Kushal Tandon, Hina Khan star in ZEE5 Original ‘Unlock: The Haunted App’

 Unlock the Haunted App
Image Source: ZEE5.com

    With the beginning of OTT era, our TV watching pattern is also revolutionized. Today, we have a choice to watch movies and web-series from a great many options. There’s no scarcity of OTT platforms and the viewers are pampered with amazing content. ZEE5 being one of my favourite platforms for watching movies, I keep an eye on the latest releases there. Recently heard about the digital movie ‘Unlock: The Haunted App’ that’s releasing on 13TH March 2020 on ZEE5. I’m very excited as this is going to be the first technological horror movie in the Indian OTT space.

Logo Reveal

The logo of the web-film ‘Unlock- The Haunted App’ has been unveiled. It symbolizes an evil-app that grants the darkest wishes. The wishes come at a heavy price as a dreadful figure starts chasing the user of the app.

Seems interesting! What’s behind the selection of this logo is making me more curious about the movie.

Hina says about the logo, “Technology is changing so fast and its reach is growing immensely. With ‘Unlock – The Haunted App’, we will show the dark side of the web which a lot of people are unaware of. I’m glad for this association with ZEE5 and excited about this interesting film.”

The Storyline

I searched and found the plot of the movie and it’s terrific.
Unlock- The Haunted App is an original ZEE5 film starring Hina Khan, Kushal Tandon, Aditi Arya and Rishabh Sinha. There’s a love triangle and a woman character seeks the help of a mysterious smartphone app to control the leading man. The app is actually haunted and a series of mysterious events follow. Scary, isn’t it?

ZEE5, Unlock the Haunted App
Image Source: From ZEE5.com

Star Cast

Another interesting thing about the movie is its star cast. Hina Khan and Kushal Tandon are in the lead roles (Suhani & Amar) and both are my favourite. Hina Khan was seen in Vikram Bhatt’s psychological thriller film Hacked recently. Former Miss India, Aditi Arya is playing the role of Riddhi. She has also been a part of the popular shows, Tantra and Spotlight Season 2. The film is directed by Debatma Mandal and produced by Wind Horse Films and Krasnaya Corporation.
Rishabh Sinha, who plays the character of Anubhav is famous for his role in ‘Qubool Hai’, Bigg Boss Season 9 and Splitvilla Season 5 and Season 7.

My View

Though the movie ‘Unlock: The Haunted App’ is yet to be released, the plot says a lot about it. I find its story having the theme similar to the supernatural short story“The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs. In the short story, the Monkey’s Paw grants three wishes to the owner of the paw but at a huge price for interfering with fate. I enjoyed reading ‘Monkey’s Paw’ and I’m even more excited for “Unlock: The Haunted App”. Come 13th March and the curiosity will take another leap.

Reason to Watch ‘Unlock: The Haunted App’

🏵️ The movie revolves around a mobile app that’s haunted. The present generation will easily connect with the theme as the lives are dependant on mobile phones and the apps.
The theme is unique and relatable.

🏵️This is the first time the tech-horror movie will be released in Indian web-space. It depicts how technology can transform our lives by a great extent. A good reason to watch an exciting movie on your smartphone.

🏵️ The moral of ‘Unlock: The Haunted App’ is that we should not try to play with destiny by unfair means.

“Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it”

🏵️Stay tuned for the movie release exclusively on ZEE5 on 13th March 2020.
Excitement begins here!

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