Smile- You’re Clicking a Selfie #mobiistar

Smile- You’re Clicking a Selfie!

A selfie speaks more than words. This is the reason I click selfies to make an impact on social media. It’s not a joke selecting one out of hundreds of selfies to make a difference!;)

This selfie of mine is one such effort to prove myself! Seriously, I love this selfie because it reflects my confidence to face the world with elan. I love this selfie because it got many likes on social media;)

I just wish to have a more meaningful selfie by including broader view of the picturesque background.

Like everyone else I’ve an elaborated record of good as well as bad selfies. Good ones are those that qualify to be posted on my Facebook wall. Simple? No, it’s not that simple.

I think a Selfie is not just a click, it captures the moment you are in.
Mobiistar smartphone promises to gift ‘Enjoy More’ experience to the selfie lovers. Mobiistar front, dual selfie camera captures a 120° wide-angle shot to fit everybody in a single click.
I’m happy as none of my friends would be left out when I click the meaningful selfie!
Certainly these ‘Enjoy More’ features will add life to the cherished moments.

Guys! Check out the new ‘Enjoy More’ selfie-smartphone by #mobiistar

Make your selfies meaningful:)

Happy Clicking!


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