Packing bags for my next adventure, I stumbled upon a thought.. Why am I intensely fascinated with the world? - A smile came and broadened As thoughts rippled through. Interpreting my affinity for adventure. - Wanderlust me.. Answering "Why do I love the world?" Travelling made me a complete person. An overhaul from a shy,… Continue reading EXPLORING WORLD WITH OPEN ARMS:)


Pad Revolution!

I'm surprised to see everyone talking about sanitary pads. India is witnessing a revolution, I must say. From NGOs to Celebrities to Common man, everybody wants to speak up for the menstrual hygiene of the women! It was not the case a few days ago. Words about menstruation or sanitary pads were (are?) often muted… Continue reading Pad Revolution!


54 is not the age to go- RIP Sridevi

My morning came with a bad news. The versatile actress Sridevi is no more. Shocked and saddened by the news, I looked back at her wonderful work that gave Indian cinema a glamorous turn. Sadma, Mr India, Chaalbaaz, Chandni, Lamhe, Nagina, English Vinglish are a few of her spectacular acting landmarks. That day I was… Continue reading 54 is not the age to go- RIP Sridevi

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Selfie Contest with #TigorStyleBack twist! 

When Tata Motors launches a new vehicle, social media is abuzz with excitement. It justifies the quality and assurance Tata vehicles provide to the customers. Tata Motors Tigor is here and we are ready to witness the perfection on four wheels:) TATA TIGOR: FALL IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT💕  Tata Tigor Styleback is the latest offering from Tata… Continue reading Selfie Contest with #TigorStyleBack twist! 

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Bharatpur: India: Where Birds Dare

It was last weekend and weather was tempting. I so wished for a memorable weekend trip. Wishes do come true when you try with all your resources. Thus happened my trip to Bharatpur. Bharatpur is just 180 Km from my place. The place is famous for Keoladeo National Park ( A UNESCO's World Heritage Site).… Continue reading Bharatpur: India: Where Birds Dare


I have this disorder to read your mind.

I have this disorder to read your mind, And to you, it's not very kind. Quickly analyses what you keep from me, To your lies, it doesn't turn blind, Your painstaking efforts to hide the truth, Your calculated gestures or courteous rewinds, Everything is exposed when sixth sense comes to grind, I have this disorder… Continue reading I have this disorder to read your mind.


 Why do people like your post?

Wonder why random people like random tweets. Feels awkward why some people are obsessed with liking posts. I found that different people use 'likes' for different purposes. Here are some of them listed below: 1) Like Showing Appreciation: A like is the simplest yet most effective way to say ,"I like this tweet/post!" This is… Continue reading  Why do people like your post?


‘Mumbai’s Dabbawalas’ Case Study

Dabbawalas are the human lunch box carriers of Mumbai. They collect the lunch boxes with freshly cooked food from the houses of office workers and students, deliver it to their individual workplaces and schools. Later on, they return the empty lunch boxes to their residence.   You must check out these amazing facts about Mumbai's… Continue reading ‘Mumbai’s Dabbawalas’ Case Study

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Hello God! Are you there? 

God. Unseen and Unheard. God. A belief. Strong or mild. God. Does God really exist? 🍀The big question answered by many but is still open to debate. 🍀The question with diverse answers arouses curiosity in many. 🍀The question travels through minds and finds answer in hearts. 🍀Let's see if your concept is compatible with my… Continue reading Hello God! Are you there? 


Painting a new poem on the canvas of life…

Sometimes.... .  I feel like  Breaking shackles of confinement. Feel like Painting a new poem on the canvas of life  Like  Creating a whole new world of happiness  Like  Eliminating  differences of all kind. Like To experience  How it is  To live in the land of peace and hope  How it is  To wake up… Continue reading Painting a new poem on the canvas of life…


Pak: Suicide squad sitting on Nuclear heap

We are familiar with this meaningful quote, " You can never make the same mistake twice because the second time you make it, it's not a mistake, it's a choice."    Our immediate neighbours have kept their strategy this simple. What we call their mistake & give another chance to improve themselves by forgiving them. … Continue reading Pak: Suicide squad sitting on Nuclear heap


The art of being Kapil Sharma 

TV watching is not my hobby. News; I catch on social media. Entertainment; they've plenty of platforms to keep us entertained. Moreover, I don't have much patience to watch elaborated TV serials.  Yet I'm magnetically attracted towards  KAPIL SHARMA SHOW! Kapil, the lead, takes his audience on a hilarious merry go round!     Exhausted from… Continue reading The art of being Kapil Sharma 


Journey of a social media influencer(II)

Do you really want to be a social media influencer?  I never asked this question from myself. Media influencing has an invisible charm  associated with it. Arousing curiosity in people to associating with brands, everything had lasting impact on me.     More than handsome money I earned by tweeting for brands; somewhere deep in my… Continue reading Journey of a social media influencer(II)