Kerala disaster- What We Can Do!

Kerala disaster- What We Can Do! Heartening to see Humanity break barriers to help Kerala when it's struggling to heal itself after the destruction caused by furious floods. Floods played havoc with God's own country and bewildered we are. The floods are bigger than the infamous floods of 1924 (Known as 'The Great Flood of… Continue reading Kerala disaster- What We Can Do!


My Conversation With God

WOW: Conversation With God Frozen in the deep snow, With continuous anxiety, every moment grow, Repenting at the decision of skiing, Only if at the reverse opinion of my mom I could bow. "Save me, God, 🙏 I don't want to die so soon." Murmuring the ice-trapped-me with folding hands. Silence. The silence was making… Continue reading My Conversation With God


Today is the last day of my life.

Gawd! Today is the last day of my life, This is what I heard you say, Doctor! RIGHT? Everything that comes to life, Has to go anyhow. A few are worried as I am scheduled to end now. But no big deal for many, And how!! Phew! Looking back at the bygone days, I was… Continue reading Today is the last day of my life.

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What’s your Happiness Quotient?

What's your Happiness Quotient? It was shocking to find India amongst the unhappiest countries of the world. Out of 156 countries ranked on the happiness scale, India stood at embarrassing 133. Yes, I'm talking about the latest World Happiness Report by UN. They have Pakistan at 75, China 86, Nepal 101 and Bangladesh at 115!… Continue reading What’s your Happiness Quotient?