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Why Social Media is UNAVOIDABLE!

Why Social Media is UNAVOIDABLE! Hola my friends from the twenty-first century! You all must be aware of the benefits and disadvantages of social media. I'm not an exception. The presence on social media defines our status in the society. More active we are on the social media, the smarter we are. Things are transforming… Continue reading Why Social Media is UNAVOIDABLE!

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Are you doing your Whatsapp right? ✔️

Little did I know, When I downloaded the WhatsApp, More than casual chat, It is a virtual trap. I started off sending messages, Dedicated from tip to toe, Never knew it would trigger, Only my personal woes! Weird it is to read, Every message and reply, When I enter groups, Whom I think my thoughts… Continue reading Are you doing your Whatsapp right? ✔️