Major Changes in Lifestyle After Covid -19

      As we all know that our country is at the cusp of the Coronavirus epidemic. We are in the third and most deadly stage which is that of community spread and our government has now requested the citizens to stop all social activities and isolate themselves. We are in a very crucial stage right now. As we know the Coronavirus has become a globally life-threatening issue nowadays. Coronavirus first came in the headlines in January in China and after that, the virus has spread in other countries as well within a period of three months. Due to India’s limited health and testing facilities, the country cannot afford Community transmission. Isolation and social distancing are the only ways to deal with this issue. We have to break the chain of transmission.
Aristotle Said ‘Man is by nature a social animal’. COVID -19 changed this thought. We are practising social distancing, we are restricting our socialization physically.


Lifestyle after COVID-19


Today in this article we will discuss what type of Major Changes we have to face in our lifestyle After COVID -19.

1. Our Eating habits will Change After COVID-19

   We always loved eating street foods, junk foods in restaurants and cafes. But after the spread of the Coronavirus, we will think before we eat any kind of food outside. We have to build our immunity so we need to eat nutritious food. Nowadays, markets and social dining places are completely shut down so everybody is eating homemade food, that will change people’s eating habits and they will eat for nutrition in the future, not for taste.
Everyone will ace the art of cooking at home, even the food they used to eat outside.

2. Way of Greeting others will change

As we know greeting others is a very important way of addressing people whom we meet. Most of the people prefer shaking hands or hugging to greet others. After COVID -19 we need to keep a safe distance from the people around us. The best way to maintain distance is to greet people by saying a ‘Namaste’. So, greeting habits will also change after COVID -19
The Indian way of greeting would definitely be the most common greeting after COVID – 19.

Prevention tips of Covid19



3. Increase in the number of startups

COVID – 19 has got us all into closed rooms and ample time to think. Due to our daily work life, we tend to switch off our creative think tanks and switch on our robotic think tank. The time we all have in hand might lead to some real creative and unique ideas which could, in turn, lead to an increase in the number of startups in the country.
Due to the drop in the Indian economy, people are looking for profitable alternatives to earn money. They are opting for passive income ideas in India to earn and lend money. You never know, after COVID – 19, we may have more startups and more passive ways of earning money while sitting at home.


4. Air Quality will Improve After COVID -19

Most of the people are working from home, as a result of which they are commuting less and the usage of vehicles decreases too. Many types of productions and manufacturing factories have shut down due to COVID -19. This would surely result in better air quality.

5. Digital Learning Habits will increase after COVID-19

  Parents always restrict their children from using Gadgets, app downloads, etc. But after COVID they will realize what is the positive side of digital learning. They will engage their children on digital learning platforms by using gadgets. Maybe they will prefer online virtual class in place of face to face classroom learning because it saves their money and time both definitely, they will realize this point. Nowadays teachers provide classes on Google Classrooms or virtual teaching they try to keep their students engaged.

6. Grocery Shop visits may decrease

So many people have never ordered groceries online but due to lockdown they have to order online, definitely, they realise how useful it is and that it also saves their time and money both, so it is possible to see most of the people switch themselves to online shopping except shopping physically in the market.

7. Conversations over Coffee, Conferences and the physical meeting will turn online

Most of people realise due to lockdown that it is possible to work from home also. We don’t need to be present physically, we can share our thoughts with others via video also so it is possible most of the meetings convert into online meetings after COVID -19. Face to face meetings have their charm but many people experienced their first conference call in this lockdown period, they will take advantage of this medium of interaction in the future as well. 

8. Weekend Plans and hang out habits will change

We always go out for chilling or watching movies with friends on weekends but after COVID, our outings will reduce to a great extent.

9. Hand Wash and hygiene habits will change

I can vouch that you will wash your hand more frequently after COVID-19. Many of us don’t follow and maintain hygiene rules but after COVID -19, we all will always wash our hands before we eat and when we will come from outside. We will wash our clothes using more disinfectants after COVID -19.

10. You will clean your House More

After COVID-19 you will clean your house more and more. As we know that Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease then definitely you will give more concentration towards your house cleaning routine.

11. You will travel less!

After COVID -19 if you have any plans to go out anywhere then definitely you will change and postpone your travel plans. Your travel will be decreased after COVID-19. You will travel only in urgency and emergency works after COVID -19.

I hope that a new beginning of mankind is near, for the betterment of all.

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