Bollywood Quiz – Challenge Yourself To Answer All These Questions!

Bollywood Quiz
Bollywood Quiz

Our Bollywood Gossip column is being loved by all movie buffs. Let’s play a fun quiz today and check who is the biggest fan of all?  There are going to be 10 questions in all. The one with the fastest finger and all answers correct will win a small token of appreciation from us. Hurry up, type your answers in the comments section and look out for the winner’s name in tomorrow’s post.
(P.S. The winner will be selected from India or who has an Indian postal address.)

1) Which Bollywood actor was the first to be trained at NASA for a movie?

2) “Don’t underestimate the power of a common man!” who said and in which movie?

3) Can you name this movie from the image given below?

4) Guess the movie name from the picture:

5) All these actors are together for a movie. Can you tell me the name of the movie?

6) Which child actor played the role of young Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3?

7) A song brought tears in the eyes of an ex-Prime Minister of India. Name the song and the singer.

8) Can you name this popular movie?

9) Who made the dialogue “Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, fir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta.” famous?

10) “Mhari choriyan chhoron se kam hai kay!” Name the actor.

The answer to the question asked in yesterday’s post is ‘Yellow’ and the winner is Ms Anita! Many congratulations to her!!


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  1. This is fun
    1 Shahrukh khan
    2 Sharukh khan, Chennai express
    3 ishq
    4. Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
    5 Rangde basanti
    6 Siddharth nigam
    7 Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon
    8 andhadhoon
    9 Salman khan
    10 Amir khan

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  2. Harjeet Kaur says:

    I am late…all the questions are answered 🙂


  3. Anita says:

    Cool Quiz 🙂
    1) Shahrukh Khan- Swades
    2) Shahrukh Khan- Chennai Express
    3) Ishq
    4) Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
    5) Rang De Basanti
    6) Siddharth Nigam
    7) Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon- Lata Mangeshkar
    8) Andha Dhun
    9) Salman Khan- Chulbul Pandey in Dabanng
    10) Aamir Khan- Dangal

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  4. pythoroshan says:

    1. Srk (swades)
    2. Srk (Chennai express)
    3. Ishq
    5.rang De basanti
    7. Ae mere watan ke logo
    8. Andha dhun
    9. Salman khan
    20. Aamir in dangal

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  5. Loved the quiz. Kuch kuch yaad aa raha tha but definitely was not able to answer all 🙂

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  6. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    Ohh it is for only Indian people. i am in USA but would love to answer last one. it is dungal.

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  7. Varsh says:

    1. SSR (SRK had to train for Swades? Not sure)
    2. SRK
    3. Ishq
    4. Kya Super Cool Hain Hum
    5. Rang De Basanti
    6. Siddharth Nigam
    7. Ae mere watan ke logo – Lataji
    8. Andhadun
    9. Salman Khan
    10. Aamir Khan

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  8. Ruchie says:

    1) Shahrukh Khan for the movie Swades
    2) Shahrukh Khan in Chennai Express
    3) Ishq
    4) Dil Dhadakne Do – Pluto Mehra …super cool dog
    5) Rang De Basanti
    6) Siddharth Nigam
    7) Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon by our nightingale Lata Mangeshkar ji.
    8) Andha Dhun “Naino da kya kasoor- my fav song from the movie.
    9) Salman Khan dialogue Chulbul Pandey in Dabanng
    10) Aamir Khan dialogue in Dangal

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    1. aditi says:

      You won! Congratulations Ruchi:)

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      1. Ruchie says:

        Yuhu…..kya baat thank you!!

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  9. Pr@Gun says:

    Oh wow Q for the quiz, seems I got late to enter the contest, all questions are already answered. Of all the above 5. Rang they Basanti is my favorite, sply its song tu bin bataye. and the famous dialogue from 10. Aamir khan’s dangal dialogue about choriya is one of the best.

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  10. I am last one here today it seems. All questions answered. But a great quiz and awesome idea
    Deepika Sharma

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  11. Navita Bhatia says:

    Wow!! Loved the idea of this super cool quiz. I am late but even if I had come earlier, I would have answered only two of them :(. I know I am bad at this. Very impressed by the knowledge of all the fellow bloggers.

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  12. Aesha Shah says:

    Oh, a day late in checking out the quiz. this would have been surely interesting. Though I do not now all the answers, right have to google.

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  13. Oh wow such a lovely opportunity. I know only few

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  14. Oh i checked this post so late . Anyways didn’t know all the answer though Loved the quiz.

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    1. aditi says:

      Maybe next time:)


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