Food Served in Indian Trains #ShatabdiExpress

Food Served in Indian Trains #ShatabdiExpress

While entering Executive Class of Shatabdi Express, I was curious to know how the premium sitting section of the train was going to be different from the rest of the compartments. I’m not a frequent train traveller; not a frequent traveller to be honest. For short distances, AC chair car in trains is good and I get my seat booked in such compartments. “Executive class is higher fare, better comfort and better food” that I knew.

I occupied my seat, found it more comfortable than the other classes. Leg-space was more, seats were stylishly cushioned and covered. Satisfied with the ambience, all I wanted was to be served with good food.

Quickly and sharply, stewards brought water bottles, a cold beverage and hot tea with Marie biscuits. Sipping tea in the first class AC compartment, I went through the fresh newspaper that was placed on the chair before our arrival.

My newspaper coverage was interrupted midway by the service boy.

“Do you want cornflakes?”

Thinking “This seems to be the ‘Executive Class addition”, I replied, “Yes, please”.

A bowl and a packet of cornflakes were placed in a tray. The guy poured some milk in the bowl and I was ready to feast. Another surprise, a banana, also accompanied the pre-breakfast treat. The journey was five and a half hours long and two hours were already over. I began to look into my mailbox on my phone and scrolled through the social media posts while waiting for another round of breakfast;)

“Veg or non-veg?”, the service boy was asking me.
I, under the effect of early waking up and train-swinging, was sleeping like a baby.

“Thought it was mentioned in the ticket, I want veg. What are the options?”

“Veg-Cutlets, Parantha or Dahi-vada!”

“So many options!” I was surprised as we never get these options in other chair cars. Then remembered I was travelling in the Executive Class:D. I had paid more fare than others, it’s my privilege train ride. Ahem! Ahem!;)

Had never tried Paranthas in the train; they don’t serve in all the compartments.
“I want Parantha”, the elite passenger in me replied.

A tray with two paranthas, butter, curd, two pieces of bread, sachets of fruit jam, tomato sauce and pickles was placed before me in no time. I clicked and shared the food pictures on social media. This is what they all do, a small contribution from my side will simply add to the craze.

How I ate all that stuff in the next twenty minutes is another story;)

Travelling in the premium class comes with its own pros and cons. They charge you more for a clean, comfortable ride. Food is good, though there’s a possibility of improvement. Now I’m sure about one thing that travel by First Class AC in train is better than many domestic flights.

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Justifying my love for Kurtis

Justifying my love for Kurtis

Our selection of clothes tells a lot about us. We choose clothes depending upon our profession, interests, emotions and spending habits. There has to be one piece of clothing we feel deeply connected with. My fetish with ‘kurtis‘ is known to my friends and relatives equally. Why do I love kurtis?

Recently I read this article and decided to decipher my kurti-love.

Kurtis are my best bet when it comes to dressing up. Perfect wear for office, home or outings, I stock up stylish kurtis to rock all the occasions with élan.

These are some of the reasons I could gather to strengthen my point;)

1) Going Ethnic with Smart Kurtis

I enjoy wearing ethnic. Sarees are not my cup of tea, so kurtis are a great option. My wardrobe is 70% kurtis and 30% other things. I pair them with trendy bottoms, like Palazzo pants, leggings or jeans. Footwear, heels or flats are worn according to the occasion.

2) Pairing Kurtis with different bottoms

As I told earlier, kurtis can be paired with any of your favourite bottoms. You can wear them with palazzo, leggings, salwar, jeans to give an exciting twist to your look.
No surprises, this is my favourite excuse to stock up on this ethnic wear;)

3) Comfortable Wear

Women who wear kurtis know how comfortable these are! A smart-fit kurti made from season-specific cloth material is pleasant to wear. I’m confident to say that nothing can go wrong when you wear right kurti with right bottoms. Pick the right material and right fit; these are the two most essential things to look for when you select a piece of clothing.

4) Suitable for every Occasion

If you are in India, it’s not difficult to find a great variety of kurtis offline and online. I usually shop online but keep an eye on some shops in the local market! (We all know where and how to shop local:D).
For me, kurtis are apt for every occasion. Flaunt kurtis to the workplace for comfort and feel-good moments. Wear at home and chill. A formal kurti can be worn with jeans pants or jeggings at parties.

5) Sporting Elegant Look

An elegant piece of clothing expresses a lot of good things about you. Fashionable kurtis when adorned gracefully highlight the beautiful you. I swear by this fashion statement and recommend other women the same.

6) Owning the Day

How my day goes largely depends upon what I wear. A smart-fit, comfortable and trendy dress enhances confidence and helps me own the day. My cupboard never lacks stylish kurtis because of the reasons(!) I explained above.

Well crafted Kurtis enhance beauty and the brighten up the day.

What do I look for while buying kurtis?

While buying a piece of clothing, we check various things. Here goes my list, you can share yours in the comment section:)

* Cloth material

* Stitching Quality

* Style Quotient

* Trending or Not

* Suits me or not?

* Brand Popularity

The list and the order may vary from person to person;)

Make right choices because the clothes you choose affect your mood, health and overall confidence.

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10 Proven Ways to Stay Happy

Wondering why I stress on being happy, every time I share a post?

You should observe that physical and mental health largely depends on our happiness level.

A happy person is more likely to live longer, make great friends and face adverse situations bravely. Links to the researches are not here but based on our experience, we can not deny these results. You meet a cheerful guy and your next few hours get better. Meet a sad fellow and your day will become gloomy. We infer that happiness is transferable, it passes from person to person making this world a better place.
It is important to focus on the happiness level as it not only affects you but also the people around you.

Sharing a few tips that are going to help you in staying happy😃

🐞Block Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are silent killers. When my mind entertains negative thoughts, I lose confidence and find myself unable to do anything productive. My attitude towards life becomes less enthusiastic. We have a solution and can imbibe in our lives with practice. Stop emphasising on these negative thoughts and move towards a happy and healthy life:)
Be Productive.

🐞Think Positive

Look around yourself. You are blessed with a beautiful life and the huge world to explore. Your ‘What If’ and ‘What If not’ are snatching your freedom to grow. Life is good, your little effort will make it better. ‘I can do’ is the motto that does wonders. Go for it:)

🐞 Exercise Regularly

We all know that ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. It is scientifically proven that an active lifestyle keeps the brain active. Brain, that’s the control room of the human body, works best when it gets sufficient supply of oxygen. By exercising, the oxygen supply to the brain is regularised and all parts of our body are coordinated.

🐞 Make Friends

Making friends is healthy! Yes, it is true. Make good friends and learn how to keep them. Your social health improves, you learn to interact and build healthy (and real) emotions. Spending quality time with friends brings out the best in you.
[Over-indulgence is bad and it is relevant in this case also;)]

🐞 Be thankful for what you have

We usually focus on what we don’t have; at the cost of rejecting what we do have. This is silly.
You have a lovely family, a job better than millions, a pleasant personality many people wish for and so on. But! You lament over less salary, petty fights with spouse or your dusky complexion. Think of those who are not gifted with these privileges. A family, a job or a charming persona.
Friends, BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE; the thought definitely has an essence.

🐞Eat Healthy, sleep sound

“You are what you eat”
Think before biting into that extra cheesy pizza. Each extra cup of coffee you’re gulping down may deplete you of good health. Red meat, alcohol, aerated drinks; reduce their intake and improve your health.
Health is the most precious possession, try not to lose it.

🐞List your strengths and boost them

Take time out to talk to yourself. Find out where your strengths lie. Work on them. Remember, it’s good to be in a better form of yourself than to become a copy of someone else. Each person is different from another. Stop chasing others and build an image of yourself. Happiness will follow.

🐞Practice Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are proven therapies to stay fit and healthy. By practising Yoga asanas, you build a protective castle around yourself. Your immunity and ability to tackle situations improve with these exercises and as a result, you are happy:)

🐞Make others Happy

The problem with most of the people is that they focus on their own happiness. For them, happiness has a narrow meaning. If they don’t get what they want, they become sad. The narrow approach is the reason why most people feel unhappy, unsatisfied. Increase your happiness range. Be happy in the happiness of the people around you. Magic will happen:)

🐞 Learn to laugh unconditionally

Laughter increases blood circulation, improves the immune system and decreases stress level. In our busy lives, we sometimes forget to laugh. A formal smile is all that we wear to make ‘others comfortable’. Learn to laugh unconditionally. Small children burst into laughter like angels. They don’t have worries to tackle, you may point out. I want to convey the same to all of you. Whatever be your worries, laugh like a pure child at least once a day and see the difference. The difference in your perception of life. The difference in your health. The difference in your presence:)

After all, It Is Happiness That Matters In The End.