Why do people like your post?

Wonder why random people like random tweets. Feels awkward why some people are obsessed with liking posts. I found that different people use ‘likes’ for different purposes. Here are some of them listed below:

1) Like Showing Appreciation:

A like is the simplest yet most effective way to say ,”I like this tweet/post!” This is the purest form in which a ‘like’ can be used:D

2) Like as Bookmark to tweets:

Some people like tweets just for future reference. It could be anything from entertaining posts to useful guides.

3) Automated likes:

Some brands will set up bots to monitor certain hashtag uses, keywords, or other Twitter search results, looking for new content. When that content appears, the bot will like the post. It is an automated process.

4) Like as Acknowledgement:

Sometimes a like is a way to show that “I saw your post!” It usually happens when the liker have nothing to say to continue the post.

5) Like Showing Support:

A like, many times, is a gesture showing support to your friend, colleague or may be a crush.

6) Like Seeking Followers:

Random people like random tweets in the hope the person who gets the likes might visit their timeline and follow them;)

7) Like as Contest Rule

Sometimes while participating in a contest, one has to Retweet and/or Like tweets.

8) Please-Notice-Me-Like:

Some likes are innocent 😇. The liker just wants you to notice him. That’s it;)


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