Ancient Beauty Secret Revealed with Deyga Organics Beautifying serum and Charcoal Bathing Bar

For a person like me who solely believes in natural care for skin, Deyga Organics came as a saviour. The chemical-free and effective products of Deyga Organics have zero side effects and assure superior skincare. I consider the ‘organic’ tag seriously and Deyga Organics was not an exception. Deyga Organics people asked me to use the products for at least three weeks before publishing my ‘honest’ review. The confidence was enough to support their claims that the products are impressive. Since I promised, here is my honest review of Deyga Organics beautifying serum and Deyga Organics charcoal bathing bar after using them for three weeks. Note that all the products of Deyga Organics have natural ingredients, making them safe to use.

Deyga Organics Beautifying Serum

Deyga Organics beautifying serum
Deyga Organics beautifying serum

I found that Deyga Organics beautifying serum has skin healing properties. By using it regularly, dark spots, wrinkles and pigmentation miraculously reduce to a great extent. It is said to be due to moringa oil, bitter almond oil, baobab, kukui, grapeseed oil, and Khus Khus present in the magical potion of Deyga Organics beautifying serum. I would rather say that the Deyga people have discovered the ancient beauty secret and they are unravelling the magnificence.

* Non-greasy and fast-absorbing Deyga beautifying serum works wonders for dull and damaged skin. Its unique blend of oils rejuvenates skin tissues and your skin will feel younger, happier and healthier.  

* Deyga Organics beautifying serum can be used as an anti-ageing miracle. If you love your skin and wish to cherish its youthfulness for long, this is the way to go.

Deyga Organics Charcoal Bathing Bar

Deyga Organics Charcoal Bathing Bar
Deyga Organics Charcoal Bathing Bar

Activated charcoal powder, olive oil, tea-tree essential oil, unrefined Shea Butter, castor oil, extra virgin coconut oil, are the ingredients in the popular Charcoal soap by Deyga organics. I am a person who loves organic soaps and oils in the bath. Deyga organics Charcoal bathing bar doesn’t have added fragrances and colours. It truly feels like nature’s secret from the ancient world.

* Using Deyga organics Charcoal bathing bar regularly on your face keeps you free from acne and blackheads.

* It effectively treats oily skin and dead skin and bumps. Remember, there are no side effects because of the natural ingredients.

* This is the only soap bar I have come across that softens the face and enhances its glow without treating it with harmful chemicals. I can safely use the Deyga organics Charcoal bathing bar without any fear of side effects.

Deyga Organics products are deliverable around the globe. It’s time you switch to organic care for your skin for gorgeous looks.
Let’s get soaked in the ancient Beauty concoctions discovered by Deyga.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla and powered by Deyga.

15 Comments Add yours

  1. Ghazala says:

    I am using Deyga Tea Tree Toner , that’s good . Will check this serum and charcoal soap also 🙂


  2. pamela says:

    I must say all your posts are well researched, informative and insightful. This review of Deyga is so helpful. I will surely check them.


  3. rootsandwingsbysmita says:

    I would love to use this Deyga charcoal bathing bar. Very nice, honest and thorough review. Thanks for sharing this.


  4. Harjeet Kaur says:

    Deyga products sound really good, Aditi. I usually go for organic products. Thanks for sharing this. I will check them out


  5. Satabdi says:

    Thank you for sharing your honest review of these two products! I’m yet to try out Deyga’s products and I might start with the serum.


    1. Aurora M says:

      These charcoal bars , face masks are all in ! But I am always afraid to try such new things. I have recently picked one new product but I will try this one also.


  6. rgvdudeja says:

    I love the cover image. It looks that product has literally incarnated from heaven. Would definitely have a look.


  7. memoryflies says:

    I never use serum on my face. Charcoal powder is also new to me. I am always afraid to apply any chemical on my skin. But I guess I will try this after reading your details organic post.


  8. Mayuri6 says:

    I have used the Deygya Charcoal Bar and completely agree with your review of it, Aditi. My skin and I felt really fresh after using it. I am going to try their Beautifying Serum next, after reading your honest review of it.


  9. Vasumathi says:

    I am big on trying out new bath products. So I think I will try the bathing bar. And I have used charcoal soaps earlier which I have loved. A completely organic one will be wonderful on the skin I am sure.


  10. Madhu Bindra says:

    I was so glad to read that they asked you to use it for three weeks before reviewing it. It shows integrity. I have been hearing a lot about their products and will surely check them out.


  11. Ritu says:

    These look good but unfortunately, I cannot use either since I am allergic to the ingredients. I will definitely check the brand though.


  12. Mehul Kaku says:

    The presentation of this post is unique. I liked it. Your honest review on the product is benefitting both user and manufacturer. Great Job.


  13. Bhawna Shah says:

    These days I am using these products and quite impressed too. Loved your genuine review.


  14. I am yet to try Deyga products but they definitely sound promising!


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