Why the Religion?

Why the Religion

I’m quite sure when they started the concept of Religion, the aim was to bring peace and harmony in the society. Evolving from hunter-gatherers to a part of agrarian cultures, there was a need to practice self-control and patience. These social skills were needed to stay together to mature into better beings. The wiser men came up with the ideas of Religion and God.

The question arises, “Is God a delusion?”

Religion came into existence to bring people closer to each other. The question is not whether God exists or not. There has to be some affinity that binds living things together. An unknown, unseen force takes control of each phenomenon in this universe. And this particular force is named as God!

The man was an animal like other animals. He used to kill other animals, fight brutally for a piece of meat and roam about naked. Without any feeling of apology, he snatched, killed and forcibly acquired belongings of others. At that time, religion was introduced. One thing is clear that religion made humans better than the animals.

Today, the man who was one among the animals is far more superior than the rest of living creatures. He is a cultured animal who stays within his boundaries… Or you have something else to say? I know what’s in your mind.

The journey from animal to human was not easy. But the return journey is easier. I’m not overstating but the man is on his way to get lost in the wilderness again. I don’t endorse any religion but there has to be a control on the freedom humans enjoy. If sympathy and empathy do not occur naturally, that’s happening now, fear of the unknown should be there.

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Pyramids of Egypt – Science, Aesthetics and Tradition

Pyramids of Egypt – Science, Aesthetics and Tradition

Egyptian pyramids have always caught my fancy. Gigantic structures standing majestically seem to tell a story we all want to know. There’s an air of mystery surrounding the pyramids that make them look fascinating. Though never been to Egypt, I’ve always been inquisitive about the epitome of perfection.

‘When, why and how’ were these pyramids built are the questions to be followed. Join me as I explore the probable answers.

1)When were the Pyramids Built

There was a time when Egypt was one of the richest and most powerful civilisations of the world. The construction of the Pyramids is supposed to be linked to the powerful people of the era. Pyramids were built from the beginning of Old Kingdom to the fourth century A.D. but the most important period of pyramid building is considered to be from the third dynasty to the sixth dynasty, 2325 B.C. After many years of construction, about 4500 years, the Pyramids are still magnificently erected to give a reflection of the golden era.

2) Why were the Pyramids Built

The Egyptian King, Pharaoh was given unique, respectable place in the society. The Pharaoh was considered to be a mediator between the God and the people of earth. It was believed that the mediator or the Pharaoh was chosen by God Himself.
After death, the Pharaoh was supposed to become Osiris, the God of the dead. Egyptians believed that the spirit of the King wouldn’t leave his body even after his death. They would mummify the corpse of the Pharaoh and bury him with everything he might need in the afterlife. Gold, clothes, utensils and food used to be buried along the Pharaoh.

3) How were the Pyramids Built

This is the most difficult question to answer. Can you imagine thousands of Egyptian workers carving millions of stones each one weighing no less than 2-3 tonnes! Fetching those stones to Pyramid the site and hoisting them up one by one to place in an exact position to perfection. Impossible, isn’t it?

Yes, it is.

One thing is clear from the above discussion that the Pyramids were not constructed as we construct buildings today. The technology used was far more advanced and superior.

The Egyptians raised these huge structures without the knowledge of the wheel. We can’t imagine cutting big stones with primitive tools. One revolutionary hypothesis is that the Pyramid blocks were cast as concrete, instead of carved.
They used man-made stone that looked exactly like natural rocks. The limestone blocks were cast in situ, used an advanced technology which was lost with the extinction of the civilisation.

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A Day without smartphone- Longest Horror Story

A Day without smartphone- Longest Horror Story

What was it?
It was the sound that kept me awake for the next twenty-four hours.
The sound that tore my heart into innumerable pieces.
The sound that filled my mind with many fears of ‘What if?’ and ‘How to?’
Yes, it was the breaking sound of my beloved smartphone. My students were watching else I would have burst into tears. I was in a state of shock and the moment seemed to be the last moment on the earth.
“How could you?” I came to life with the ‘sympathetic words’ from one of my colleagues. The tears waiting to flow managed with wet eyes and self-control.

I had spent a moolah to grab the eye-catching handset. No need to mention but it was the best thing I had at the time it slipped from my hand with a bang! The tragedy of my life.
Couldn’t believe my eyes that my smartphone was lying in a pool of glass.


This is the case with everybody out there. We keep our smartphones closer than anything else. The fear of losing a smartphone is more common than the fear of losing a loved one. Unbelievable, but this is what studies show.

Back to my case.
I took the broken phone to the mobile store and they promised to change the glass in twenty-four hours.

Heartbroken, I returned home only to come back at the scheduled time. These twenty-four hours made it to the most difficult hours of my life. There was an end to making calls, sending messages, listening to music, watching movies and the extra-long chatting sessions! I found that I’ve stopped looking at the clock to check time, the smartphone has become such a necessity!

The smartphone is a smart invention that keeps track of all our stuff. The irony is that we forget to update ourselves while updating our smartphones. Smartphones are becoming smarter and humans are going in the opposite direction;)

A study shows that the Mere Presence of One’s Own Smartphone Reduces Available Cognitive Capacity.

The attention span, memory and reasoning suffer substantially as our smartphone becomes smarter.
The question is, “Can we go back to the less smart days to make up for lost intelligence?”

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Driven by Emotions

Driven by Emotions

Off to workplace, I started my day,

Juggling with traffic on my way.

“Nothing seems to improve, years passed”,

Cursing the authorities as I rushed fast.

Caught my pool-car just in time,

Chatted with colleagues and all was fine.

Till snarling traffic monstered our ride,

Worrying me more of Boss-tide.

Paused and crawled and worried a bit,

‘Nothing can help when traffic jams grit’,

Prayed to God, planned an excuse,

Knew before the Boss, nothing would click!

Caught my glance were two sad eyes,

Of little lost fellow I found on the other side,

He made a sound, a little cry,

My heart skipped a beat, forgot my plight.

Stopped the car, sprinted I ran,

Grasped him after situation I weighed.

What about poolers, you ask I say;

“They were looking, but I didn’t care.

I ran to him anyway.”

Smiling, I picked the puppy so afraid,
We both felt relieved heading to safe lodging that day:)

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Freedom of Media- A Fading Dream

Freedom of Media- A Fading Dream

Media today reflects what it is paid to. I’m crying spade a spade for some strong reasons. Sure enough that the media and journalism were born to make truth heard loudly. How accurately facts are broadcasted depends on the freedom of media. People accept what they read, watch or hear. Those who exploit this reality, get the biggest chunk of cake. What you receive in your daily news feed is planned. Shocking but true. Sometimes (or many times) facts are twisted to the limit where we can’t identify the difference.

Mainstream media is mostly controlled by the government and big business organizations. Alternative media, on the other hand, challenges the Mainstream and hence the government.

Switch on the television and they will recite what they’re paid for. Newspapers, journals are written for the powerful people. Media is free to express but when it gets paid, only the money speaks.

You must check the latest stats on the World Press Freedom Index. The suppression of journalists is rising every year. And this is no longer limited to Turkey and Egypt. Every country is facing hostility towards media. Politicians and big businesses buy or take other measures to control media. The irony is that the common person is not able to differentiate between the right and the wrong.

Sadly India is ranked 138 among 180 countries who curb freedom of speech. Norway and Sweden top the list with first and second position respectively. North Korea is at the end because of obvious reasons.

Pictures Credit: 2018 World Press Freedom Index —

RIP ‘Freedom of Media’!

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Google Blog Compass-  Blog Stats on your tips

Google Blog Compass- Blog Stats on your tips

Finally, Google rolled out an app catering to the needs of bloggers. ‘Blog Compass’ is an Android app to access all blog statistics at one point. The app is exclusively designed for Indian Bloggers as a one-stop solution to access blog data. It tracks traffic, visitors information, comments, the presence of your blog on search engines and so on. Blog Compass even suggests you topics based on your interests and current trends.

‘Blog Compass’ is available for English and Hindi speaking users of India. and users can connect their accounts to the app and get started. The app will automatically update the blog traffic, comments, traffic sources and demographic information. Google Blog Compass also records the blogger’s post history and based on trends, it suggests personalised topics. This helps bloggers in making the right decision while posting content.

The app is currently in open beta and in the process of adding new features and fixing bugs on the basis of the feedback by new users. All are welcomed to help shape the future of the blogging app by sharing their views.

I’m one of the first few to download the app.

The app finds for me, the blog views, comments and topics based on my interests. It has a Learning Center where I can find SEO tips to optimize my content and promote the website. Connect with Google Analytics and will open innumerable options for you. ( Mine is pending though;)

Want more?

What can be a better prompt than these badges?:)

Tracking your blog’s statistics is a lot easier with Google Blog Compass. You can download the application and start your journey to be among Google’s top rankers.

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Some (Animals) Are More Equal Than Others

Some (Animals) Are More Equal Than Others

Equality is the most fundamental feature of democracy. Discrimination and unequal opportunities may lead to disharmony and leave a negative impact on the society. Individual interests are hurt and the economy suffers. Here I would like to take you on the journey of ‘Animal Farm’.

Animal Farm’, the novel by George Orwell is the literary reflection of events that led to the Russian Revolution in 1917. The story is set in an animal farm where animals revolted against the farm owner and elected their own leaders to run the farm smoothly.

Seven Commandments of Animalism were adopted:

*Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.

*No animal shall wear clothes.

*No animal shall sleep in a bed.

*No animal shall drink alcohol.

*No animal shall kill any other animal.

*All animals are equal.

The last one being the most important of all. “All animals are equal.”

With time the animal leaders (mostly pigs) started behaving like humans. They wore clothes, carried whips and walked on two legs. The seven commandments got squeezed into single commandment:

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

A satire on “Equality”, the novel tickled my thinking cells. Putting a question mark on the fairness of the society, we see many people in democracy enjoying more privileges than others. Those in power try to exploit weaker sections. Money and other privileges are the authority of those few. Where is equality?

The whole concept of equality is faulty. No two people are alike. With the difference in personalities, surroundings, innate qualities together with position and authority, how can equal rights be assured?

Let us ignore the above factors and consider the right to equality valid.

Right to equality in “The Constitution says that the government shall not deny to any person in India equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws. It means that the laws apply in the same manner to all, regardless of a person’s status. This is called the rule of law.”

It has been 71 years of Independence and we’re still struggling(?) to find what the meaning of ‘Right To Equality’ is. Though working continuously towards achieving the dream of equality, some verdicts are taking long time to get delivered.
Latest in the row-
In India, making sexual preferences was not free till the verdict by Supreme Court on 6th September’ 18.
Some countries gave this privilege to its natives a few years back and many are still struggling to find the credibility of queer human colours. Equality?

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Fitting into Old Jeans

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Fitting into Old, Skinny Jeans

How does it feel like fitting into old skinny jeans? For me, it is the best feeling ever. Better than going to shop for new jeans with a new, bigger size. Better than receiving a gift of cool, trendy jeans. For me, it is Indeed a proud moment when old jeans adjust to my newly acquired body shape. Or, should I say the proud moment when my hard work starts showing the result in the form of “Fitting into old jeans”!

Fitting into old jeans is one of the most difficult tasks on the earth. I don’t have any idea about other planets though;)
Cut your favourite food without cheating, hit the gym and don’t skip, exercise and be regular in it…Gosh! There are so many conditions but the reward is worth it. You will fit into your old, skinny jeans. That means you’re in a better shape and saving some bucks to get more from your life. The incentives won’t stop here.
Health will definitely show improvement. Chances are that you’ll live a decade or two more by controlling your urge to binge and Fitting into Old, Skinny jeans😀

In the process, you may gain some good friends. Wait a minute. I don’t guarantee that you won’t lose friends. For the so-called friends who live to eat will have no interest in you. If you can afford to lose such bingers, go ahead and work out for Fitting into Old, Skinny Jeans!

Looking good is our ultimate intention. When it comes with an added benefit of good health, one should not object. We all know our bodies. We know how to get into better shapes. With this soft reminder about the advantages, I hope to see more people in their old jeans. Well, how about starting a trend #FittingIntoOldJeans;)

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