Best Beaches To Visit In Goa

So you enjoy Sun, Sand and Beach all together! When in India, simply think of Goa and its pristine beaches. World-famous tourist attraction, Goa is known for its lively beaches, churches and historical significance. Lip-smacking food and cashew-feni are not far behind in weaving the network of fascination. As many of you are already aware, ‘East meets West’ culture makes Goa a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. In this article, we will discuss some of the best beaches to visit in GoaπŸ™‚

🐞 Baga Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Goa, Baga Beach is located in North Goa. It is named after Baga Creek, the tidal estuary that empties into the Arabian Sea. The three-beach stretch ‘Baga-Calangute-Candolim’ attracts thousands of tourists every day during peak season.

* Closest airport – Dabolim – 39.9 km.

*Closest railway station – Vasco da Gama – 42.7 km.

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There are many water sports activities on Baga. Banana Boats, Bumper Boats, Water Scooter, Jet Skiing, Dolphin Cruises, and Parasailing are more than sufficient to pamper yourself. Hungry? No problem! A number of shacks and restaurants will take care of your hunger pangs.

🐞 Colva Beach

Located in South Goa, Colva Beach is about 25 kilometres of fine, white sand with coconut palms lined along the shore. A buzzing hub for the tourists and locals, Colva Beach has Food stalls, restaurants, shacks, pubs and everything you could ask for.

* Closest airport – Dabolim Airport- 21 km.

* Closest Railway Station- Madgoan – 17 km.

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Colva Beach remains crowded throughout the year. Lifeguards monitor the beach 24×7, a must because of the beach’s popularity. Swimming areas are marked with coloured flags according to the depth of water.

🐞Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. Nature has blessed plenty on this otherwise secluded beach. A popular beach, Vagator is surrounded by red cliffs. People gather here to experience the magnificent sunset through the rocks. The beach is not very crowded yet you’ll find some good eateries there.

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A seaside headland divides Vagator into two parts- Big Vagator and Little Vagator. For party lovers, there are many places that play music for tourists. A good place to indulge in water sports, dance/music, delicious food while you enjoy nature at its best.

Nearest Airport – Dabolim – 43 km

Nearest Railway Station – Thivim- 19 km

🐞Sinquerim Beach

A spectacular view of Aguada fort built by the Portuguese, Sinquerim Beach and a four-storey lighthouse attract tourists to this beautiful place. It is the oldest beach well preserved by the authorities. Relatively calm, people come here for long walks along the coastline while enjoying the historical view.

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Sinquerim Beach attracts people who want to run away from the noisy crowds and relax in the lap of nature. It is a clean beach with Dolphin-spotting trips and good food shacks.

*Nearest airport – Dabolim Airport- 36 km
*Nearest railway station – Thivim- 18 km

🐞 Palolem Beach

A mile-long, crescent-shaped Palolem beach in South Goa’s most popular beach. Though a mile long, the beach witnesses a variety of travellers visiting everyday. The ocean doesn’t get very deep in the northern part that’s safer for families and children. South part is apt for adventure lovers. Take Boat rides, go for Dolphin-spotting or just relax; Palolem beach has something for everyone. Shopping enthusiasts will find a variety of shacks selling local goods.

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Reaching Palolem Beach:

Nearest Airport – Dabolim – 67 km

Nearest Railway Station – Canacona that can be reached from Madgoan Station in just 30 minutes.

🐞 Agonda Beach

Agonda beach is one of the four beaches designated as turtle nesting sites under Coastal Regulation Zone. If lucky, you may get mesmerized by the sight of Olive Ridley sea turtles.
Your SIM will get no signal here, so visit Agonda if you really want to relax on the beach and enjoy your vacation. Less crowded than other beaches, Agonda beach is perfect for romantic walks and swimming.

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Nearest Airport –
Dabolim airport is about a 90-minute drive away.
By Road
Agonda is 15 minutes from the more popular Palolem beach.

(Cola Beach lagoon near Agonda)

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🐞 Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach is considered as the most popular of all beaches. It stretches from Aguada fort to Chapora beach. Famous electronic dance festival Sunburn Festival that attracts lakhs of tourists is held here every year for three days. The beach presents you a perfect mix of fun and serenity. The tranquillity of water and sandy shores rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.
A variety of water sports like jet-skiing, bump rides, banana rides, sailing, parasailing, water skiing, wind-surfing are hard to ignore. One can also try Diving at Candolim Beach and explore the wreckage of Portuguese and Spanish vessels.

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Nearest Airport – Dabolim Airport – 46 km

Nearest Railway Station- Thivim- 30 minutes ride

Having read about the Goa-beaches, you must be eager to romance with the enchanting Goa. What’s stopping you? Plan a memorable trip and remember to share your experience with me:)


Social Networking with a Difference- TUBBR

Modern life is incomplete without online social networking. We don’t have much time to interact physically. There are deadlines, commitments, constraints; meeting everyone in person has become rather difficult. Social media sites and apps seem to be our only hope. I’m sharing the details of a new and unique social media networking app, TUBBR.

TUBBR- Not another social media app

“We already have many”, you will say! How is this new app ‘TUBBR’ different from the others? Exactly my point when someone asked me to test TUBBR and be a part of TUBBR Testing Family. I searched, researched, downloaded and found the following details helpful to be shared.

🐞 TUBBR is the World’s first Personal, Social network where you can create multiple walls to be displayed to the people of your choice. Cool:)

🐞 You can keep your wall private or public as per your choice. There’s a feature of collaboration where you can create walls with your friends having common interests.

🐞 TUBBR gives you the freedom to arrange posts on various timelines. Yes, you are given the opportunity to create many timelines with diverse followers. Wow:)

🐞 To bring relevance to your social media interactions, it becomes necessary to share different posts with different people and TUBBR provides you with that space.

🐞 My experience with TUBBR has been amazing. I downloaded the app and found it quite unique and interesting. I created the following four walls:

1) My Camera Clicks: On this wall, I share everyday pictures clicked by me. Bright, colourful pics along with a short summary make a great looking wall.


2) Travel Stories: Pictures from my travel are compiled in this section. Sharing is instant where we can write a short description about the picture we post.

πŸ‘‰ Link

3) Glimpse of India: This year, I participated in AprilAtoZ blogging challenge and my theme was ‘Glimpse of India’. This wall contains links to the posts about India.

πŸ‘‰ Link

4) My Blog Posts: I share pictures and links to my blog posts on this wall. Yes, you can share links too. I find it useful because my followers are directed to my blog through TUBBR app.

πŸ‘‰ Link

Important thing is that people don’t have to follow all your walls. They will follow the wall(s) they find interesting. Same is the privilege given to you. Follow only those walls where your interest lies.

🐞 TUBBR gives you the freedom to browse content according to your taste. Follow only those walls that interest you. If you want Fashion in your feed, follow the related walls. If Travel fascinates you, go for the related feed. In TUBBR, nothing is imposed on you.

🐞 I’ve been a micro influencer for the last few years. In TUBBR, I can see a promising app that can revolutionize the way we share content.

🐞 Eager to download the TUBBR app, aren’t you? Wait!

Currently, TUBBR is in Alpha Phase – I, available via Exclusive Invites Only.
Psss….I have 100 limited invites to the app.
You can use my personal access code BGVR73 and start using TUBBR.

🐞 Watch this video for the visual demo of using TUBBR app.

🐞 TUBBR is available on both Google Play and Apple iTunes.
Find the download links below:
Google Play:


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Bollywood Monsoon Melodies

Finally, it’s raining. The delayed monsoon is welcomed with extra excitement and I feel like dancing in the musical downpour. So-called culture and unkind age are restricting my actions and I’m turning my YouTube on for the ultimate Bollywood Monsoon Melodies. Music gives a meaningful direction to our otherwise mechanical life. Those who follow my blog seriously know very well that I’m a self-confessed Bollywood fan.
Bollywood music never fails to entertain people, specifically Indians, when they are in a mood to celebrate an occasion.

Rain. Rain is given loving philosophical definitions by poets. Man has always been fascinated by the freshening showers falling from the desperate sky. An early human with a beating heart must have uttered a couplet or two when rain blessed Earth with sparkling showers.
Such rhythmical segments (might have) created songs. Bollywood takes the song definition more seriously and to the another level. We have actors and actresses dancing and acting as the songs play in the background. Not to mention the amazing lip-sync; I couldn’t believe they’re not singing for themselves when I was a child. They actually sing or act, that’s secondary, my love for Bollywood songs comes first. Music lovers have a playlist for every occasion and I’m not an exception. When it rains, my fingers scroll through the monsoon songs and stop at the favourites list. Some of my all-time favourite monsoon songs are shared with you:)

P.S- Videos are available in the hyperlinks. Don’t miss the magic of Bollywood Monsoon Melodies ❀️

🐞Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua Hai, Pyaar se phir kyun darta hai dil..

The rain-song from the golden years of Bollywood starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis and the movie is ‘Shree 420′!

🐞Ik Ladki bheegi bhagi si, Soti raton mein jaagi si..

Loved the chemistry between Kishore Kumar and Madhubala in this beautiful song from the movie ‘Chalti ka Naam Gaadi’!

🐞 Rimjhim Gire Saawan, Sulag sulag jaye mann..

Another magical rain song with Amitabh Bachchan and Moushami Chatterjee; the movie is ‘Manzil’!

🐞 Aaj Rapat Jaayen toh humein na uthayio, Humein jo uthayio to khud bhi phisal jayiyo..

You can’t miss the fun song starring Amitabh Bachchan and Smita Patil from the movie ‘Namak Halal’!

🐞 Ghanan Ghanan ghir ghir aaye badra..

The happiness of poor farmers reflects in this rain song from ‘Lagaan’; starring Mr perfectionist, Aamir Khan and team!

🐞 Kate nahi kat te yeh din yeh raat, Kehni thi tumko jo dil ki baat..

The romantic song where Anil Kapoor plays ‘Mr India’, the invisible man, created quite a stir. Sridevi looks stunning.

🐞 Lagi Aaj Sawan ki phir woh jhadi hai..

One more favorite of mine! Vinod Khanna and Juhi Chawla in ‘Chandni’!!

🐞 Tip Tip barsa paani, paani ne aag lagai..

One of the best song of the 90s. Watch Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tondon in ‘Mohra’!

🐞 Koi ladki hai, Jab woh hasti hai,
Baarish Hoti Hai Chhanar Chhanar Chhumchhum..

Aha! Who can forget the dances of lady beautiful Madhuri Dixit and handsome Shahrukh Khan in ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’!?

🐞 Rimjhim Rimjhim, Rumjhum Rumjhum. Bheegi Bheegi rut mein tum hum hum tum..

Passionate rain Melody starring Anil Kapoor and Manisha Koirala from the movie ‘1942, A Love Story’!

🐞Barso re megha barso

Doe-eyed Aishwarya Rai dances like waves of the ocean. The movie wasGuru’, based on the life of Dhirubhai Ambani.

🐞 Yeh mausam ki baarish

I’m in love with this song ‘Yeh mausam ki baarish, yeh baarish ka paani’ from the movie ‘Half Girlfriend’. The song is still present in my phone as one of the favourites.

This blog is a part of a #BirthdayBlogTrain hosted by Gunjan Upadhyay and Neha Sharma I would like to thank Zainab from for introducing me to this blog train and would further like to introduce Snigdha from to share her take on the prompts.

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How to choose a Broadband Plan and Provider

How to choose a Broadband Plan and Provider

In the dire need to stay globally connected, the modern world is fairly dependant on Broadband connections. Whether it is surfing the web, watching NETFLIX or connecting with loved ones on Skype, Broadband plans and providers have a lot of control over our lives. There are many Broadband Providers in the market and so are the plans. Choosing both wisely is the key to a happy modern life;)
Every household has its own network requirements. The quality and quantity varies from home to home. First of all, it is wise to find out your internet requirements.

What is Your Internet Usage

1) There are homes with school children who need internet for their assignments and homework. Parents want to watch movies online and the grandparents may want to stay connected with their relatives in other countries via Skype. The requirements of every home vary with internet usage and so are the plans. It is essential to select a Broadband plan according to your needs.

2) People who have just started using the internet should not pay for the expensive, high-speed internet. If required, the upgrading can be done easily by the Broadband service provider. Find your plan carefully else the guilt of paying more will kill you:D

New users usually face this problem and end up paying huge bills as I did a few years back. For beginners, ADSL broadband packages are recommended.

3) Today we have computers, smart TVs at home and frequently watch movies & TV shows online. For binge watchers, high-speed broadband connection is required. If you want good download-speed and picture quality, pay extra bucks for the fast Fibre Broadband.

4) Family Packages are also offered by the Broadband service providers. There are families where members stay online almost 24×7. Mobile phones, laptops, TVs all want internet and the Family Plan take care of to all these demands. Ask your service provider to suggest a plan catering to your needs. High-speed Fibre Broadband is recommended for such families.

5) If you are running a business and need data plan accordingly, just ask your broadband provider. Business plans, though slightly expensive, come with better customer care service and efficient security. A good data plan can help take your business to new heights.

6) Connection speed of 10Mbps is usually sufficient for most small households to carry out basic online activities without facing any problem. Broadband speed of 8 Mbps allows to e-mail, share pictures, watch Netflix, check Facebook and play light games. Heavy-game players and downloaders can find it difficult to go with 8 Mbps.

Which Broadband providers are available in your area

Once you are clear about what sort of internet user you are, find out the Broadband providers around you. Check the below things before opting for a particular broadband connection.

1) Talk to your friends/neighbours. Ask them about the best Broadband providers in your area. Mostly, word of mouth recommendations is better than print media.

2) By now, you might have found what kind of internet user you are: Heavy, Medium or Light. Go for the best suitable Broadband plan.

3) Want broadband and phone landline connection package?
Many providers give you a choice to opt for the combo package. It will save you time and money.

4) Many service providers suggest an option to bundle your smart TV in the broadband package. With internet requirements increasing day by day, such packages are in high demand. Opt for this plan if you watch TV with the internet. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money by paying extra for the Broadband+TV plan.

Value for Money

Last but not least, the value for money should be of the highest importance when you subscribe to a good Broadband connection. We all need a broadband connection that serves high speeds and charges minimum;)
That’s true. We want a fast connection without burning a hole in the pocket. Technology has been developed to the extent that, today, we can’t say that it is impossible. Some players like Den Broadband are there in the market to provide unlimited, reliable and high-speed broadband plans to your home. Embraced with the latest technology, they have customised plans for light, medium and heavy internet users. It is advisable to opt for the plan best suited to your needs.

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Indian Administrative Service (IAS)- Tips for Preparation

Indian Administrative Service (IAS)- Tips for Preparation

We are fascinated by the most lucrative career option in India. No prizes for solving this riddle. Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the most sought after career when it comes to the prestige, social dignity, job satisfaction and diverse responsibilities to nurture one’s talent. Highly Paid jobs and retirement benefits are guaranteed to those who are able to grab the esteemed IAS position. The number of people applying for the Indian Civil Services is increasing with the rise in talented young people. It makes the competition tougher day by day. If you want to apply for the IAS exam, be sure to prepare for it thoroughly, otherwise, there’s no point wasting your parents’ hard-earned money and your precious time.

Survey these things about yourself:

(Give relative marks honestly)

* How sincere are you to study hard? (0-100)

* What percentage of time can you devote to the preparation of IAS Exam? (0-100)

* How competent are you in learning new things? (0-100)

* Give marks for your General Knowledge. (0-100)

* Are you interested to join coaching to crack the highly reputed exam? (0-100)

* How much marks would you give to your creativity? (0-100)

* How efficient are you in time management? (0-100)

* Do you stay committed till you achieve the goal? (0-100)

* What’s your awareness quotient? (0-100)

* Are you comfortable taking up new challenges everyday? (0-100)

Calculate your marks honestly and then enter the pool of IAS preparation. If your marks are less than 40, drop the idea of joining the elite league. For those who got passing marks, read the content below.

🐞 After self-assessment, its time to join a good IAS Coaching Center. As you might be aware, there are a number of institutions opened who provide the coaching for Indian Administrative Service (IAS). Do extensive research to find a good coaching institution accessible to you. I’m sharing a few links below for instant search :

Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

IAS Coaching in Mumbai

IAS Online Coaching

🐞 Make a habit of reading the newspaper everyday, at least for 3-4 hours. The humble newspapers carry so much information that you can pave your path to the prestigious Indian Administrative Service through them.

🐞 Make notes. The notes can be compiled in MS Word. It makes easier to edit and resize the material as per your convenience.

🐞 Periodic tests are must to strengthen your grip on the subjects. Don’t skip the tests as these are going to be a solid base for your preparation.

🐞 Make Time-Table and follow religiously. It can be reviewed from time to time but don’t find excuses to ditch hard work. After all, it’s the question of your magnificent career.

🐞 Reading newspapers and important magazines should be regular and proper notes should be taken to revise the material. You can read daily or weekly and compile notes accordingly.

🐞 The examination consists of three stages: Prelims, Mains and Interview. The first two stages evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and the last one tests the ability to deal with different situations.

🐞 Lakhs of candidates appear in one of the toughest exams every year. 50% of them clear the Prelims and become eligible to sit for Mains. About 15% of them clear Mains and prepare for the interview, that is considered as the most difficult of all three stages. Do you know how many students get selected after the interview? Only 1%.

🐞I’m not discouraging you. In spite of 1% success rate, many people struggle hard to get into this crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me category. Give your best if you want to get the best. Your thoroughly planned and consistent study will make you a winner all the way.

🐞 If you are planning to crack the UPSC exam to enter the Indian civil services, take subjects of your interest in college. The subjects that can fetch you good marks and highlight your personality are recommended.

🐞 Your study should be a balance of Current and Static General Studies. Newspapers are of great value when it comes to preparing for the current news.

🐞 While preparing for the exam, don’t forget to look after your health. Give sufficient time to physical exercises so that your mind stays healthy and balanced.

🐞Sharing with you the link to UPSC Previous years question papers.

UPSC Previous Years Question Papers.

🐞 Don’t forget to check the revised Syllabus and Scheme here:

UPSC Revised Syllabus and Scheme

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