What to do after Uninstalling WhatsApp? Switch to CitizenChat!

WhatsApp privacy policies are changing, pushing people towards uninstalling the application. We are living in an era of social media. Staying in touch with people online has become a necessity. After uninstalling WhatsApp, the absence of sharing messages can trigger FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It’s advisable to look for an alternative to stay connected with your peers. A promising messaging app, CitizenChat is fast growing popular among the new generation. The app has amazing features including chatting, video-sharing and learning new technological trends. What makes CitizenChat different from the other chat-apps is that you have an option to hide or reveal your phone number from your followers. Another feature that sets CitizenChat apart from the rest is the video-sharing tab. Like Instagram or Facebook, CitizenChat allows you to upload your videos for your followers. While you enjoy all these features, the ability to share your information ‘as per your wish’ empowers you. I downloaded the CitizenChat app a few days ago and now ready with sharing my experience with all of you.

CitizenChat is the best WhatsApp alternative
CitizenChat is the best WhatsApp alternative

How is WhatsApp privacy policy changing

Recently WhatsApp issued a new Privacy Policy, inability to accept that policy would mean the inability to use the app. That simply translates to removing WhatsApp from your smartphones if you don’t wish to comply with WhatsApp Privacy Policy. So, what does this privacy policy say?

WhatsApp Privacy Policy says that it can share your sensitive information like phone number, address and payment details with its parent company, Facebook and hence Instagram. Many users are not comfortable with sharing their information and therefore deleting WhatsApp from their phones.

People Are Really Mad About Facebook’s Changes To WhatsApp’s Privacy Policies

What kind of messaging app is safe?

As an alert internet user, one should be aware of the information to be shared online. Once out, your important information can be used in many ways you’re not comfortable with. There are many other apps we can use to send messages. CitizenChat is one of the most promising apps that gives you an option to specify the information you want to share with the world.

CitizenChat – A Promising Messaging App

CitizenChat has an edge over the other chatting apps in personal data sharing. This app gives you the power to change the privacy settings anytime and anywhere you want.

Features of CitizenChat app

1.  Connectivity:

You can connect with the people around the world through CitizenChat app without revealing your personal information.

2. Chat on CitizenChat

Chatbox in CitizenChat allows you to send and receive messages from anyone. Yes, it has an empowering feature of blocking a user if you are not interested in chatting with him.

CitizenChat app
CitizenChat app

3. Media sharing on CitizenChat

CitizenChat provides a video/picture broadcasting feature and it is in addition to the chatbox messages. These videos will be visible to the people if permitted by you. Similarly, you can enable or disable comments on your posts.

4. Find People near you:

Though you may not be able to see the phone numbers of all the people on CitizenChat app, their area is visible. You can find people around you with similar taste. Connect and communicate on CitizenChat and build your online presence.

5. e-learning: Learn While you Chat:

A few small yet powerful learning videos help you learn popular technical concepts as you scroll through the CitizenChat app. I liked the idea of e-learning along with exploring the chatting app!

CitizenChat app settings
CitizenChat app settings

6. Profile Sharing through CitizenChat:

This is a powerful tool embedded in the CitizenChat app. You can elaborate your achievements on the app and share the profile with the concerned people.

I have an account on CitizenChat and it gives me the power to disclose or hide my information. What are you waiting for?

Get CitizenChat app and start chatting with your friends from around the world. Download links are given below:

CitizenChat on Google Play

CitizenChat on App Store


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