Why social media influencers are the most socially awkward personalities;) 

Social media influencer. The name itself suggests a person who has the ability to influence society. Do these influences really influence or it’s an overhyped concept?

Being in this business for quite a time, I can confirm that these so-called influencers (including me) are socially awkward personalities;)

Knowingly or unknowingly they get detached from their immediate social circle. They must be having thousands of followers online but in real life, their behaviour is more of an eccentric;)

A social media influencer is busy “influencing” his followers whom he’d never met. His immediate surroundings miss him a lot. His friends miss him in social gatherings & parents wonder if he has some psychological disorder:D

My case is no different. I remain busy making online contacts & “influencing” people “online”! My immediate social groups have started ignoring me more than I do to them.

I was just wondering whether we could have a perfect balance between real & virtual lives! I’m hoping for the best but the process has long way to go.


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