Romancing the Enchanting Goa🌴

Romancing the Enchanting Goa🌴

Always thought of visiting Goa, one of the most exotic tourist destinations in India. But the plan somehow never materialised till last month. ‘Blame’ it on the lazy bones or the lame excuses, Goa remained my most cherished dream that could be a reality;)

Year 2018 came with a fresh beginning.
Long summer vacation and the consistent calling of God’s wonderful creation, our wait landed successfully in a worthy package! Shopping, sorting and packing controlled most of my time for a few days. Everything else was rescheduled to give priority to our Goa vacay.

Ocean blue beaches, Cultural extravaganza and many more pleasant surprises🌴 were waiting for us, that I knew. And yes, it was an awesome opportunity to flaunt my posts on social media; the planning for the posts had begun prior to my visit;)

A North Indian geek, I had never experienced the vastness of sea before. Friends and relatives were informed about our Goa vacay and that was intentional;)

Finally the D-Day arrived and excitement reached its peak. After landing at Dabolim Airport early in the morning we headed straight to our hotel that was in South Goa. The taxi driver who was an equally smart guide, told us that Goa has two ‘faces’- North Goa and South Goa. People who love night life and crowds prefer the North while those interested in serene Goa holiday plan their stay in South sector. Happening beaches are the beauty of Goa and good thing is that there are many in every corner of Goa! Woah 😊

Next four days were like an amusing roller coaster ride. Palolem Beach, Agonda Fort, Colva, Varca, Se cathedral and Naval Aviation Museum. The best part of the tour was the private beach, our hotel offered with the plan.

Majestic beaches, Portuguese architecture, rich Flora and fauna, delectable cuisine; Goa is called “Tourist Paradise” for a reason:)

The Portuguese rule separated Goa from the rest of India for 451 years and Goan culture reflects it. The population here is a generous mix of Hindus, Roman Catholics and Muslims. Easy going by nature, Goa people stay away from communal conflicts. It’s the villages that hold the true charm and character of Goa. We roamed in the streets and romanced with the wild waves. Breathed free air to unshackle minds.

To be honest, four days were not sufficient to absorb the flavour of Goa. Memories can last a lifetime but another Goa trip is not just a dream now!🏖️


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22 thoughts on “Romancing the Enchanting Goa🌴”

  1. It’s amazing!I too have visited Goa recently especially the south face and after reading your article I could recollect my memories back again. Loved your blogging. Good going👍🏻

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  2. Goa !! I have been there for almost a year. Seriously is it a place totally different from rest of the India. Amazing city and culture. Will be visiting again this August. 🙂
    – Anami from#InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk

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