I know you care, dear Daddy!

I know you care, dear Daddy

There were tears rolling down my cheeks. Mom was anxious & my brother suddenly got ready to give me all his toys. To me it was the end of the world. My best friend was shifting to another city..

Father was sitting quietly in his cushioned chair listening to good ol’ Bollywood music. When everybody gave up, he got up from his chair & cracked a joke on my teary eyes! Then blew another. It continued till I burst into laughter.

Further came the great lesson of life. He said,

“Life keeps on flowing. Change is its another name. You have to be prepared to pass these changes with excellence. Otherwise there’s stagnation. Means no life at all!”

I was just 8 then!

This is my father. He extracts life’s deep lessons from insignificant events.

“Caring without my knowing. Showering love without any expectations. Sharing jokes and bursting into laughter. Playing petty games with me & telling stories. Extracting great lessons from routine life events. This is father for me!”

I know you care, dear Daddy
I know you care, dear Daddy

I know daddy is by my side everytime I need him. I know he’s the best person I can take advice from. His objective in life is to shape lives of his children beautifully.

Thanks “Goodyear” for giving me the opportunity to refresh my memories down the lane.
Goodyear Fathers Day Contest link


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