A self-proclaimed secular nation like India now wants  #OneNationOneLaw! Can you afford to fulfil this dream without communal riots? People have been given an impression that India is a broad minded nation who allows everyone to follow his religious fundamentals. At this juncture when Muslims are already feeling insecure, what’s the point in announcing  #OneNationOneLaw?

Do you want India to become another Pakistan? 

10 thoughts on “ #OneNationOneLaw”

    1. Don’t you think the minorities will feel insecure as Muslims are very particular about their fundamentals.
      At this point when both nations are going through difficult period, one nation one law may not be favourable.

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      1. And I belong to JAINISM but I really don’t think that none os this matters. because whenever situations likes this occur, it doesn’t question our religions, but humanity, itself.


  1. Why we are looking this in communal way. what about Triple Talakh who will address those problem ? its gender based issue not communal .


    1. Peace is what we want in the society. No matter what norms a particular community follows.
      It’s not our job to tell them how to live. Till now we never showed any objection on their style of living.
      One nation one law is politically motivated.


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