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Points to self 

Points to self:

🎉* It is how you define happiness, makes all the difference.

🎉* No two humans are same.

🎉* Don’t expect same fortune for you as others display.

🎉* Your achievement has nothing to do with what someone else has achieved.

🎉* To some extent, talent accelerates your journey to success but it is not necessary.

🎉* Talent comes second to hard work.

🎉* The distance to finishing line is different for different people.

🎉* Money is not equivalent to happiness.

🎉* Happiness is a vague concept. What you find worth being happy may be a matter of annoyance to someone else.

🎉* Speak to yourself and find how you define happiness.

🎉* Work towards the happiness defined by your heart.

🎉* Money, contrary to as you think, may not bring satisfaction to you.

🎉* Stop giving undue importance to materialistic things & celebrate human relations.

🎉* Life is short. Find shortcut to happiness:)

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