Spice up your Taste Buds With All-New Chili Burgers from McDonald’s India (North and East)

McDonald's India
McDonald’s India

Lockdown period has been a torture for people like me who can’t live without their regular dose of restaurant food. We spent more than three months away from sumptuous treats. Imagine!
Unlocking came as a blessing as I could finally order my favourite burgers and fizz from McDonald’s India. Yes, McDonald’s India has started to deliver its popular burgers and drinks and people can rejoice. I tried their new meal ‘Chili Burger and Orange Fizz‘ and can say that the flavour is amazing. Starting at Rs 59/ and brought by McDonald’s, the treat can be enjoyed without a second thought.

PS: I loved the Chili-Tangy taste of Orange fizz:)

I searched and found the details about the newly launched exciting meal option. One can’t avoid noticing the extra effort McDonald’s is taking to make sure that the delivery of food is safe and secure. Thermal screening, social distancing, sanitisation are a few of the norms made essential for McDonald’s staff. So, leave the anxiety behind and order yummy Burger and fizz without any fear:)

Chili Veg and Chili Chicken burger

The Chili Veg burger consists of a delicious vegetable patty made with an assortment of vegetables – carrot, peas, French beans, potato and cabbage flavor. The Chili Non-Veg burger features a sumptuous grilled chicken patty cooked with garlic, green and capsicum. The patties in both the burgers are spiced up with a hot chili sauce made with red chilies, tomato, onion, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and vinegar, then drizzled with shredded onions and packed in a lightly toasted bun. Both the burgers are also available with a choice of adding an extra patty to ‘double-up the taste’.

McDonald's India
McDonald’s India

Orange Fizz: A refreshing tangy beverage with flavors of Mandarin and a hint of Red Chili to beat the heat this summer.

The combo ‘Chili Burger and Orange Fizz‘ is the latest happening thing in the town:)

As part of its commitment to quality and safety in the current times, McDonald’s has introduced nearly 50-plus process changes to ensure a safe dine-in, delivery and take away experience to its customers.

The Chili range will be available for a limited time in the McDonald’s menu and will provide new excitement to the customers at affordable prices.

* Check out these Safety Measures at McDonald’s

Thermal screening of employees, delivery riders, visitors as well as customers. In view of everyone’s safety, anyone with high temperature or flu-like symptoms or not wearing masks will not be allowed to enter the premises, as per the Government’s guidelines.

All restaurant staff regularly wash and sanitize their hands and wear masks and gloves all the time to ensure food is not touched by bare hands.

Strict physical distancing measures have been implemented at the restaurants including the kitchen, delivery and lobby areas, using floor markers to help the restaurant staff, delivery riders and customers maintain safe distance from each other. As customers enter the restaurant, they will be able to see visual cues on the floor, as well as in the seating area indicating physical distancing. At the front counter, protective plexiglass shields have been introduced as an additional safety barrier for customers and staff.

The company has also enhanced its sanitation protocol by introducing broad spectrum hospital-grade virucidal agent to disinfect floor, washrooms, and all frequently touched points/surfaces in the restaurants such as doorknobs/handles, POS, credit card machines, countertops, dining tables/chairs, Ronald benches, hand dryers etc.

As part of the commitment to serve the communities, McDonald’s has partnered with local NGOs to provide meals to the lesser privileged individuals who have been affected due to the lockdown.

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  1. bhattraps,beauty of fusions says:

    Which part of North-East India you belong too?good day friend..

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    1. aditi says:

      This offer is for North AND East Indian outlets.

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      1. Why I am asking ,i believe its more to our north-eastern states

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  2. Sudipp Saaha says:

    I really miss the taste of burgers… Hope the situation becomes normal very soon.

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    1. aditi says:

      Hope so🤞

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  3. da-AL says:

    always interesting to see how these chain fast food vendors adapt their recipes for various countries 🙂

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    1. aditi says:

      Like a true foodie soul♥️

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