Invitation to join #XploreBharat Blog Train

Celebrating the occasion of 70 glorious years of Republic India, my enthusiastic blogger friends decided to begin a blog journey visiting various places throughout the country. India is a vast country having vibrant hues on display. The Blog Train is a great way to know about the shades of India. Dear bloggers, hop on even if you’ve travelled a few places in India. Contribute by sharing your travel stories and be a part of the prestigious journey.
I’m sure you don’t want to miss the fun we are going to have:)

Onboard XploreBharat Blog Train, you might be interested in the rules to follow!

To commemorate 70 years of Republic India, โ€˜BlogBoosterIndiaโ€™ group is hosting #XploreBharat blog train from 1st February 2019. A minimum of 70 posts will be posted by different Travel-loving Bloggers touching 70 beautiful and unique places of India.

If you meet the following criteria fill up the form through the link given below.


1) You are a Travel-loving-Blogger who writes about places within India.

2) Have Social Media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

3) You can join the FB Group – BlogBoosterIndia.

4) You can post your articles on the date committed by you.

5) You can Read, Comment and Share all the posts published in this #XploreBharat BlogTrain through your social media accounts.

6) Sign Up Form Link.

Meet the think tank behind the grand show๐Ÿ‘‰

Preeti, PraGun, Suhasini, Maheshwaran, Esha, Sonia, Saba, Aditi, Sanjota, Sudip, Supriya.

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It Is Happiness that Matters In The End

It Is Happiness that Matters In The End

We see people around us running to chase their goals. These goals are different for different people. A person is busily hoarding money while the other is focused on knowledge. Art is the passion of some while science and technology fascinate many.

As living, breathing human beings we learn and work primarily for food and shelter. Creativity unleashes the inner desire for beauty. Evolution of humans is escalated by this creativity and we cannot ignore its importance. We all have some passion to lead life enthusiastically. If not, life would have been monotonous. The wonderful life we are blessed with loses its worth without a passion. Work-Eat-Sleep, the routine is the same for all of us. Why is it that some people wake-up fresh and fulfil their duties happily. Many others find it difficult to do their routine job properly.

Define your happiness

Our lives depend on how we define happiness. It is human to seek things that are beyond reach. In the process, we fail to recognise the awesomeness of things we possess. And here lies the irony of life. You gather things and lose the affinity towards them, only to begin a new struggle to acquire more. Your life is moving around the things you consider important and so is your happiness. To some extent, I believe, we can define our happiness by making the right choices in life.

Everything is done for happiness

Once you define your goal, it’s not optional to work towards its realisation; if you are the seeker of happiness. Making balanced goals and giving them the best of you can assure a joyful living.
Happiness is in the possession of those who define their passion perfectly and manage focus to achieve their goals.

Be Happy, Let Others Be Happy

Believe me or not, happiness is contagious. Staying happy not only boosts your mood but increases the ability to work/play to a great extent. You pass this happiness to the people around you. They have related research also if you are like me to rely on figures!

“An unhappy connection increases the chances of being unhappy by about 7 percent on average, while a happy connection increases the chances of being happy by about 9 percent.”

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A Smart guide to Smart Home

A Smart guide to Smart Home

One thing that I find drool-worthy in every ‘Koffee With Karan’ episode is Google Home playing music following the instructions of Karan Johar. Dying to acquire the device, my search for a perfect smart home begins because I don’t want to lag behind in adopting the latest technology.

It is twenty-first century and technology has been developed from being a luxury to a necessity. Anytime messages to important documents, you need a fraction of second to deliver the information. Even a child can find answers to his queries with the click of a button. What more, the clicking is slowly disappearing with ‘smarter than the smart’ devices. Now you can get answers, play songs, entertain yourself, plan your day and control your smart home with just your voice. Sounds interesting!:)

In this article, we will discuss how to convert a simple home to a smart home.

Control Your Smart Home with your voice

There are many devices in the market to make your home smart. The smarter is the decision to adopt these choices. Go through the details of these smart devices and know how customers are spoilt for choice;)


Google Home is a remarkable invention for the smart generation. You can play music, view calendar or control the home-entertainment by uttering simple words- “OK Google”!
Google Home works on voice commands.

” OK, Google! Play my favourite music!”

“OK, Google! How is the weather?”

“OK, Google! What’s my schedule for today?”

“OK, Google! Dim the lights!”

And Google will promptly respond with all its knowledge and technology.

It’s fun, isn’t it?:)
As you enjoy the freedom to do things at your pace, Google Home helps you stay updated with the latest news and entertainment. Access to information was never this easy.


With Google Chromecast, you can stream entertainment directly from your phone or other devices to your television. Plug-in the Google-Assistant enabled ‘Google Chromecast’ to your TV’s HDMI port and control from smartphone or laptop. No additional remote-control is required.


Connect smart lights to your home WiFi and control them directly from anywhere in the world. Be free to control colour and intensity. Show your concern by setting schedules and scenes. Above all, save energy as you show off your tech-savvy traits:D


Last but not least, they have smart plugs and switches to control appliances from your smartphone. Set reminders, switch on or off the appliances or get notified when anything unscheduled happens.

Well-equipped with smart inventions, I’m proud to call my home a Smart Home๐Ÿ™‚

“OK, Google! What’s my schedule for tomorrow?”

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