Don’t Underestimate the Power Of Brisk Walk

Walking has always been my convenient exercise. It imparts ample benefits to the people of all age-groups. One doesn’t need to bother about going to the gym or spending hours in the vicinity of machines. Walking is the best exercise, though yet to be declared officially;)
A few years back, I discovered the power of Brisk Walk. Not only did I feel more energetic, but the brisk walk routine also brought me back to shape in a shorter period. About 30 minutes of fast walking brings remarkable results and by the end of this article, you will agree with me.

Imagine a person is walking faster than the other people in a park. He is covering the same distance in 30 minutes, the others cover in 50 minutes. We want to know if he gets more benefit than those who walk at an average speed. I got the answer to my query and I’m sharing the same with you.


1) You can reduce your weight considerably by walking briskly without changing your lifestyle and it is scientifically proven. This is the coolest incentive as people can follow this relatively easier way to stay trim. Invest just 30-60 minutes a day walking faster than usual and get visible results.

2) You stay young and suffer from lesser psychological disturbances. Yes, it is again true. Walk in the fresh air to make the most of the walk schedule. Walking increases the rate of the exchange of gases (oxygen in, carbon dioxide out) and refreshes brain. And all of you are aware that it is brain that controls everything in our body.

3) The purpose of walk changes from merely reducing weight to getting fitter and smarter. You will look great in the new toned body as the benefits of brisk walk are not going to end here:p

4) While walking, you exert most of your muscles everyday. Your movements become smoother as the toning up of muscles is executed in routine. Overall health improves and the perspective of life changes too; for the better.

5) Overall health improves and your chances to live longer increase. Brisk walk, if managed in a proper manner shows magnificent outcomes. If you walk and are not getting visible results, increase your speed.

6) Better result in less time is the fundamental benefit of brisk walking. Take charge of your life and buckle up to win the race of health. Hardly 30-40 minutes a day are needed to become a health icon.

7) Not only the outer look, but your internal organs will also show improved fitness. Hearts of those people who walk or run are healthier than the others.

8) Scientists claim that brisk walk is healthier than running.

[ Running reduced the risk of heart disease by 4.5% while walking reduced it by 9.3%.

Calorie for calorie, walking also had a stronger impact on heart disease risk factors. The risk of first-time high blood pressure was reduced by 4.2% by running and 7.2% by walking.

First-time high cholesterol risk was lowered by 4.3% by running and 7% by walking.

The risk of first-time diabetes was reduced by about 12% by both walking and running.]

Walking is the best route to the healthy living. Be a little brisk in routine to make an impact on yourself and the society:)

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Not a coincidence that my travel buddies are going to the same place where I am supposed to go. We are from different backgrounds yet sitting beside each other for a previously planned journey.

Let me introduce you to my travel companions. First is James. A software specialist and a very good human thing, he can create magic with his brilliant skills. Second, Nina. She is the only woman on board. She is a Biologist, a scientist whose curious research mind guides us which direction to move to. Next, Tesla and Fernando. They were assembled by Doctor D to help us on this unpredictable journey. Doctor D? He’s not on board; has abundant work pending, back on Earth.

Who would have thought this?

Every morning when you open your eyes you find yourself to be a stranger to a strange new family and you are saying, โ€œI have to deactivate you. Iโ€™m sorry…โ€

My two lovely co-passengers! Tesla and Fernando. The two humanoids are working tirelessly for our space research program, unlike their human counterparts. We, the humans, need rest, feel hungry or find the urge to express our emotions. On the other hand, the two robotic bodies are displaying huge energy levels without ‘feeling’ the need to relax. As James calculates the possibilities to find life on a planet, ‘the two’ act as a catalyst to speed up the results. ‘The two’ have the power to find the result up to the trillionth degree of accuracy. Impossible for a human being. Nina uses them to see the future of species whose samples she gathers from a planet. ‘The two’ inspect, scan, analyse and give result in a very short period of time. They work without getting tired. At least, it had been my observation until they started showing signs of crankiness. In a fury of exhaustion, they would damage things around them and make things difficult for all of us. At that moment, I have no option but to deactivate them for a one time-cycle or maybe two. Considering the technical difficulties of our mission, all the members are equally important.


Our mission. NASA chose each one of us to accomplish certain tasks in the space, the idea of which we got during the final days of our extensive training. The scientists on the ground had discovered two new planets and wanted to know if there is any possibility of life on them. We, two humans, one cybrog (man-machine) and two humanoids, were chosen to be sent to the Space Center where the necessary equipment had already been placed. The journey in itself is full of possibilities and complexities.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m a Cyborg. An antenna protrudes out of my head that can catch and send signals to the Earth and the satellites. Most efficient of all the modes of communication, I communicate with the NASA research centre with zero disturbance.

We come across many satellites and meteorites. We are on our quest for the vast spread of unknown information that humans can’t even explore in millions of years. The curiosity to know the unknown has made the voyages like this, possible.

‘The two’ giants have been deactivated by me for not following the spaceship standards. They need some time to come back to the normal. At the pilot’s seat, I can see huge objects circling around our ship. Usually, James is quick at calculating these risks, but today I’m the one who pointed out.

“What’s going on James? The big stones are the possible dangers to us!” I’m obviously curious.

“I spotted them a few minutes ago and trying to find an alternate path to move ahead.” It is James busy with the calculations, ” You should better bring these Titans to life”, he is pointing towards the robots.

“These things are coming closer, my efforts to connect with the earth station also failed”, I freak out while activating Tesla and Fernando.

“The asteroid belt is not anywhere near the spacecraft. What’s this?”

Hyper, I’m forgetting the lessons taught during pre-voyage training.

Tesla and Fernando have joined us back. The robotic mind calculates and gives the result in seconds.

:::::: Beeeep….. Life spotted.

:::::: Beeeep….. Life spotted.

James and I can’t stop looking at each other. What could be these unknown flying objects? Nina?

Nina, too, is astonishingly affected. Her brain is working fast to deliver an answer to our queries.

Beams of colourful light are hitting our spaceship. And, we are clueless.

“Connection with Earth station is restored, I have informed them the urgency we are facing, up in the space.” Me.

“We can’t deny the possibility of alien ships trying to overpower us!” Nina has a valid point.

Nothing near to what we all know, even James has no idea what is going on. Such situations can occur when you are exploring the unexplored region with knowledge pretty small as compared to the size of the displayed system. We are trapped in the abundance of limitless Space with a possible attack by aliens!

A passage opens in the wall of the cabin. The surprising thing is that it wasn’t there before. Shocks have just begun.

The species who are entering don’t resemble anything….at least I haven’t seen such slimy creatures in my lifetime. One of them seems to be the leader of the clan. On his orders, we are held hostages in our own ship. Tiny, power-punches of about five feet height, the strangers are now the new owners. Can’t count how many of them are here in the cabin but the number definitely exceeded my patience. Invisible radiations are controlling our actions and we can’t move our limbs.

A silent communication appears to be going on among our dominating ‘guests’. The only thing I can hear is the fine, musical notes. The leader sends notes and the others nod their heads. All five of us are reduced to mute spectators. The room is slowly filling with a kind of gas, a sweet gas. We are losing consciousness.

Ample time seems to have passed. My throat needs to be cleared before speaking. Looking around the cabin, I can see my companions lying on the floor. Not all of them. Where is James?



The atmosphere is filled with the traces of the sweet gas. Nina, Tesla, Fernando, all are here, but James!

“Let me connect to the Earth station and ask for guidance,” I assure Nina. The two giant robots are least bothered about what has happened to us.

“James is missing!” There are tears in Nina’s eyes.

“Earth station scientists confirmed that there was an intrusion by aliens. We are at the highest level of risk. Stay composed, Nina, we should plan and act smart, smarter than those aliens.” I am stronger than my usual self.



Many time units have passed.

One of our warriors is still missing. The officials from Earth are signalling us to wind up the process and prepare for the return journey. How can this be possible? Can we return to earth without James?

We want to continue the process but won’t be able to achieve much without James. Our buddy has been kidnapped by the aliens!



My antenna is giving an unusual signal since the beginning of the day. Nina and I have decided to return to the Earth. My contact with Earth mediators has been constant. While Nina is busy arranging samples and other bits of information, I’m programming for our departure. Tesla and Fernando are creating a nuisance, need to deactivate them for some time.

“Hey, guys! I’m back.”

I’m rubbing my eyes to believe. IT IS JAMES:)

“James is back, Nina, see, James is here:D” My happiness is beyond description.

As Nina is taking time to believe what she is seeing, I want to know where he has been. It might have been so many earth days. Our questioning faces are making things unbearable. James makes himself comfortable on a chair and starts.

“Those were aliens, tall, lanky and no doubt, brainy. I was taken to a huge hall where about twenty of them circled around me. A syringe-like object was inserted in my head and I lost my conscious. I don’t remember the exact time but seemed to be a few earth hours before I regained consciousness. They must have dropped me back on our spaceship. This is what I remember!”


Clearly a case of alien abduction. We are happy that James has returned but the fear of another attack by those foreign creatures can’t be denied. They are more powerful than us, their technology is more developed than ours and most importantly, it is their area.

We don’t have many options. The research has to be stopped before time to stay on the safer side.


I’m on my antenna-mode and in discussion with the Earth scientists. James and Nina are on computers. The two giant buddies are helping in removing trash from the ship. It’s almost done, only a signal from Earth would be enough to begin our back journey.

Suddenly, the room is filled with a mysterious gas. The sweet gas that hushed up our return journey. I’m losing my consciousness. The other moment I’m wide awake, encircled by the creepy fellows.


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Need to Control What Children Are Watching

One of the most crucial issues today is that we are losing control over the content our children watch. When we were kids, it was easy for our parents to know what we were watching on television. There were limited gadgets, thanks to the technological revolution that spared our generation to some degree. We were happy reading comics, playing board-games and watching very limited television shows.

*Cut to the present day scenario.

Children are exposed to smart televisions, smarter-than-humans mobile phones and many other gadgets quite early in life. Last two decades have been a roller coaster ride with the accessible-technology. The curiosity of human mind brought wonders in our lives and we are sincerely grateful for this. Nothing comes for free and a spike in the technology made everything easily available. Trouble began when psychological disturbances began to ruin our peaceful environment.

As technology was developing, devils like rude behaviour, violence, sexual abuse etc started eating up the goodness of mankind. Reasons could be anything but the striking one seems to be the uncontrolled access to information.

Need to Control What Children Are Watching

Control What Children Are Watching

Problems were there in the past.
Problems are here in the present.
Only the kind and intensity vary.

Children who have delicate brains are the most affected by the crude spread of knowledge. They are given access to the communication devices right after their birth. Pictures are clicked and shared to get likes. The television, the mobile phone, the iPad, the PC, the gaming gadgets; all fantasy things make a significant space in the child’s brain.

Can you mention the culprits that are slowly infecting the young minds?

The new generation is showing traits that were unthinkable in the past. Who would have thought to struggle to save children from these peculiarities ๐Ÿ‘‰

1. Signs of Violence
2. Signs of Intolerance
3. Inclination to Racism
4. Lack of concentration
5. Lack of respect for elders
6. Increase in stress level
7. Interest in passive entertainment
8. Less involvement in family issues
9. Bad health symptoms
10. Sexual abuse

The situation is going out of control. By giving freedom to our children to watch anything, we are literally deteriorating the moral quality of our family and more importantly, our society.

What can we do now?

๐Ÿž First of all, accept it as a mistake. Providing everything to young children is not affection or care. I know you can afford but catering to the child’s appetite is also essential. Just as you don’t give excess food to the child to prevent physical illness, put control on the material he watches.

๐Ÿž There is no need to introduce the child to flashy gadgets only because you can afford to. Child’s brain is too sensitive to handle the elements, the gadgets display.

๐Ÿž We have access to the parental locks and age-appropriate content. Take some time to regulate the shows watched by your children. It’s good for their development.

๐Ÿž You can limit the time, your child spends with gadgets. TV, mobile phones, gaming devices and other equipment distract the delicate minds of kids and makes them passive in learning.

๐Ÿž Don’t use television as a baby-sitter. As a responsible parent, it’s your duty to raise the child in a good environment. Read him books, play with him or take him to the playground. You can not be a stimulus to spoil your child’s life.

Thought-provoking reads๐Ÿ‘‰

Is there a relation between ADHD and TV?

How to deal with media violence


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You might be interested in buying a Kindle for your children!๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

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10 Benefits of Eating Local Food

Eating local food is believed to be healthier, tastier and more nutritious than the food transported from distant places. During my supermarket visits, I’m tempted to buy colourful vegetables and fruits that are not grown locally. Everybody wants a change and such food items look bright and inviting; as if saying, ” Come, pick me up!”;)

It’s okay to have these fruits and vegetables once in a while but local food is the best for everyday consumption.

Benefits Of Eating Local Food

They have committees, researchers, proven results to show that local food is better than the food imported from distant places.

What exactly is Local Food?

Local Food is the food that’s grown, manufactured or produced within a 100-mile radius of the consumerโ€™s home. People who choose locally produced food for consumption are called Locavores. The popular ‘100-mile diet‘ has the same basis; that is buying and eating food that’s produced withing 100-mile radius of one’s place.


Here are some benefits listed to get an idea of how effective local food can be!

1) Fresh and Nutritious

Food grown around the place you live is of superior quality and undoubtedly, fresh. I mean, the chances of getting good quality food produced near home are better than the food from distant places. This home-food is likely to be more nutritious than that imported.
Prefer buying local produce and stay healthy.

โญโญโญFood such as broccoli, green beans, kale, red peppers, tomatoes, apricots and peaches are susceptible to nutrient loss when harvested and transported from longer distances, while those that are heartier such as apples, oranges, grapefruit and carrots keep their nutrients even if they travel long distances.

2) Good For Environment

You cut down on carbon footprints by purchasing local goods. Locally produced food doesn’t have to travel thousands of kilometres to reach you. More fuel means more pollution that increases unhealthy gases in the environment. Simply eat local to minimize the extent of dangers we are facing today.

3) Supports Local Farmers

By eating locally grown food, we are indirectly supporting local farmers. It means prosperity and happiness will prevail around you. With more demand, farms will be updated with the latest technology to handle the supply.

4) Supports Local Economy

As local farms flourish because of the better market, the economy is bound to expand.
Money spent in the local market stays in the local market resulting in booming the economy.

5) Less Wastage of Food

Since distance travelled by food is small, less food is wasted in distribution, warehousing and merchandising. Spoilage is limited and can be controlled.
This way, you are helping humanity by saving food. At the same time, the good quality of the food can be assured.

6) Taste Better, New Flavours

Now that you have limited yourself to eat local food, explore new flavours that are waiting to surprise you. Good, nutritious food is found near you and you are searching for it around the world.
Discover the new foods you’ve never tasted. Yes, you’ll find it in tune with nature.

7) Encourages Sustainable Agriculture

Sticking to the Local food implies encouraging sustainable agriculture, and facilitating tracking the supply chain back to the point of origin to evaluate ecological practices. This enhances economic growth, environmental protection and social health.

8) Less Travelling

This is another benefit of eating local. Easily available local food can be obtained from local markets easily with the guarantee of freshness and purity. Products from far off places are brought by some means of transportation with a little assurance of freshness and purity.

9) Good for Soil

When people start buying more local produce, farmers will grow diverse crops making the soil more fertile. When the same crop is grown over a large area for a long duration of time, the quality of soil deteriorates.

10) Connected Communities

Giving importance to local produce can boost community interactions, thereby connecting people through market transactions.
Such markets are buzzing hubs of a community. People interact on a regular basis and stronger bonds are developed.

Local Food takes lesser time to reach your plate from the farm, it’s healthier and tastier. Instead of hitting the supermarket, visit the local market to buy local fruits, vegetables and other products. Support and promote your neighbourhood. A definite route to celebrating health and safety!


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Keto Diet- To Follow or Not to Follow

Keto Diet is the latest trend among today’s health-conscious people. However, I’m yet to decide on implementing the K-diet regulations. Fascinated by the extent of the craze, I made up my mind to search for the pros and cons of the Keto Diet and write on the same.

๐Ÿ’ฎ”Wow! What a transformation!”
I was surprised to see my friend after six months. The change was apparently so obvious that I couldn’t help giving her the compliment. I remember her as an average overweight girl with no visible intentions to lose weight.
“How?” I could hardly mumble just one word in the hope to get an answer to the transition.
“I’m following keto diet:)”, she ready with the answer.

Again, it’s Keto Diet!

I look at myself. Lifestyle mistakes have taken a toll on my body. I should lose at least 5-7 kg of weight to stay healthy and look presentable. My desire to go back to the original size is reinforced by the keto-diet mania. There’s no excuse left to start searching for the exact meaning of the Keto Diet.

What is Keto Diet

๐Ÿต In keto diet, carbohydrate intake is drastically restricted and it is replaced by good quality fats and proteins. Low-carb food can also be included but in a very small quantity. The diet comprises of meats, eggs, sausages, cheeses, fish, nuts, butter, oils, seeds, and fibrous vegetables. The exact intake of carbohydrates is 20-50 grams per day that is very low.

๐Ÿต Standard ketogenic diet (SKD) comprises of 75% fats, 20% proteins and only 5% carbohydrates. The diet changes the metabolism of the human body drastically and hence should be followed for a limited period.

๐Ÿต It is based on the theory that a low-carb diet decreases carbohydrates in the body and increases the fats. Instead of carbohydrates, the body uses fats and convert them into energy.
Fat molecules are changed to the new kind of molecules called ‘ketones’ that supply energy to the brain. The process is known as ‘Ketosis’ and the diet followed to make it happen is called Keto Diet.

Benefits of Keto Diet

๐Ÿ’ฎ Keto Diet is followed for a limited period under the observation of the experts. When followed with precision, the diet can do wonders for your body.

๐Ÿ’ฎ Follow Keto Diet to lose weight.

After following Keto Diet for some days, our brain will become accustomed to burning fats to get energy; the energy used to carry out body functions.
It is seen that people lose their weight in a few days of keto-therapy. The weight loss is twice or thrice the weight lost by other methods.

๐Ÿ’ฎ Keto Diet reduces body insulin levels. Blood sugar drops significantly after 4-16 weeks into keto-diet therapy. When on an extremely low-carb diet, the body releases fatty acids that’s used as energy. This, the fats stored in our bodies are used up in simple metabolic functions.

๐Ÿ’ฎ Keto Diet is known to prevent and even cure cancer in many cases. The diet causes more oxidation of cancer cells than of the normal cells. Reduction of insulin is also related to the prevention of some cancers.

๐Ÿ’ฎ Improves heart health:
By following Keto Diet strictly, the health of the heart improves. A study shows that this particular diet increases the HDL ( Good Cholesterol level) significantly and decreases the level of bad cholesterol (LDL).

๐Ÿ’ฎ Improves brain functioning
Keto Diet improves functioning of the brain. It is observed that children show improvement in memory, when on Keto Diet. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases are also controlled by prescribing Keto therapy to the patients.

Side Effects of Keto Diet

There are some side-effects of keto diet and these must be taken into consideration before following the strict diet plan.

1) Constipation

Bowel habits change due to the drastic change in the diet plan. One can suffer from acute constipation and other bowel irregularities.

* Increase your fibre and water intake.

2) Lack of energy, Leg cramps, Keto Flu can make you feel dizzy and reduce your capacity to do work.

3) Though Keto Diet is known to decrease sugar levels considerably, you should not change the regular diet with Keto without asking your doctor. A serious medical condition, ‘Ketoacidosis‘ can put you in danger.

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Health is the Ultimate Wealth

People across the world spend a huge chunk of their income on health-related issues. Most of them are not interested in taking precautions for good health but are ready to jump on each remedy they discover after catching diseases. We come across many new ailments in our lifetime and the number keeps on increasing with each passing day. Scary as it sounds, I think it’s advisable to become health-educated than to spend and repent later. Healthy individual leads a happy, content life and handles stress better than others. There are many misconceptions about the idea of health. Most of us have the opinion that health is exclusively physical fitness. The problem begins here.

WHO defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

We infer from this definition that physical fitness is important but mental health and social behaviour also affect our well-being to a great extent. The infographics shown below gives suggestions to stay physically fit. These are really good tips for a healthy lifestyle. Add to it the flavour of social and mental health. These are the support pillars that boost our physical fitness to exist longer and brimming with joy.

The concept of health has been changed in the last few years. Experts give as much importance to mental condition and social behaviour as to physical fitness. There’s a revolution in the healthcare system where new ideas are changing the world for the better. Need is to spread the word about the significance of mental and social abilities.

๐ŸžSo, what defines a healthy person?
Every generation is different from the preceding one and the big change we observe in our generation is the increased mental stress and troubled social behaviour. These conditions might have not troubled our predecessors to this extent. The need to draw boundaries for social and mental health didn’t exist to such a considerable degree; hence the definition of health was limited to physical well-being.

Let’s define Health

๐Ÿž Health has a vast meaning including physical, mental and social soundness. A person with all these abilities is considered a healthy human. See, it’s time that has changed the concept of health and we don’t know if this definition stands true in the coming years.

๐Ÿž Not falling ill is healthy. Equally important is the speed of recovering from the illness. Diseases strike all but the magnitude of impact differs from individual to individual. A healthy person has good immunity that helps him to bounce back to normal life after falling sick.

๐Ÿž Health acts as an everyday resource for us to lead a great life. Work on it and wake up every day to happy and optimistic energy. Save your health.

๐Ÿž What are the factors that influence our health?

– lifestyle

– The physical environment

– The social and economic environment

– The person’s individual characteristics and behaviour

– Genetics

– Gender

๐Ÿž There are so many aspects of health that we can’t blame a person for having bad health or praise another for having good health. Some of these factors are beyond the control of a person. We can’t do much about the social and economic conditions. It’s not in our control to be born in a healthy or rich family; our social and financial structure depends on it. Gender, male or female suffers from different diseases; we can’t control.

๐Ÿž Numerous factors deciding our health and many of them can’t be regulated by us. But, there are still many, we can manage wisely for a better lifestyle. Our happiness largely depends on our health. A healthy person lives life fully and is a valuable asset to society.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

๐Ÿต Eat nutritious food and minimise white sugar, white flour, oil-ghee-butter, alcohol, stale, processed, packaged food. Take every step to improve your food intake. Before putting anything in the mouth, realize that it is going to decide your tomorrow.

๐Ÿต Exercise faithfully. Be it running, yoga, gym or some kind of sport; put your efforts to get supreme benefits.

๐Ÿต Don’t miss your prescribed water intake.
It keeps the body functioning smoothly. Setting up a reminder to drink water after regular intervals does work.

๐Ÿต When in stress, try to reach out for solutions. There’s nothing that can be solved with careful planning and good support. Discuss your condition with near ones, your family or friends.

๐Ÿต Socialise. Interact with the people around you. You are one of them. They too face problems and interaction will give you a peek into how they manage their crisis.

Remember, health is the ultimate wealth.

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