Social Networking with a Difference- TUBBR

Modern life is incomplete without online social networking. We don’t have much time to interact physically. There are deadlines, commitments, constraints; meeting everyone in person has become rather difficult. Social media sites and apps seem to be our only hope. I’m sharing the details of a new and unique social media networking app, TUBBR.

TUBBR- Not another social media app

“We already have many”, you will say! How is this new app ‘TUBBR’ different from the others? Exactly my point when someone asked me to test TUBBR and be a part of TUBBR Testing Family. I searched, researched, downloaded and found the following details helpful to be shared.

🐞 TUBBR is the World’s first Personal, Social network where you can create multiple walls to be displayed to the people of your choice. Cool:)

🐞 You can keep your wall private or public as per your choice. There’s a feature of collaboration where you can create walls with your friends having common interests.

🐞 TUBBR gives you the freedom to arrange posts on various timelines. Yes, you are given the opportunity to create many timelines with diverse followers. Wow:)

🐞 To bring relevance to your social media interactions, it becomes necessary to share different posts with different people and TUBBR provides you with that space.

🐞 My experience with TUBBR has been amazing. I downloaded the app and found it quite unique and interesting. I created the following four walls:

1) My Camera Clicks: On this wall, I share everyday pictures clicked by me. Bright, colourful pics along with a short summary make a great looking wall.


2) Travel Stories: Pictures from my travel are compiled in this section. Sharing is instant where we can write a short description about the picture we post.

👉 Link

3) Glimpse of India: This year, I participated in AprilAtoZ blogging challenge and my theme was ‘Glimpse of India’. This wall contains links to the posts about India.

👉 Link

4) My Blog Posts: I share pictures and links to my blog posts on this wall. Yes, you can share links too. I find it useful because my followers are directed to my blog through TUBBR app.

👉 Link

Important thing is that people don’t have to follow all your walls. They will follow the wall(s) they find interesting. Same is the privilege given to you. Follow only those walls where your interest lies.

🐞 TUBBR gives you the freedom to browse content according to your taste. Follow only those walls that interest you. If you want Fashion in your feed, follow the related walls. If Travel fascinates you, go for the related feed. In TUBBR, nothing is imposed on you.

🐞 I’ve been a micro influencer for the last few years. In TUBBR, I can see a promising app that can revolutionize the way we share content.

🐞 Eager to download the TUBBR app, aren’t you? Wait!

Currently, TUBBR is in Alpha Phase – I, available via Exclusive Invites Only.
Psss….I have 100 limited invites to the app.
You can use my personal access code BGVR73 and start using TUBBR.

🐞 Watch this video for the visual demo of using TUBBR app.

🐞 TUBBR is available on both Google Play and Apple iTunes.
Find the download links below:
Google Play:


13 thoughts on “Social Networking with a Difference- TUBBR”

      1. This is interesting. I see the passion in expressing what you like. Seems the app had a great effect on your liking. I like how you brokedown everything into small bricks. One question is, is there an integration to existing social networking sites? Because most people would have had chunks of preserving worthy material scattered over. If this app, wth its potential multi facet structure has a back integration, it would click well!! Thanks for the code. If the 100are not still out, I will give it a try.
        Have a good day! Cheers.

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