Glimpse of India- Beauty of Rural India

Beauty of Rural India

Most of India’s population lives in villages. The whopping proportion of 2:1 with urban areas defines the difference. If you want to experience raw, untouched India, head to its villages. There are farms, cattle, mud houses and a whole lot of simple people who toil night and day in farms to make a living. Rural life is like living in the lap of nature. The amenities of the city are missing but you will have 24×7 free supply of fresh air and water directly from nature’s abode.

Lives of Village Children

Children in rural India

Children playing in the streets is a common sight everywhere but in villages, they are free souls laughing and playing without inhibitions. Bug of the formalities of city life hasn’t bitten them. Helping parents in fields or another working place is their first duty. They go to schools but don’t fail to catch up with their friend gang.

Hub of Rituals

Villages are hubs of rituals

Villagers follow many age-old rituals, the city peeps wouldn’t have heard of. They worship natural sources of energy like Sun, Wind, Rain and innumerable Gods. Temples and community centres are busy social hubs.

Craftspersons and Artisans

Indian pottery

Villages are where you will find many craftspersons and artisans. The reason might be easily available raw material and the vicinity of nature. It will take extra effort but if you want genuine craft products, catch the producers in villages.

Agriculture aspect

Indian agriculture

70% of rural households depend on agriculture. Directly or indirectly, 55% of total Indians make a living from agriculture. It means that happiness and the financial status of the majority of Indians are agriculture based. Mahatma Gandhi rightly said that the soul of India lives in villages.

Life in Indian villages

I’m listing here some unique villages, India proudly boasts of.

1) Mawlynnong, Meghalaya is the Cleanest Village of Asia. The village is also popular for its matrilineal society.

2) Khonoma, Nagaland is famously called the Green Village of India because of its clean-green environment and proper sanitation.

3) Kila Raipur Village of Punjab conducts Rural Olympics of India. The village sports festival is popular among sports enthusiasts.

4) Malana, Himachal Pradesh is known as the Ancient Indian Village because it’s considered to be the first democracy in the world.

5) Punsari Village, Gujarat is famous for the technological transformation it has undergone in the last few years.

6) Pothanikkad Village of Kerala has achieved 100% Literacy Rate and deserves a mention.

7) Kathewadi, Maharashtra was adopted by The Art Of Living Foundation and transformed into a model village.

8) Kokrebellur Village, Karnataka is called the Village of Birds. The place is one of the 21 bird breeding sites in India and we can spot many migrated birds here.

9) Dharnai village in Bihar is the first village in India powered by Solar energy only.

10) Shani Shinganapur Village in Maharashtra has no doors. It is considered as the safest village in India.

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35 thoughts on “Glimpse of India- Beauty of Rural India”

  1. I have only visited a couple of villages but even those were relatively close to big cities. I hope someday to get to some more rural ones. Your list is truly intriguing – I’d love to read a post about each one! I’m particularly interested in visiting the northeast of India. Maybe sometime in the next few years I will make it up that way.

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  2. Such an interesting assortment of facts on rural India! I remember my visit to Shani Shinganapur a long time back. The “no door” principle fascinated me no end!


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