Kill Pollution Or Let It Kill You!

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Kill Pollution Or Let It Kill You!

Gosh! I’ve no intention to be preachy with my post. Nor have I planned a ‘ridiculous speech’ to get on your nerves. I know you are just like me who don’t want to be lectured on what you ought to do.
And pollution! Everybody knows pollution is the most alarming issue today. The contaminated particles leak into the environment and pollute it. Simple! Air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, plastic pollution, radioactive pollution… there is no end!

In the process of urbanisation and making our present comfortable we completely ignored the obvious future. In the name of development we cut the natural-air supply. What’s new?
Na… nothing.

Today we are at the brink of drowning ourselves in the amenities we created for our comfort. Vehicles, industries, mobile phones, fertilizers, plastics; the boon is a bane in disguise.

*They say- Vehicles and Industries contribute a major chunk to pollution. Minimise the use of motor-vehicles because this is the only solution.

**My plea- Commuting is a big problem now a days. It’s difficult for a person without motor vehicle to survive urban life. Carpool is possible only up to some extent. And how will you close all industry?

*They say- Don’t use plastic, it’s hazardous!

**My plea- Not possible! Every essential commodity comes in plastic cover. Milk, wheat, sugar, pulses or clothes, toys, mobile phones- everything is wrapped in easily available plastic.
Many of these things have plastic as the main constituent. This is ridiculous to suggest that we should stop using plastic completely.

Air pollution equation has been showing polluting results from the very beginning of urbanisation. Vehicles, construction, mining, agriculture, warfare, radioactive activities; all these are too heavy to balance the right side of green Earth.

*They say- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

**My Plea- With rising population, the demand for every commodity is increasing day by day.

More demand= More production = More Industry = More Pollution (=More lectures)
The how and what of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” is not taught in schools. About 80-90% of the Indian people must not have heard the phrase “Reduce Reuse and Recycle”; leave the urge to carry out the procedure. Those who have heard the about the urgency says,” I want to reduce, reuse and recycle but it requires me to go an extra mile and I don’t want to bother myself!!”

We never fall short of excuses when there’s a need for extra effort. We love our today and don’t want to spoil it. Our short-sightedness fails to recognize the horrors of pollution. Sadder part is that the undeniable future is almost here right at the doorstep knocking with an evil smile.

People are suffering from diseases never seen before. Medicine is baffled by the rise in ailing people across the globe. Technology is a bliss as it helps in finding better treatment everyday.
Who is responsible for the increasing number of health issues? Stress, anxiety, depression, pollution….. Where were these disorders a hundred or two hundred years back?

We know but don’t want to accept that we misused technology. Researchers ease the act of living with latest technologies. These products are instantly distributed to masses without even knowing the impact of their usage. The radiation, the behavioural effects or some other unknown side-effects; common people (Including Myself) don’t bother to go into the details.

The situation is grave and we have no time to ignore the indications nature is giving us. Please find the meaning of “Reduce Reuse and Recycle” and do the needful. Save natural resources, carpool, minimize the use of plastic. Find more tips on internet.
Save Earth- Our only home.


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My Journey from Junk to Healthy- A Psychological Transformation

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My Journey from Junk to Healthy🌱- A Psychological Transformation.

Those were the days when I used to find pleasure in going to cafeteria to binge on pizza and Coke. It was the aromatic therapy of delectable food that secreted satisfying juices and power-nap in the next class in college. Nothing confidential.
Newly acquired freedom to do what I wanted to do and sufficient pocket money, college life was a great relief from disciplined school days. As a science student, I didn’t have sufficient time to chill but once pissed off, the cafeteria seemed to be the best place to pamper myself. My strong headed girl-gang was always a support😉

Carefree days of young age sometimes bring long-lasting habits and tastes to make life comfortable (questionable!) . At that stage we try to find instant pleasure from worldly wonders. I too started preferring junk food to the home-cooked. Health was at its peak and there was no control over senses. Binge eating was the easiest way to find satisfaction from widely spread worldly joys.

We have to pay for the unhealthy habits sooner or later in life. Sedentary lifestyle clubbed with junk food made me lethargic. Studies took a back-seat as health problems began to arise. Even then I didn’t blame junk food, the real culprit.

We are what we eat. The realisation usually comes late in life. I could feel gradual changes in my body. Constant Sleepiness, Slow brain and Unwillingness to move. What was happening to me?

My mother came to the rescue. She was observing everything but wanted me to realize by myself; and I was taking too long!
On my birthday she gifted me a series of Fitness CDs. Accepted with a smile knowing that I won’t be following the training. Time was flying and I was sinking into the deep web of eating disorder. One day my mom sat by me to give me a precious piece of advice.

* If you want to look good and perform better, please take the following points seriously.

* Don’t eat because food is looking great. Eat when you’re really hungry.

* You should know the nutritious value of the food you’re consuming. Eating for eating sake is beastly.

* Take small portion of food in your plate. It will make a significant difference to the amount of calories you consume.

* Keep yourself away from the people who are born only to eat.

* Fix your time to eat.

* No eating when you’re bored or feeling neglected.

* Last but not the least- “You eat to live and not live to eat!”

Transforming yourself physically is not only about changing food habits or increasing physical exercise. It’s more of a psychological transformation. Once you decide to improve yourself, nothing in the world can stop you.

Thanking my mom for the precious advice, I headed towards the prescribed transformation:)


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When Daddy was a little Boy– A Tribute.

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When Daddy was a little Boy– A Tribute

“Fathers don’t cry.”

This was the impression I had when I was young. To me, Father was a strong figure who controls adverse situations to make things comfortable. He could never go wrong with any of his pre-decided actions. His yes and no were clearly marked. Father was not very vocal about his likes and dislikes. Eyes were the only indicators we could guess his mood from. After many years, he’s still the same only I have discovered more perspectives of his personality.

Being a literary person, my father could read the increasing distance between him and his daughter. (Yes, that’s me 😬) In an effort to break the cold wall between us, he used to tell me stories, drive me to long distances and plan family holidays frequently.

One such successful effort was to bring me a book by Alexander Raskin. Titled “When Daddy Was A Little Boy”, the book was dedicated by the author to his daughter.

“A young, bespectacled father made mistakes and was teased by his friends. Like any other ‘normal’ child, he was not perfect. I could relate the story with my father’s. The book had an everlasting impression on me.”

I began to understand that father, too, is a human. He has his own share of laughs, cries, ambitions and desires. We expect him to be a dutiful father and he plays his part efficiently without fail. We want to see him as a strong, protective wall who saves the family from worldly disturbances. In order to give his best, Father somewhere overlooks his dreams in life. To build a happy family, he neglects his passion in life.

I can’t bring his precious years back but will try to revive his passion for travelling. Making this Father’s Day special by gifting my Dad a trip to Australia. A new beginning is on the cards.


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Happy Fathers Day:)

Please check another ‘Fathers Day’ incident shared by me back in 2016:)


Romancing the Enchanting Goa🌴

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Romancing the Enchanting Goa🌴

Always thought of visiting Goa, one of the most exotic tourist destinations in India. But the plan somehow never materialised till last month. ‘Blame’ it on the lazy bones or the lame excuses, Goa remained my most cherished dream that could be a reality;)

Year 2018 came with a fresh beginning.
Long summer vacation and the consistent calling of God’s wonderful creation, our wait landed successfully in a worthy package! Shopping, sorting and packing controlled most of my time for a few days. Everything else was rescheduled to give priority to our Goa vacay.

Ocean blue beaches, Cultural extravaganza and many more pleasant surprises🌴 were waiting for us, that I knew. And yes, it was an awesome opportunity to flaunt my posts on social media; the planning for the posts had begun prior to my visit;)

A North Indian geek, I had never experienced the vastness of sea before. Friends and relatives were informed about our Goa vacay and that was intentional;)

Finally the D-Day arrived and excitement reached its peak. After landing at Dabolim Airport early in the morning we headed straight to our hotel that was in South Goa. The taxi driver who was an equally smart guide, told us that Goa has two ‘faces’- North Goa and South Goa. People who love night life and crowds prefer the North while those interested in serene Goa holiday plan their stay in South sector. Happening beaches are the beauty of Goa and good thing is that there are many in every corner of Goa! Woah 😊

Next four days were like an amusing roller coaster ride. Palolem Beach, Agonda Fort, Colva, Varca, Se cathedral and Naval Aviation Museum. The best part of the tour was the private beach, our hotel offered with the plan.

Majestic beaches, Portuguese architecture, rich Flora and fauna, delectable cuisine; Goa is called “Tourist Paradise” for a reason:)

The Portuguese rule separated Goa from the rest of India for 451 years and Goan culture reflects it. The population here is a generous mix of Hindus, Roman Catholics and Muslims. Easy going by nature, Goa people stay away from communal conflicts. It’s the villages that hold the true charm and character of Goa. We roamed in the streets and romanced with the wild waves. Breathed free air to unshackle minds.

To be honest, four days were not sufficient to absorb the flavour of Goa. Memories can last a lifetime but another Goa trip is not just a dream now!🏖️


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Smile- You’re Clicking a Selfie😊 #mobiistar

Smile- You’re Clicking a Selfie😊

A selfie speaks more than words. This is the reason I click selfies to make an impact on social media. It’s not a joke selecting one out of hundreds of selfies to make a difference!;)

This selfie of mine is one such effort to prove myself 😜! Seriously, I love this selfie because it reflects my confidence to face the world with elan. I love this selfie because it got many likes on social media;)

I just wish to have a more meaningful selfie by including broader view of the picturesque background.

Like everyone else I’ve an elaborated record of good as well as bad selfies. Good ones are those that qualify to be posted on my Facebook wall. Simple? No, it’s not that simple.

I think a Selfie is not just a click, it captures the moment you are in.
Mobiistar smartphone promises to gift ‘Enjoy More’ experience to the selfie lovers. Mobiistar front, dual selfie camera captures a 120° wide-angle shot to fit everybody in a single click.
I’m happy as none of my friends would be left out when I click the meaningful selfie!
Certainly these ‘Enjoy More’ features will add life to the cherished moments.

Guys! Check out the new ‘Enjoy More’ selfie-smartphone by #mobiistar

Make your selfies meaningful:)

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Happy Clicking!


#SonamKiShaadi- Best Twitter Coverage!

#SonamKiShaadi- Best Twitter Coverage

Much hyped #SonamKiShaadi happened and everybody was excited about the gala event. I also kept an eye on the ‘most relevant’ hashtag of the month- #SonamKiShaadi and saved pretty bunch of trending tweets:)

Sonam married her long time beau, businessman Anand Ahuja.
The most talked-about marriage that was supposed to be a private affair, turned out to be an all-exposed-boanza:)
Who-wore-what to Who-said-what to Who-did-what, everything is being shared on social media networks. The curious souls like me have more than one reason to celebrate. I might not have been invited to #SonamKiShaadi but I can talk about it at a length; more than any other marriage in my relatives;)

Highlights of the wedding were some crazy grooves

Feel these Emotional moments:)

There’s always a funny side to the much talked about events and Twitter knows how to handle it with elan 😂

The post-marriage gossips!;)

Check everything you want to know about #SonamKiShaadi in this Twitter story

We wish Sonam and Anand Ahuja a happy and blessed married life:)


12 bodyguards of Kim Jong Un!

What I really loved in my recent news feed is the epic Inter-Korean summit. Yes, I know it was the historic meeting between North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in for a lot many reasons. The most relevant being Jim Kong Un becoming his dynasty’s first ever leader to visit South Korea. The summit is supposed to end the decades old Korean war and this is good for world peace.

But what amused me the most was the footage of 12 trotting bodyguards accompanying Limousine of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The dictator who lavishly displays his nukes and military power. The Supreme leader who wants to control the world with a small button on his desk. The master planner who has courage to challenge U.S., the world power.
How can he dodge his security by relying on unarmed twelve joggers!!

I’m not very interested in speculating Kim’s strategy. Not keen to find how America is going to benefit from the deal.
BUT! For God sake tell me the secret of these energy bags who surrounded their Master’s vehicle like a swarm of bees protect the Queen Bee 🐝!

#Humour Lifestyle

Morning Jog- My Way!

With my running shoes on and mobile phone off, I’m set for a morning jog. Favourable weather with cool breeze is surely some inspiration. But the most inspiring are the sharp gazes and the wagging tongues of ‘conspiring women’ in my area. I’m not very fat, nor very lean. Have a tendency to put on when irresistible indulgences take control over me.


As a responsible grown up member of my family, it’s my duty to keep my weight under control and fitness under scan. The over-indulgences, the cynical freedom to eat-whatever-you-want-to are not meant for me. Well.. at least it looks good in writing;)

“There are many, many like me” – I give assurance to myself.

Coming back to the Jog.

After witnessing quite many cases of transformation I persuaded myself to take to jogging. An additional incentive is to give myself a valid excuse to enjoy second helping when the food is exotic;)

Only fourth day to The Jog and my partner-in-jog is nowhere to be seen!
This is what I call betrayal!!
When she and I decided to start The Jog, we signed the “agreement” that if any of us is not coming for The Jog, she should inform the other person in advance.. I called her. And realized that she’s not up yet. I should better continue with the ritual, I started off.
Happy Feet.

Cool breeze and favourable weather. My feet and especially the mind are getting the necessary fuel to continue the rather painful session. I’m keeping myself motivated with thoughts of miraculous transformations. And the sumptuous foods with ‘allowed’ label once I dodge the weight limit.


PTE Academic-Gateway to Study and Work Abroad! #DefinitelyPTE

A language opens window to the world. We learn language to express ourselves. We master language to understand things and quench our thirst for knowledge. We cherish language to interact with people around us.

English being widely accepted language, is the prerequisite for migrating to foreign countries. Be it for higher education or working abroad.

In most of the Indian homes, Hindi and the regional languages rule.
We should accept the undeniable language barrier while planning to study/ work abroad.

Pearson Tests of English (PTE) are dedicated to assessing the English language usage of non-native English speakers.

“PTE Academic” is the world’s leading computer-based test of English for studying abroad and immigration. The test is approved by the Australian and New Zealand governments for visa applications and is accepted by many institutions in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland, including Harvard, Yale and INSEAD.

Benefits of taking Pearson Tests of English (PTE) Academic:

1) PTE Academic can be taken on any of the prescribed 360 days of the year whereas other English Language Tests are conducted on 48-50 days a year.

2) PTE Academic test is 100% computer based with 0% human involvement.

3) Typically, the result of PTE Academic is available within 5 days of taking the test. You can send your score to as many institutions as you want without any extra cost.

4) With detailed breakdown of skills, PTE ACADEMIC gives accurate assessment of test-taker’s abilities.

5) PTE Academic is accepted by wide network of universities globally.

6) PTE Academic can be booked 48 hours in advance or less as per your requirement.

7) There are over 200 locations worldwide where PTE Academic is conducted, so you can choose a time and place that suits you.

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In short, PTE Academic can give wings to your dreams. Take the test at your convenience and get the result within 5 days.

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