Kerala disaster- What We Can Do!

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Kerala disaster- What We Can Do!

Heartening to see Humanity break barriers to help Kerala when it’s struggling to heal itself after the destruction caused by furious floods.
Floods played havoc with God’s own country and bewildered we are. The floods are bigger than the infamous floods of 1924 (Known as ‘The Great Flood of 99’– 99 for Malayalam year 1099). Kerala is sandwiched between the Western Ghats on the eastern side and Arabian sea on the west. A large number of rivers originate from western ghats, flow through Kerala and end up in the Arabian sea. Dams are many, most of them are in the Periyar River which starts from Idukki and flows through Ernakulam before ending up in the Arabian sea.
Natural calamities don’t always come with a warning, else Kerala would have prepared in advance; better than any other state of India.

What caused Kerala floods:

1) Heavy rains caused by temperature difference between Bengal sea and Arabian sea. The air from the Arabian sea made an effort to cross the Western Ghats and a part of it reached Bengal sea. Other part struck in the western ghats and caused heavy rainfall and flooding in Kerala

2) There are many dams in Kerala and most of them are built on Periyar River which starts from Idukki and flows through Ernakulam before ending up in the Arabian Sea.
The incessant rains forced the authorities to open the gates of these dams.

3) Human activities like encroachments, cutting of trees in abundance, mining etc has already reduced the safety of Kerala region.

4) There was a part mistake by the authorities. Shutters of dams were not opened till the eleventh hour. They said that the reservoirs usually get filled up the brim every season and they never find the necessity to open the dam gates.
However, nature was not so kind this year.

Now the question is what we can do!

Kerala is our neighbouring state who has experienced a heavy disaster. Though the rains have stopped pouring, the rehabilitation of people is the major challenge before authorities. Let’s hold our brother Kerala’s hand and try our best to rebuild the state. Sharing here some important links where you can contribute.


II) Contribute to CM’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF)

III) Donate Online

Account number: 67319948232

Bank: State Bank of India

Branch: City branch, Thiruvananthapuram

IFS Code: SBIN0070028


Name of Donee: CMDRF

IV) Volunteer

Kerala Flood Resources – Updated Live –

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My Conversation With God

WOW: Conversation With God

Frozen in the deep snow,
With continuous anxiety, every moment grow,
Repenting at the decision of skiing,
Only if at the reverse opinion of my mom I could bow.

“Save me, God, 🙏 I don’t want to die so soon.”
Murmuring the ice-trapped-me with folding hands.
The silence was making the situation bad-even worse.
Hoping for an SOS party; WAOH that would be a boon.

Save me, God, save me...
Save me…..

-“My Child!”, Echoed a hope full of grace.

-“I can’t see you, would you mind showing your face?”, I was anxious.

-“I can help you out of this situation my child but want you to make an effort to prove you are alive!”

-“Look! I’m stuck in ice so deep, want you to help me so with my loving people may I meet.”

-“Life is precious, it’s a gift from me to you. Such mistakes are fatal, don’t you ever do!”

-“You gave me the gift of life? Who are you?”

-“I am God,” a laughter played in the background as the face I couldn’t see.

-“If you’re God, would you mind taking me out of these snow lumps!” disbelief was obvious in my taunting tone.

-“I can help you that is a thing so sure,
But won’t as I want you to help yourself with all might bestowed on you.

-“I’ve already tried my best to break the ice-trap; nothing happened as ice is hard shell!”

-“Try this last time with my name on your lips and courage galore.
Believe in yourself, life will give you such challenges more!”

Gathered courage and uttered His name,
Strange that time I could get free,
SOS arrived and arrangements spree.
God helps us and I do agree!

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Today is the last day of my life.

Today is the last day of my life,
This is what I heard you say, Doctor!

Everything that comes to life,
Has to go anyhow.
A few are worried as
I am scheduled to end now.
But no big deal for many,
And how!!

Looking back at the bygone days,
I was fresh as dew in my childhood plays,
The youth was bright, challenging sight,
Doing herculean jobs was a hobby of mine!
Not many days have passed
Since I topped the game of life,
That the orders came,
To aboard the flight to Divine.

Didn’t expect my last day to come so soon,
Else I might not have kept my work pending for long.
A visit to parents and a dinner with partner,
How much they mean to me, telling my dear ones.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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What’s your Happiness Quotient?

What’s your Happiness Quotient?

It was shocking to find India amongst the unhappiest countries of the world. Out of 156 countries ranked on the happiness scale, India stood at embarrassing 133. Yes, I’m talking about the latest World Happiness Report by UN. They have Pakistan at 75, China 86, Nepal 101 and Bangladesh at 115! After many years of calculating GDP (Gross Domestic Product), we’re now more interested in finding GNH (Gross National Happiness) which is a better, holistic approach to measure development. Finland is the happiest country and Burundi is the unhappiest one! Curious to know about the factors to calculate GNH? Here these are-

🌸Sustainable, equitable, and socio-economic development

🌸Environmental conservation

🌸Preservation and promotion of culture

🌸Good governance

What does this mean?
India loses out on the above factors.

There’s no dearth of talent, income is rising as never before, opportunities are plenty and freedom has more dimensions.
Indians are the among the embarrassing unhappiest!
Here I put my point of view.

🍁Indians don’t love their country. (Correct me if I’m wrong!)

Honestly, I feel that Indians lack sincerity towards their country. They want a good education, job opportunities, amenities, freedom and above all the Democratic government to abuse when their wishes are not fulfilled.

But they don’t want to give back to their country. They deface public places, create nuisance whenever they get an opportunity to, criticise the government for not providing them smallest of things and fantasy to move to the developed country for a ‘better living’

🍁Indians don’t value their Culture

Indian culture has been the oldest and the wisest of all cultures. It is nurturing cultures all over the world. What an irony that Indians don’t give due respect to their own culture. The departure from cultural roots is a matter of concern.

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🍁 We don’t recognise the real Happiness

What is happiness? With continuous development, the perception of happiness has changed drastically. Materialistic things find their way to our heart while human relations take a backseat.

Being an Indian, I’m not happy with the unhappy rank of India.

Let’s go back and discover happiness from the ruins of our glorious past.

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