Should Social Media be controlled by the Government?

Should social media be controlled by the Government?
Should Social Media be controlled by the Government?

Recently Twitter was in the limelight for not complying with the Indian Government’s orders to ban tweets with certain hashtags like ‘Farmer Genocide’. It resulted in social media raging with criticism posts, actually with different justifications. Twitter blocked some accounts according to its rulebook but the Government wanted the rulebook to adapt to its instructions. The question arises if Social Media should be controlled by the Government and if yes, to what extent. 

It’s the twenty-first century where social media plays an important role in framing our lives. (Who would have thought of it a decade ago?)
Crazy but true that it is Social Media that decides the fate of our governments and the people. The authorities have realised it, though quite late, and are planning to have central control over social media.

Social Media is Split Over the Issue

We witnessed two groups of people with different viewpoints. One was with the Government challenging the extra liberty given to those who were criticizing Govt in the name of ‘freedom of speech’. They heartily raised slogans of banning Twitter and Facebook.

I feel that most of these people are either hardcore loyalists or social media haters. (My viewpoint, please share yours in the comments section). They think that freedom of expression is a requisite in a democratic nation but it should be ‘manageable’ by the Government of the country.

Wait, listen to the other side of the story.

The other group maintained the emphasis on their motto, ‘
Freedom of Speech should not be curbed in the Democracy”. They say that in a democracy, everyone has the right to raise his voice no matter what. We agree that but the boundary has to be drawn before it coincides with the freedom of other people. Such people are supported by the opposition parties who have an eye on the leadership. It is believed that sometimes miscreants are hired to defame the existing Government. Remember, the media shows what they want us to see.

Paid Media Is A Reality

It is easier to fake social media posts than to cheat in real life. Fraud people make new accounts everyday and promote the stuff they are paid for. Authorities want social media companies to rectify such accounts so that the actual picture reaches them. They are right in doing so because running a country of 1.3 billion people is not an easy affair. Note that the ‘Paid media’ can be utilized by all, be it the ruling party or the opposition. 

It’s Easy to Influence on Social Media

When the Constitution of India was framed, the social media circus was unthinkable. They couldn’t foresee that the term ‘Freedom’ can take the social media route and put a question mark on the definition of Freedom. Today, it is relatively easy to influence on Twitter and Facebook because it’s the most comfortable way to broadcast news to a large number of people. Agree, we are found more on social media and less in the community park. 

What is your opinion?

*Though the extreme visions are loud in their expression, what’s there for a common man in store? By common man, I mean those who have the least to say in the brawl.

* I feel that there should be a balanced approach to the freedom offered to the people on social media so that the rights of others stay protected.

* A new set of regulations should be circulated to make us aware of the rights and responsibilities when we are on social media. This is an urgent need in modern society. Yes, I demand a new chapter in the Indian Constitution.

* I would like to invite your views below because expressing on social media is simply included in our essential needs.

“This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.”

50 thoughts on “Should Social Media be controlled by the Government?”

  1. You’ve made some very relevant points, Aditi. Earlier I was of the view that SM should not be monitored by the government, but seeing how beserk people are going on it i sometimes feel it would be a good idea if the government took over.

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  2. Aditi, you know I am really heart broken seeing some so called influencers who cracks silly jokes, prepare themselves just like clowns and spread meaningless contents on the social media. I so dislike them and I wish I could tell them that please share something beautiful instead. Your post sheds light on some vital questions we should ask the society now.

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  3. Thought-provoking post, Aditi. I agree with your views because social media hold the power to influence to a larger extent. It makes me worried about teenagers, and the coming generation. People can use it to bring about some changes in the world around them but they continue to make a mockery out of themselves.

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  4. A very relevant post suited to the times we are living in. The govt is very strange. Why cant it be dynamic? The constitution was written in the last century. Now that we have social media why can’t we have a new law as you have suggested? I hope someone notices this post and does something about it.

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  5. Your topic is so apt for current times when everything seems to be gone for a toss and our country seems to be suffering the pandemic more than ever. Social media should definitely not be controlled.

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  6. A very important post given the current times. I feel the government should be involved where the security of the country and similar things are concerned. But they should not control each and everything thing.

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  7. Entire elections have been won by the right use of social media. It has become a super powerful medium with a mind of its own. It definately shluld be monitored…by who is the question…

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  8. Quite a hot button topic these days, Aditi. I agree with you, there has to be a balance. It cuts both ways. Too much control and voices with be stifled. Complete freedom would result in anarchy. Not just political but social too.

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  9. Social media was no where in picture when the Indian Constitution was laid and it must surely have rules and regulations as person do not know how to behave in a place without boundary. India has been nation which is much more liberated in thoughts and I am sure Government of India will comeup with guidelines that does not deter the freedom of speech.

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  10. The government should work on a plan where people are held accountable for their social media actions. Yes…everyone has the right to voice their opinion in a democracy. However if that voice leads to riots, loss of life or property or even loss of reputation, then stringent punishments like hefty fines and imprisonment should be enforced. This will stop fake accounts, paid campaigns or mindless sharing (just because it reached me I must share syndrome).

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  11. Much needed post at this hour. When everyone misusing the power of social media. I personally feel that the government should intervene in the mess of netizens before it becomes too late.

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  12. Extremely intriguing post Aditi. Word freedom has been used loosely and manipulated according to convince. Freedom doesn’t mean you can do as your wish and hurt the sentiment of people or the culture of any country.

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  13. It all comes to the point that freedom of expression or speech is taken at different levels by everyone here. Though we say we are free to voice out I feel that there needs to be a check on what has to be put out and what not.

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  14. This is so valid yet so difficult to determine right from wrong. Whether freedom is ruled by the government or influenced by corporates…our opinions are compromised in a way…a topic

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  15. This is a very well written and informative post, Aditi. All the points that you have mentioned are relevant. I do support govt to protect SM via some laws which prevent fake accounts, fake virilism and many more things in future.

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  16. I agree that changes and checks need to be in place but after much deliberation and thought. It cannot be entrusted to politicians who act on whims and fancies of their ideologies. But true that social media can be harmful and debilitating for those who do not know how to steer clear of its demons. Great read!

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  17. This is a needed post…. And also related to present era…. Yeah I do agree with your words…. Government should take some major decision

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  18. This is such a debatable issue. I feel in some matters government intervention and ban is needed as social media can be a major way to spread rumour or hysteric in public. But also being a democratic country freedom of speech is our fundamental right. It’s like a do dhari talvaar.

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  19. Social media is a bliss if you use it wisely. I agree that there should be some checks and actions for inappropriate use of this medium. Very well written post and you have raised some valid points.

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  20. Media has given political parties the tools to reach large numbers of people and can inform them on key issues ranging from policies to elections. In theory, media should be seen as an enabler for democracy, having better-educated voters would lead to a more legitimate government.

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  21. Good points. Social media detox ain’t going to happen, but regulation is needed for content as well as exposure to it. I see future being time-based access to social media. People are going bananas with current overdose of info , both right and wrong, related and unrelated

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