Packing bags for my next adventure,
I stumbled upon a thought..
Why am I intensely fascinated with the world?

A smile came and broadened
As thoughts rippled through.
Interpreting my affinity for adventure.

Wanderlust me..

Answering “Why do I love the world?”

Travelling made me a complete person. An overhaul from a shy, timid girl to a confident woman who is curious to explore varieties spread across the world!

A gradual yet consistent change that brought me closer to myself and the world.

1) Getting out of Comfort Zone

Happy in my comfort zone, I was reluctant to move an inch here or there. You won’t believe, I used to be a couch potato with few friends. And strangely, I didn’t wish to come out of my eat-sleep-repeat mode. Till one day my cousins ‘packed’ me along with other things for their trip….well literally packed 😂
The trip initiated a pleasant change in my life.

I began to realize that there’s a life beyond what I could visualize in my comfort zone. This world is full of many undiscovered paths that need to be explored.

2) Carving an Inquisitive me

The journey from a ‘Couch Potato’ to an ‘Explorer’ was terrific!
Once tasted the flavour of travel, I became curious to explore more to know more.
About the limitless landscapes, the dodging hills, the amusing valleys, the colourful people, the sumptuous foods, the beautiful Flora and fauna, the majestic architecture….there was so much to do. My fascination with the world had just begun.

3) Meeting distinctively Interesting People

Over the years I’ve developed a habit of meeting new people and absorbing their culture.
By grabbing the opportunity that travelling is, I find many instances of sharing regional vibes with people across the world. And for me, this is the best incentive.

4) Tasting food from around the world

Travelling is a bliss for a foodie like me. I get to taste variety of deliciously tempting delicacies. I’m not very fussy about food but real good food is what I always crave for. By travelling to near and far places, my taste buds are pampered;)

This encourages me to pack my bags for the next travel.

5) Exploring beauty of diverse landscapes

Confined to the four walls of my home, I was unaware of nature’s beautiful spread.

Travel made me alive.
I’ve been to hills to plateaus to plains and every journey brings me closer to nature.
I find a deep connection between humans and nature. There’s a need to spend sufficient time in the lap of Mother Nature to understand the depth.

6) Procuring a Confident me

Last but not the least, travelling has the biggest contribution in building up confidence in me. Be it exploring unknown places or interacting with strangers, there’s a visible change!

We have Lufthansa spreading happiness with this special campaign #SayYesToTheWorld

What would you like to say Yes! to?

Pin on the map and you might win a trip of lifetime🙂


Cutting Water to Save Tomorrow- A Livpure Initiative

Precious life essential,
Flourishes living creatures.

Without which,
We can’t imagine to take next breath.

Every drop blesses,
Every drop counts.

Look back at our golden past..

As a child I never felt the need to save water as there was plenty. It is one of ‘a few of my favorite things’ I miss in my grown-up days. We used to play, bathe, sprinkle and nobody knew the meaning of scarcity of water! Blessed childhood.

Today’s Scenario..

Open tap and chances of getting water are 50-50!

Open newspaper and find innumerable accounts of water shortage.

Authorities find it difficult to fulfill the water requirement of the people.

There are restrictions on the usage of water.

Tap water is not supposed to be consumed. It can be contaminated!

Water filters have become an essential.
Summer days are the worst because of water shortage.

Potable water comes at a price.

Can you imagine, our Coca Cola includes treated rainwater!!

Water demand is projected to increase by 55% in the next 20 years. Food demand will be up by 69% by 2035. But fresh water resources are draining at a much faster rate!

Worried? Yes, you must be.

Open your eyes to the dark future..

Can you exist without water?
The answer is simply NO.
Three fourth of our body is made up of water and it can’t function without it.

If the global fresh water crisis continues like this, there is no future!!

There are many predictions of bleak future without water.

It’s time to be responsible.
Think of the numerous ways you can save water.
-Use bucket instead of shower for bathing.
– Get all faucets, pipes and toilets checked for leaks.
-Turn off water when you’re brushing your teeth.
– Fully load your washing machine to reduce water usage
– Instead of a hose pipe, use bucket and mug to clean your car.
There are so many!
One such initiative is #CuttingPaani by Livpure.

CuttingPaani is about using only the amount of water we require. In our homes or work places, we serve glasses full of water. This water is clean drinking water. We take a sip or two and the rest of the water goes in drain.
Unknowingly, we waste a lot of water!

Let’s pledge to adopt #CuttingPaani as life mantra to conserve water.

“Paani Bachao, Cutting Mangao”

Sign the petition, which will be submitted to restaurant owners and concerned government authorities to take appropriate measures for the implementation of #CuttingPaani.


Pad Revolution!

I’m surprised to see everyone talking about sanitary pads. India is witnessing a revolution, I must say.
From NGOs to Celebrities to Common man, everybody wants to speak up for the menstrual hygiene of the women! It was not the case a few days ago.

Words about menstruation or sanitary pads were (are?) often muted or pronounced in “whispers”. It was (or is it still) considered shameful to talk about menstruation in public. I don’t know about other countries but in India, girls didn’t (don’t) have freedom to discuss menstrual hygiene openly.

The least talked about issue is, today, the spiced content of the headlines.

Based on the real life story of social entrepreneur Arunachalam Muruganantham, the film Padman is successful in hitting the right chord.

A school dropout from a poor family in southern India has revolutionised menstrual health for rural women in developing countries by inventing a simple machine they can use to make cheap sanitary pads.

The scenario has changed since the release of Padman. Girls and Women are happy to see celebrities talking about pads openly in an effort to break the taboo.

The family movie, no doubt has been successful in delivering the message. Taboo is slowly turning into acceptable norm.

When Youth icons are involved in bringing about a revolutionary change, the day is not very far.

A change for the better is in the process.

As the protagonist of Padman says,”Woman strong, mother strong, sister strong, then country strong!:)


Dainik Jagran- 75 years of Empowering Society

Dainik Jagran is one of the leading newspapers in Hindi language. It is also the second largest read newspaper in India by circulation as per the Audit Bureau of Circulations (India).

For the 25th consecutive time, Dainik Jagran has been the most read daily newspaper. Adding more to its honor Dainik jagran was the most credible newspaper source in India as per the survey commissioned by BBC-Reuters.

Dainik jagran is owned by the Jagran Prakashan Limited (JPL). The newspaper was launched in the year 1942 in Jhansi. Dainik jagran stretches itself to a long history in the Indian society. Be it 1942 or today Dainik Jagran has focused upon the changes it can bring to the society. It is a newspaper that has grown with the democracy.

One of the leading newspapers in India, Dainik Jagran has been covering the content since the freedom struggle and has always been providing upright information. Dainik Jagran Today Newspaper provide Politics. It has worked on the editorial stance and has been providing the platform towards a modern and interactive sessions. The content segment of the newspaper covers major concern like education, Environmental Conservation, Mass Employment Opportunity and many more. It has brought together various concerns of the nation through articles, debates and various discussions.

Dainik Jagran has played a very important role to transfer the thought process of the people and make them think to achieve the higher purpose. It has bot only been displaying the informative content but also it has awaken people.

Dainik Jagran has been around before India got Independence from British Raj. The national daily has always raised important issues for the empowerment of the society.

The newspaper has definitely enlightened many people. We wish the Dainik Jagran a very Happy Birthday.


54 is not the age to go- RIP Sridevi

My morning came with a bad news. The versatile actress Sridevi is no more. Shocked and saddened by the news, I looked back at her wonderful work that gave Indian cinema a glamorous turn.

Sadma, Mr India, Chaalbaaz, Chandni, Lamhe, Nagina, English Vinglish are a few of her spectacular acting landmarks.

That day I was watching a song from yesteryears movie – “Julie”. 11-12 year old petite lady, Sridevi was looking gorgeous. Her confidence spoke volumes about the success she was going to gain in future.

Sridevi is a role model for many women who aspire to touch heights with their talent.

Saluting the timeless diva for her enchanting beauty, phenomenal acting skills and extensive connectivity to family.

We will continue to love the Divine beauty.

Alas! Only if we could cherish her ageless beauty and awesomeness for some more time.

Sridevi. She will always stay in hearts because her place is just irreplaceable💔

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Wonders of Vitamin E- Are you getting sufficient amount? #Evion 

My Vitamin E Mantra!

Over the last few years, I’ve been in the process of developing healthier habits. Healthy food, regular exercise and learning to say no to junk food. Everything that’s labelled “Healthy and Nutritious” catches my attention. I think this is the case with most of us.

With advanced medical researches come better diagnosis of diseases. Stressed lifestyle makes it essential for us to stay in good health. And I’m glad our generation is heading towards healthier options.

A few months ago, I came across an article regarding importance of Vitamin E. As I mentioned earlier, everything related to health gets my attention these days, I grasped it more effectively than I must have done in school;)

Vitamin E is a wonder nutrient that repairs damaged skin, thickens hair and slows ageing. A super nutrient that can prevent heart disease by controlling cholesterol levels, balance hormones and helps PMS symptoms.

Check out foods rich in Vitamin E.

One of the most important things is that Vitamin E is an antioxidant. What does it mean? It means that Vitamin E helps protect cells from damaging. Being fat-soluble, Vitamin E gets easily stored in our body and can be used when needed.

Usually we get this essential nutrient from our diet. But sometimes our body shows signal of Vitamin E- deficiency!

Vitamin E Deficiency Symptoms:

Deficiency of Vitamin E may cause many serious problems.

1) Irregularities in digestive system (That can cause poor absorption of nutrients in the body).

2) Dry and rough hair (That’s not a good sign).

3) Patched and wrinkled skin (To make things worse).

4) Damage to nervous system ( Means inability to handle everyday activities efficiently).

5) Pain, inflammation, tingling or loss of sensation (And that’s going to make life a nuisance).

6) Muscular Weakness ( Be careful).

By taking Vitamin E-rich food and supplements, you can be sure that these problems won’t bother you easily.

My mantra is to take Evion supplement so that I may not suffer from Vitamin E deficiency. I love my hair and skin:)

Evion is a good mix of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. It saves skin from damage and rejuvenates it with nutrients.

Every night, I wash my face and massage with Evion. For smoother and beautiful skin:)


Welcome 2018 with Biggest Travel Sale at EaseMyTrip:) 

Just came across the biggest travel sale of 2018 and thought of sharing it with my friends:)

The biggest travel sale is live at where:

1) You will get up to Rs. 20000 discount on flight booking!

2) Up to Rs. 5000 discount on hotel booking and instant discount of 10% on bus tickets.

3) Surprise 👉 You will get a chance to win Activa from Droom, Rs. 50,000 Exclusive Vouchers from Jabong and Gift Vouchers worth Rs. 8000 from various brands.😍
Interesting! Check how to avail these offers:)
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This offer is available for all new and existing customers for limited period. The sale is valid on flight, hotels and bus bookings. What more, you will get additional cash back on transactions done through HDFC Bank credit/debit cards:)

The offer is valid for bookings made on EaseMyTrip’s website, Mobile site, Android & iOS App from 09th January to 11th January, 2018
Some important points to keep in mind:

🐞Convenience fee of Rs. 250 will be charged under this offer on flights.

🐞The offer can’t be clubbed with any other promotional offers or any other offer running on EaseMyTrip.

🐞Bookings with the valid promo codes will be only eligible for this offer

🐞One user can avail cash back offer only for once.

🐞Under this offer, 50% instant discount will be given by us while rest of the 50% will be credited as cash back through HDFC bank.

🐞Cash back will be auto-credited within 90 working days of the date of the transaction.

🐞In case of partial/full cancellation the offer stands void and discount will be rolled back before processing the refunds.

🐞Child / infant discount, date or flight change, refund charges, weekend surcharge, black out period, travel restrictions and / or flight restriction will be also applicable as per the fare rule.

🐞Changes in flights and dates are allowed with change fees and fare difference.

So what are you thinking? Hurry up and plan your holiday with EaseMyTrip🙂

Hurry up!
Don’t miss to check these Flight Offers

Happy Holidays!:)


    How I got confidential product  to review:) 

    Scrolling through my TL, I chanced to stick to the term -“Home tester club”!

    -What’s Home Tester Club?

    I searched more and found this info!

    Home Tester Club is an online community of shoppers, for the shoppers and by the shoppers. Anyone can join Home Tester Club for his/her respective country.

    Small quiz or survey and you can be selected for testing and reviewing a product that’s not yet launched in the market! Interesting!? Yeah:)

    The registration is free and voluntary.

    Check out the link:)

    I registered myself and got lucky to try a new product, a shampoo to be precise. It was a blind trial as I didn’t know the name of the brand!

    The shampoo had a code on it as you can see in the picture below. I was hesitant at first because it was my first blind trial. First use and I found the shampoo amazing:)

    More washes. The shampoo pampered my hair and I fell in love with the product. But didn’t know the name of the brand!

    Can’t tell you how satisfied I am after submitting the review. The shampoo was really great, much better than all I’ve tried in the past!

    My wait will be over when #HomeTesterClub lets me know about the brand and the product. Till then, I’m keeping my fingers crossed:)


    My Excuses for NOT Writing a Blog Post!! 

    Every time I think of writing a blog post, I’m confused. 

    ‘What should I write?’

    I enjoy people writing about various things. From fashion to technology to travel, all sorts are worth drooling over. 

    But when it comes to writing myself,  I’m like a foolish person. There are many things that come to my mind. 

    1. What should be the title?

    2. Which age group should I target?

    3. How to get the pictures?

    4. Some catchy words? 

    5. What this what that….

    6. Blah

    7. Blah

    8. Blah

    9. And the last but not the least- the AUDIENCE! Who is going to read my stuff and why would they?


     Many excuses. These are sufficient to make me abandon my work;) 

    1. Publishing a blog would mean a greater responsibility to get interactions. Otherwise the hard work you put in while writing the post will go in vain.

     2. Secondly, I get ideas to write when I’m busy doing one thing or the other. And when I sit down to write, all ideas get diluted. The passion fades away and whatever I write goes to trash. 
    3. Another reason seems to be my over indulgence in social media. I get carried away by online stories only to deprive myself of the precious time;) 

    4. And my unborn ‘creations’ just refuse to take off 😀 

    ….Simple as that but ridiculously unbelievable. No? You don’t think it’s unbelievable?

    Hmmmmm your story seems to resemble mine. Feel free to share your excuses in the comment section 😀 

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    Selfie Contest with #TigorStyleBack twist! 

    When Tata Motors launches a new vehicle, social media is abuzz with excitement. It justifies the quality and assurance Tata vehicles provide to the customers. Tata Motors Tigor is here and we are ready to witness the perfection on four wheels:)


    Tata Tigor Styleback is the latest offering from Tata Motors that features an unbeatable combination of style and substance. With awesome features and cool price tag, it’s bound to capture attention of one and all. 

    Cherry on the cake is the #TigorStyleBack contest run by Tata Motors. 

    Your rendezvous with Tata Tigor may turn out to be a winning moment where you can win Zara styling vouchers by sharing a selfie with Tata Tigor on social platforms. The idea is “WHY TO CLICK JUST A SELFIE, WHEN YOU CAN UP YOUR STYLE QUOTIENT BY CLICKING A TIGOR-FIE!”

    Below are the rituals you need to follow: 

    1) Visit the nearest Tata Motors showroom. 

    2) Spot the stylish Tata Tigor.

    3) Style, Smile, Pout. 

    4) Do whatever you can do and come out with a stylish selfie with the amazing Tigor! 

    5) Who knows, you may be the next winner to get the styling vouchers by Zara:)

    A great opportunity for selfie lovers, you won’t miss clicking the stylefie with cool Tata Tigor! Hurry up & spot Tata Tigor at your nearest Tata Motors showroom to click a Tigor-fie and win:) 

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    Bharatpur: India: Where Birds Dare 🐦 

    It was last weekend and weather was tempting. I so wished for a memorable weekend trip. Wishes do come true when you try with all your resources. Thus happened my trip to Bharatpur.

    Bharatpur is just 180 Km from my place. The place is famous for Keoladeo National Park ( A UNESCO’s World Heritage Site). It lies on the Golden Tourism Triangle of Delhi–Jaipur–Agra and hence a large number of national and international tourists visit Bharatpur every year.

    We booked a 3* hotel ‘The Bagh’ in Bharatpur and checked in Saturday afternoon. We were told that the bird sanctuary closes at 5:30 pm. So we opted to visit the sanctuary the next morning. Saturday evening was spent in the hotel. Far from my imagination, the hotel itself housed a number of birds. Peacocks. Peahens. Wild cocks and hens.

    Amidst forest bliss, Bharatpur is a visual treat everywhere. Calm and serene. The only voice you’d hear is the chattering Of birds:)

    Sunday was the day:)

    We started off at 7 in the morning. Equipped with our cameras and binoculars. (Later we found that our low power binoculars were of no use in watching far-off birds)

    It was our first visit to a Bird Sanctuary, we were excited beyond limits;)

    At the entrance of Keoladeo National Park, there were rickshaws and bicycles 🚴 for hiring. We realised that exploring the 5 kilometre place without a conveyance was not possible. We hired a guide who was equipped with a powerful telescope. The magical journey to the Bird Sanctuary began:)

    The Bird Park being natural habitat of birds, is the witness to natural activities birds are engaged in. How birds pray, how birds sleep, how birds perch and how birds take flights. The movement of birds was so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Thanks to our guide, we could watch and click distant birds. The guide was so talented that he could spot the birds with their chirps!

    Sharing some beautiful pics with you:)


    Fear to open your petals O’dainty bud.. 

    Fear to open your petals O’dainty bud

    In this cruel world of terror

    Guns don’t spare roses

    Dreams are always shattered.

    Leave not the secure shield of earth,

    O’ slender sapling
    Lie unaware in her lap

    Rough are the terrains,you wish to explore.

    Beware as you peep outta shell

    O’whitey pearl

    Hopes are met with deception

    Endurance is judged by severest of elements…


    I have this disorder to read your mind.

    I have this disorder to read your mind,

    And to you, it’s not very kind.

    Quickly analyses what you keep from me,

    To your lies, it doesn’t turn blind,

    Your painstaking efforts to hide the truth,

    Your calculated gestures or courteous rewinds,

    Everything is exposed when sixth sense comes to grind,

    I have this disorder to read your mind.


     Why do people like your post?

    Wonder why random people like random tweets. Feels awkward why some people are obsessed with liking posts. I found that different people use ‘likes’ for different purposes. Here are some of them listed below:

    1) Like Showing Appreciation:

    A like is the simplest yet most effective way to say ,”I like this tweet/post!” This is the purest form in which a ‘like’ can be used:D

    2) Like as Bookmark to tweets:

    Some people like tweets just for future reference. It could be anything from entertaining posts to useful guides.

    3) Automated likes:

    Some brands will set up bots to monitor certain hashtag uses, keywords, or other Twitter search results, looking for new content. When that content appears, the bot will like the post. It is an automated process.

    4) Like as Acknowledgement:

    Sometimes a like is a way to show that “I saw your post!” It usually happens when the liker have nothing to say to continue the post.

    5) Like Showing Support:

    A like, many times, is a gesture showing support to your friend, colleague or may be a crush.

    6) Like Seeking Followers:

    Random people like random tweets in the hope the person who gets the likes might visit their timeline and follow them;)

    7) Like as Contest Rule

    Sometimes while participating in a contest, one has to Retweet and/or Like tweets.

    8) Please-Notice-Me-Like:

    Some likes are innocent 😇. The liker just wants you to notice him. That’s it;)


    ‘Mumbai’s Dabbawalas’ Case Study

    Dabbawalas are the human lunch box carriers of Mumbai. They collect the lunch boxes with freshly cooked food from the houses of office workers and students, deliver it to their individual workplaces and schools. Later on, they return the empty lunch boxes to their residence.  

    You must check out these amazing facts about Mumbai’s Dabbawalas 👉🏼
    🌟Dabbawalas are not employees but each one of them is a self-employed entrepreneur. 

    🌟Dabbawalas are equal shareholders in the Dabbawalas Trust.
    🌟About 5000 dabbawalas cover around 70 Sq. Km in and around Mumbai and carry out 400,000 transactions everyday.

    🌟Not a single piece of paper is used during this whole process. 

    🌟All dabbas have different numbers, colors or other symbols (colour coding system) so the dabbawalas can remember where to deliver a specific dabba.

    🌟Dabbawalas performance is brilliant with one error in every 8 million deliveries, or 16 million if you include the return trip.

    🌟Forbes magazine has appreciated their efficiency despite the complexity of the process. 

    🌟Dabbawalas are mostly illiterate or at least very low educated. An average dabbawala is educated upto 8th grade schooling. 
    🌟From Prince Charles to Richard Branson, dabbawalas have won fans all over the world for their management skills. 

    🌟Business schools, Universities and Corporate from all over the world invite Dabbawalas to give lecture on their Management skills.
    🌟Dabbawalas are certified to the international standard: ISO 9001 in recognition of their reliable quality management system.
    🌟Dabbawalas’ is the most environment-friendly enterprise, with zero percent fuel usage, using trains, bicycles and handcarts to get the job done. 


    Do you know the Meaning of the Numbers on a PAN Card!

    PAN Cards have a 10 digit alphanumeric sequence. Let’s look into what each character of this sequence means:

    First 3 Characters

    Every PAN card’s first 3 characters represent an alphabetic series running from AAA to ZZZ.

     4th Character

    This 4th character represents the status of a PAN holder, which can be one of the following:

    C – Company

    P – Person

    H — HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)

    F — Firm

    A — Association of Persons (AOP)

    T — AOP (Trust)

    B — Body of Individuals (BOI)

    L — Local Authority

    J — Artificial Juridical Person

    G — Government

    5th Character

    This fifth character of a PAN card is the first letter of:

    The surname in the case the status is “P”.

    The name of whatever Entity, Trust, Society, Organization, HUF, etc. in all other cases.

    6th to 9th Characters

    The next four numerals are sequential numbers running from 0001 to 9999.

    10th Character

    The last digit is an alphabetic check digit which is generated by applying a formula to the preceding nine letters and numbers.



    Dangal: Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


    Dangal is an epic picturisation of an epic real life story. Apt starcast. Hats off to the casting director for finding gems like Fatima Sana Sheikh, Sanya Malhotra and Zaira Wasim. And who is better than Aamir Khan to portray perfection with perfection;) 

    Gripping screenplay. You won’t find a moment when the movie goes out of rhythm. 

    Wonderful direction of Nitesh Tiwari takes the credit for sound cinema like Dangal. 

    Hummable music by Pritam. Songs of Dangal became popular even before the release of the movie. I really enjoyed Haanikark Bapu, Dhakkad and Gilehriyan. 

    “National wrestling champion Mahavir Singh Phogat trains her daughters to perfection. Owing to his strict discipline and right technique, her eldest daughter Geeta Phogat wins Gold for India in Commonwealth Games.”

    Dangal speaks volumes about training sessions the actors must have gone through. Weight transformation by Aamir Khan. Wrestling bouts of Sana Sheikh. Everything is done to perfection. 

    In short, we need meaningful cinema like Dangal to promote sports culture in India. To shrink gender differences. To motivate our youth to channelise their energy towards prestigious achievements. 


    WOW! Never knew these Bollywood celebrities are related:) 

    Didn’t know but it’s true.

    Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter Shweta is married to Raj Kapoor’s daughter Ritu Kapoor Nanda’s son. In this way, Bachchans and Kapoors are close relatives. 

    Navya Naveli, Amitabh’s granddaughter, is Kareena Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor’s niece:) 

    Farhan and Zoya are the children of Honey Irani.

    Farah Khan and Sajid Khan are the children of Menaka Irani.

    Honey Irani, Menaka Irani and Daisy Irani are real sisters:) 

    Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Ramanand Sagar and Ravi Chopra, all are cousins. 
    Talent lies in the family;) 

    Shabana Azmi is Tabu’s aunt. Interesting:)

     Purab Kohli, Shekhar Kapur and Dev Anand are related. 

    Film maker Shekhar Kapur is legendary actor Dev Anand’s nephew and Purab Kohli (actor) is the nephew of Shekhar Kapur. 

    Simi Garewal is Aditya and Uday Chopra’s first cousin, making Rani Mukherjee her Bhabhi:)

    Amrita Rao’s grandfather and veteran actor Guru Dutt were second cousins. 

    This way, Guru Dutt is Amrita’s distant grandfather:) 

    Sanjay Dutt is Kumar Gaurav’s brother in law!

    Kumar Gaurav is married to Sunil Dutt’s daughter, Namrata . It makes Sanjay Dutt, bro-in-law of the ‘Love Story’ actor Kumar Gaurav:) 

    The renowned director Mani Ratanam is married to Suhasini, who is the daughter of Kamal Hasan’s brother. 

    Music directors Sajid-Wajid and yesteryear’s singer & actress Salma Agha are maternal cousins:) 

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    Human Engineering 



       Pride, Patriotism and Youth make a happening mocktail. In the recent years, this formula has been leveraged with utmost precision and success with movies like ‘Chak De India’, ‘Sultan’ and ‘Bhag Milkha Bhag’ doing a roaring business across the globe. The combo of these three seductive elements takes the audience into a different orbit where one experiences joy, pain and the elusive urge to evolve and grow. Here it would be most befitting to make a special mention of the Bollywood ‘Khans’ whose charisma and energy is simply palatable, infectious and one that leaves a lingering spirit of achievement and boundarylessness.         In today’s world where the faceless mechanistic approach is witnessed all through, the above recipe provides us with succour that is akin to a new zestful way of life and a spiritual upliftment that marks the beginning of a soulful journey never experienced earlier. 

           May be this offers all our sportspersons an infallible formula to international acclaim; something the world recognises as ‘Being In The Zone’ 

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    Hello God! Are you there? 

    God. Unseen and Unheard. 

    God. A belief. Strong or mild.

    God. Does God really exist?

        🍀The big question answered by many but is still open to debate.   

        🍀The question with diverse answers arouses curiosity in many. 

         🍀The question travels through minds and finds answer in hearts. 

        🍀Let’s see if your concept is compatible with my version:)

          🌺The question is not whether God exists or not. There has to be some affinity that binds living things together. An unknown, unseen force that takes control of each phenomenon in this universe. And this particular force is named as God! Stronger Our belief in God, the shine of hope is brighter….. This is what we need to achieve something in life:) 

    In my view, God is a faith than a physical entity. Stronger the faith, better is your life.



    LG V20: Exclusive Review

    LG V20 is launched and I’m pretty much excited to share its features with you. Quite durable, Sleek LG V20 has a metal body and Si-PC material employed in each corner realize perfect durability for whatever life drop.

    With high resolution of 1440×2560 pixels, 4GB RAM,  Android 7.0, Storage of 32GB, Rear Camera 16-megapixel and battery capacity of 3200mAh LG V20 is the phone to die for. 

    What I loved about the LGV20 is its 3 High AOP (Acoustic Overload Point) Mics that allow to record loud scenes at sporting events without cheering fans distorting the sound. 

    That means LG V20 allows lossless audio format with Hi-Fi Recording. Wonderful! Isn’t it? Professional sound recording with a hone is my dream come true. 

    What more, One can customise video and sound according to his requirements.   

    Another feature that caught my attention is Hybrid Auto Focus

    LG V20 utilizes LDAF (Laser Detection Auto Focus), PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) and Contrast AF technologies to capture every moment of fun. No matter whether it’s dim light or weather mood swings;)  
    Tuned by B&O play, the LG V20 smartphone with B&O play earphones is an audiophile’s desire designed to perfection. 

    One design feature that makes the V20 unique in the premium handset space is the fact that its metal back is easily removable by pressing a small button on the side. This reveals a consumer-friendly removable battery and the SIM and microSD card slot. 


    Even more impressive is the wide angle feature. It provides unique and interesting photos with a slight fish-eye look that give you the extremely satisfying feeling of fully capturing all that you can see. In fact, it’s actually capable of capturing more than you can see.

    My verdict is that the multi-utility LG V20 should be bagged as a precious possession. Killer looks and features to die for, LG V20 is exclusively available on Amazon

    *Upgrade to #LGV20 smartphone & get Rs. 20,000 assured buy back. 
    *Get a free B&O earphones & back cover.  

    *BUY AT 
    LG V20 (Titan, 64GB) – 
    Rs. 54,999/ 

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    Haunting Dream

    Woke up in a pool of sweat

    The same dream

    Haunting me for what!

    The dream

    Shows me happy

    And content like I never was.

    The dream 

    Shows me playing music 

    Of purity of my soul.

    The dream 

    Shows me growing garden 

    Of my hopes.

    The dream dictating me, 

    Telling what I could be…

    Had I chased what I wanted to be! 

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    Points to self 

    Points to self

    🎉* It is how you define happiness, makes all the difference. 

    🎉* No two humans are same.

    🎉* Don’t expect same fortune for you as others display.


    🎉* Your achievement has nothing to do with what someone else has achieved.

    🎉* To some extent, talent accelerates your journey to success but it is not necessary.

    🎉* Talent comes second to hard work.

    🎉* The distance to finishing line is different for different people.

    🎉* Money is not equivalent to happiness.

    🎉* Happiness is a vague concept. What you find worth being happy may be a matter of annoyance to someone else. 

    🎉* Speak to yourself and find how you define happiness.

    🎉* Work towards the happiness defined by your heart. 

    🎉* Money, contrary to as you think, may not bring satisfaction to you. 

    🎉* Stop giving undue importance to materialistic things & celebrate human relations. 

    🎉* Life is short. Find shortcut to happiness:) 


    the 3D mantra

    🎉 Why does chilling out imply going to a theatre/ action movie/ disc/ an occasional drink?

    🎉Is it that one desperately wishes to experience the thrill mingled with a rare chance to be with oneself?

    🎉 Why can’t this level of high voltage and high decibel lifestyle be extended to even our work life?

    🎉A soccer player is one such image that immediately comes to our mind. The hysteria around him doesn’t need any words.

    🎉And why: simply because, in the same breath this player is playing and dodging, oozing energy and anticipating the next move; the 3D mantra.

    🎉Probably, many of us today are successful simply because we have imbibed these elements unknowingly into our day today work life.

    🎉But then, isn’t it that there is yet another level of hysteria which somehow overlaps the elusive zone. This as we all know has been demonstrated ostentatiously by the likes of Pele & Maradona, whobesides these three coordinates, played on the fourth one, and that was absolute control over the game.

    🎉 Friends, it’s time that each one of us starts working on the fourth coordinate too, where we jostle conscientiously towards not merely controlling but mastering our future.

    🎉All mundane and external options would then simply seem forgettable.

    🎉Happy chilling out.


    Life goes Online!!

    Who has time to go out 

    Make friends,

    Play in the sun or chat for hours!

    No time at all 

    To burn my energy 

    In visiting people I don’t care at all!

    What’s the urgency 

    To show someone I really care!?

    Where’s the need 

    To prove I’m best of your buddies!

    But wait!

    I’m not socially deprived 

    I’ve thousands of friends online!

    And I really care for them 

    Like their status every now and then!

    Share my content and keep myself updated  

    This thing I do AT LEAST  

    Twice every hour 

    “Sharing is caring”

    Is what I learnt by heart❤️