#MeToo Already Losing Intensity?

#MeToo Already Losing Intensity? Following in the steps of their Western counterparts, Indian women dared to speak up against the sexual predators. This time the war was gender-specific. Voices snubbed for a long time suddenly got a passage that led to an outburst. India's patriarchal culture doesn't allow women to do something against men at… Continue reading #MeToo Already Losing Intensity?


Travel Beyond Horizon

Travel Beyond Horizon Confined to the room eight by eight, I was lying in my bed pale and fragile. My freedom was snatched away by the expert doctor whose prescription included a week fixed in an isolated place. Pretty boring it was for a high-spirited person to freeze in a tiny square! My ambitions to… Continue reading Travel Beyond Horizon

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Why Social Media is UNAVOIDABLE!

Why Social Media is UNAVOIDABLE! Hola my friends from the twenty-first century! You all must be aware of the benefits and disadvantages of social media. I'm not an exception. The presence on social media defines our status in the society. More active we are on the social media, the smarter we are. Things are transforming… Continue reading Why Social Media is UNAVOIDABLE!