Twisted tale of words

A weird yet pleasant smell evokes my senses. Half awake, I get up and start walking in the direction of the fragrance. Did I hear any voice? Not sure enough… What distorted my sound sleep? I’ve no idea. Just chasing that weird smell. Hundred or five hundred meters, distance is hardly of any importance. The fragrant trail is getting intense making me impatient to know about the unknown. Otherwise, it’s strange for a timid person like me to walk on the lonely roads in the wee hours!
There seems to be an invisible force dragging me towards the unseen. My mind has stopped thinking, it’s only the magic pull behind my steps.
The weird smell.

Enchanted, I’m moving with the certain uncertainty with no thoughts involved. Doubt, if any, exists in the background; my subconscious mind. My steps are confident to meet the unknown.

Ummm…the weird smell!

To my surprise, the scent is now accompanied by joyous singing sounds. I can hear a musical instrument playing nearby. Aha! There’s a tiny house from where these vibes are coming! Tiny. Yes, the miniature house can’t be referred to as “small”.


Our actions are aligned in the direction of pleasure. We can’t judge what’s right for us when the desires hinder our conscious.
Isn’t it what they call Human?
Without thinking twice my inquisitive-self accepts the realm…
I’m entering at my own risk. Nobody, living or dead, is responsible for my fate.


Can You Guess? #WOW

WOW: Describe An Object In Your House Without Mentioning It My Name


Bulky stuff stuffed in my abode,

You make me feel lazy and sloth,

Your habit is bad but you’re a must,

To turn my basic home into a perfectly-groomed place.


You comfy cushioned frame of joy,

I wish to be with you all night and day,

But my wisdom says something other way,

You are not a good habit to portray!


The best-maintained thing I flaunt galore,

Though it’s for guests I cherish you more,

What is this possession of mine, can you tell?

Without whom my home is nothing more than an empty shell!

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Parent and Child- Changing Equations

Parent and Child- Changing Equations

Gone are the days when children followed instructions of the parents to flaunt the badge of “obedient”. Those were the days when the ‘word of parent’ was the ultimate. Only parents had the right to give direction to children’s lives. And the little fellows could only groan in case of dissatisfaction.

Yes, there were such days!

Fast forward to today..

Children open eyes to see their wishes come true by hook or by crook. Pressure of small families and competitive lives, parents pamper the kids to their level best. Nuclear families bring along a sense of insecurity and by pampering the younger ones, parents somewhere secure their position in future.

What has changed in the last few decades?

I’m glad to introduce you to the Sandwich Generation (Sa-Ge) who tries to catch up with the children while looking after the elderly parents. Today (Sa-Ge) is smart enough to guide their children but doesn’t want to lose their continuous affection. Result? Children throw tantrums knowing that it’ll reap benefits. They misuse their right to waste parents hard earned money!

Don’t laugh it off guys! The issue is not as unimportant as it appears.

Children today are not obedient and cultured as compared to the ‘children of the past’! Yes, you read it right. Need not go back to the historic times, just look at your own childhood and compare with today’s children.

*Technology- Better no Doubt!

*Study- Better; they get better resources!

*Gadgets- Better; thanks to the fast developing technology.

*Respect for Human Relations- Worse; their ability to adjust is drastically deteriorated.

*Manners- Worse, when you compare with the children of yesterday.

*Casual Interactions – Worse; the abusive language has taken away the charm of casual convos.

It’s easy to blame technology for the behavioural issues in children and we intentionally do so. This way we divert attention from our mistakes.

We know that technology can’t be separated from modern life. Does it mean that there’s no way to train our children?
Not really! Remember, you should keep the control in your hands. Until they reach the adulthood, it’s the responsibility of parents to check their behavior.

– Don’t give your child the liberty to break the limits you don’t want him to. And the training must start as early as possible. If you want him to set new limits, stay relaxed:D

– Let children know who the real BOSS is. If you want him to be the one, then no need to stress;)

– Create an environment of hope and faith to ensure healthy development of the children.
If you have better method for upbringing a child, please share.

– Children check the endurance level of parents and act proportionately. Be smart and avoid mistake of dropping hints.

– Spend quality time with your folks. Let your children know how connected are you to your roots. Skip this step in case you want your children to live away from you.

– These are my personal thoughts with no scientific evidence. Be optimistic while following these lessons:D