#SonamKiShaadi- Best Twitter Coverage!

#SonamKiShaadi- Best Twitter Coverage

Much hyped #SonamKiShaadi happened and everybody was excited about the gala event. I also kept an eye on the ‘most relevant’ hashtag of the month- #SonamKiShaadi and saved pretty bunch of trending tweets:)

Sonam married her long time beau, businessman Anand Ahuja.
The most talked-about marriage that was supposed to be a private affair, turned out to be an all-exposed-boanza:)
Who-wore-what to Who-said-what to Who-did-what, everything is being shared on social media networks. The curious souls like me have more than one reason to celebrate. I might not have been invited to #SonamKiShaadi but I can talk about it at a length; more than any other marriage in my relatives;)

Highlights of the wedding were some crazy grooves

Feel these Emotional moments:)

There’s always a funny side to the much talked about events and Twitter knows how to handle it with elan.



The post-marriage gossips!;)

Check everything you want to know about #SonamKiShaadi in this Twitter story

We wish Sonam and Anand Ahuja a happy and blessed married life:)

Sonam Kapoor marriage
Sonam Kapoor marriage

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