Social Networking with a Difference- TUBBR

Modern life is incomplete without online social networking. We don't have much time to interact physically. There are deadlines, commitments, constraints; meeting everyone in person has become rather difficult. Social media sites and apps seem to be our only hope. I'm sharing the details of a new and unique social media networking app, TUBBR.TUBBR- Not… Continue reading Social Networking with a Difference- TUBBR


 Why do people like your post?

Wonder why random people like random tweets. Feels awkward why some people are obsessed with liking posts. I found that different people use 'likes' for different purposes. Here are some of them listed below: 1) Like Showing Appreciation: A like is the simplest yet most effective way to say ,"I like this tweet/post!" This is… Continue reading  Why do people like your post?