Hello God! Are you there? 

God. Unseen and Unheard.

God. A belief. Strong or mild.

God. Does God really exist?

•The big question answered by many but is still open to debate.

•The question with diverse answers arouses curiosity in many.

•The question travels through minds and finds answer in hearts.

•Let’s see if your concept is compatible with my version:)

*The question is not whether God exists or not. There has to be some affinity that binds living things together. An unknown, unseen force that takes control of each phenomenon in this universe. And this particular force is named as God! Stronger Our belief in God, the shine of hope is brighter….. This is what we need to achieve something in life:)

In my view, God is a faith than a physical entity. Stronger the faith, better is your life.

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