Twisted tale of words

A weird yet pleasant smell evokes my senses. Half awake, I get up and start walking in the direction of the fragrance. Did I hear any voice? Not sure enough… What distorted my sound sleep? I’ve no idea. Just chasing that weird smell. Hundred or five hundred meters, distance is hardly of any importance. The fragrant trail is getting intense making me impatient to know about the unknown. Otherwise, it’s strange for a timid person like me to walk on the lonely roads in the wee hours!
There seems to be an invisible force dragging me towards the unseen. My mind has stopped thinking, it’s only the magic pull behind my steps.
The weird smell.

Enchanted, I’m moving with the certain uncertainty with no thoughts involved. Doubt, if any, exists in the background; my subconscious mind. My steps are confident to meet the unknown.

Ummm…the weird smell!

To my surprise, the scent is now accompanied by joyous singing sounds. I can hear a musical instrument playing nearby. Aha! There’s a tiny house from where these vibes are coming! Tiny. Yes, the miniature house can’t be referred to as “small”.


Our actions are aligned in the direction of pleasure. We can’t judge what’s right for us when the desires hinder our conscious.
Isn’t it what they call Human?
Without thinking twice my inquisitive-self accepts the realm…
I’m entering at my own risk. Nobody, living or dead, is responsible for my fate.

19 thoughts on “Twisted tale of words”

    1. The smell here represents the life pleasures that prompt us to take some silly actions. Blinded by greed and inquisitiveness, we take wrong decisions. But this is what we call Human. No?


  1. It’s true, we humans are a curious bunch, mostly succumbing to instinctual desire without thinking of the consequences!

    I like the way you ended it, claiming full responsibility of what lies in store πŸ™‚

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