My Excuses for NOT Writing a Blog Post!! 

Every time I think of writing a blog post, I’m confused.

‘What should I write?’

I enjoy people writing about various things. From fashion to technology to travel, all sorts are worth drooling over.

But when it comes to writing myself, I’m like a foolish person. There are many things that come to my mind.

1. What should be the title?

2. Which age group should I target?

3. How to get the pictures?

4. Some catchy words?

5. What this what that….

6. Blah

7. Blah

8. Blah

9. And the last but not the least- the AUDIENCE! Who is going to read my stuff and why would they?

Many excuses. These are sufficient to make me abandon my work;)

1. Publishing a blog would mean a greater responsibility to get interactions. Otherwise the hard work you put in while writing the post will go in vain.

2. Secondly, I get ideas to write when I’m busy doing one thing or the other. And when I sit down to write, all ideas get diluted. The passion fades away and whatever I write goes to trash.

3. Another reason seems to be my over indulgence in social media. I get carried away by online stories only to deprive myself of the precious time;)

4. And my unborn ‘creations’ just refuse to take off 😀

….Simple as that but ridiculously unbelievable. No? You don’t think it’s unbelievable?

Hmmmmm your story seems to resemble mine. Feel free to share your excuses in the comment section 😀


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