Is War the only Route to peace? 

Perturbed by the stories around me,

Wonder if war is the essence of human existence!!

Is war the only “must” for peace?


History  witnessed many gruesome wars which led to extinction of some species & flourishing of another. Cowards are never spoken highly of in the pursuit.

If this is the truth, why are we taught of lessons of non-violence and brotherhood since childhood?

Scientific theories also favour the war policy. “Survival of the fittest” controls the universe. What is the role of peace, science doesn’t explain!

Let’s go back to the pre-historic ages. Man survived because he was stronger than many species & could manipulate things. 

For thousands of years that followed, laughter of the jubilant invaders echoed the earth. 


The story continued.



Come back to the present age. 

Today, the world bows before the mightiest. Nations are flaunting their Nuclear powers & missiles to protect themselves from their enemies. Flexing muscles to show off their strength.

Survival of the fittest?



This is.


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  1. mohanmekap says:

    war and peace two sides of the same coin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aditi says:

      Very well said.


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