t need any words.

🎉And why: simply because, in the same breath this player is playing and dodging, oozing energy and anticipating the next move; the 3D mantra.

🎉Probably, many of us today are successful simply because we have imbibed these elements unknowingly into our day today work life.

🎉But then, isn’t it that there is yet another level of hysteria which somehow overlaps the elusive zone. This as we all know has been demonstrated ostentatiously by the likes of Pele & Maradona, whobesides these three coordinates, played on the fourth one, and that was absolute control over the game.

🎉 Friends, it’s time that each one of us starts working on the fourth coordinate too, where we jostle conscientiously towards not merely controlling but mastering our future.

🎉All mundane and external options would then simply seem forgettable.

🎉Happy chilling out.

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