Why Udta Punjab is not another Tanmay Bhat!

Tanmay Bhat & Udta Punjab both created ripples. Freedom of speech is what they are exploiting to make their voices reach masses. At this juncture the question arises as to what extent a person may go to benefit from freedom of speech!

Is it fair when “Freedom of speech” of one person becomes an insult to another. Are we fine when “abusing” is portrayed as a form of freedom of speech! People feel proud to abuse others in public and say it’s their freedom of speech! How ridiculous!

The issue is that we don’t really know the meaning of freedom. The “Freedom” itself comes with limitations. Can we judge when Freedom of one person hinders freedom of another.

Tanmay Bhat misused the term freedom by degrading idols like Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. With a pinch of salt he took entertainment to objectionable level.

Udta Punjab“,on the other hand, speaks of alarming situation Punjab is facing right now. A step towards much needed reforms in the society.


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