OH YES, I Love Bollywood Gossip!

Bollywood gossip is one of those few things I survive on. What are the chances of this Bollywood actress marrying that cricketer? Which celebrity was seen going out on a date with some ‘unknown’ person? My curious sense tracks the news and hunts down interesting outcomes. It’s not just me, more than half the population of India is in love with Bollywood gossip and they are proud to confess.

I’m amazed to see how these Bollywood actors manage to keep their lives delightfully happening. When I say that I go through the news regularly, it means that my Page-3 information is up to date;)

Alia Bhatt Rejected Aamir Khan’s Movie

The latest in the kitty is that Alia Bhatt might have rejected Aamir Khan’s movie, OSHO because she was committed to Salman Khan’s INSHALLAH. Alia was to play Ma Anand Sheela in Osho biopic where Aamir is supposed to play the spiritual Guru Rajneesh Osho.

*Alia didn’t want to miss out on working with Salman and her favourite director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and said no to all the other projects that were offered to her. But luck had something else in store for these actors. Sanjay Leela Bhansali shelved the film ‘Inshallah’ because of the creative differences with Salman Khan.

*The film Inshallah would have been the most anticipated Bollywood collaboration as Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Salman Khan had decided to work together after almost twenty years. Their last joint venture was ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ in 1999.

*Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the director who respects his actors and considers their suggestions but up to some extent. One of the best directors of our film industry, Bhansali doesn’t entertain any interference with his creative concepts. The limit might have been crossed by the actor Salman Khan and Bhansali dumped his ambitious venture. Ouch! Think about Alia guys! She had reserved all her dates for Inshallah. Other projects were refused because she wanted to focus on this ambitious film. Now, what’s the plight of Bollywood’s favourite girl, Alia? She is certainly upset over the unexpected unfolding of the incidents.

*Meanwhile, Salman Khan has tweeted that Sanjay Leela Bhansali film has been postponed but he would come up with another one this Eid. A great way to stay true to his ritual of releasing a film on every Eid.

*Another tweet from Salman’s handle clued that he will not disappoint his fans and present a big release this Eid though not Inshallah.

Ahem. Ahem.

*If speculations are to be believed, the Salman-movie to be released this Eid is Kick-2. Fans, who wait for their favourite superstar’s movie every year during festival season, are excited by the news.

**Another rumour ruling social media is that the mother of a Bollywood actress is fighting with her daughter’s husband over the latter’s property. The authenticity of the gossip that’s spreading like a fire can’t be denied and I’m working on it.

17 thoughts on “OH YES, I Love Bollywood Gossip!”

  1. I also love Bollywood gossip!! And my guess is the same as that given in the link!! Let’s wait and watch!! Bollywood is amazing.. marriages and divorces just keep happening and it all sounds so normal

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  2. Gossips are spices of life. They make the life going. No matter how miserable we are in our personal lives, a good news about our favourite actors / actresses bring a smile on our faces.The difference of opinion between Bhansali and Salman has become news. Poor Alia, she will have to wait to work with Bhai. Meanwhile her chance to work with Amir Khan is also gone. Tell me something more about Alia and Ranbir? That is juice.

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  3. o yes! I love Bollywood. And who doesn’t like gossiping? There is a different type of excitement come on our faces when we hear a piece of news about our favorite celebrity!

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  4. I love Bollywood and everything about it. Loved your post mentioning two of my favorites! Keep sharing such stuff and I will become a regular on your blog!

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  5. I absolutely love reading these Bollywood gossips, I had no clue about this one, poor Alia, I would have loved watching another masterpiece from Mr. Bhhansali.

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  6. Thanks for this. I need a good Bollywood hit of gossip once in awhile. Having grown up in the stardust, filmfare, cineblitz era i miss those starting gossip pages now.

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