When Daddy was a little Boy– A Tribute.

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When Daddy was a little Boy– A Tribute

“Fathers don’t cry.”

This was the impression I had when I was young. To me, Father was a strong figure who controls adverse situations to make things comfortable. He could never go wrong with any of his pre-decided actions. His yes and no were clearly marked. Father was not very vocal about his likes and dislikes. Eyes were the only indicators we could guess his mood from. After many years, he’s still the same only I have discovered more perspectives of his personality.

Being a literary person, my father could read the increasing distance between him and his daughter. (Yes, that’s me 😬) In an effort to break the cold wall between us, he used to tell me stories, drive me to long distances and plan family holidays frequently.

One such successful effort was to bring me a book by Alexander Raskin. Titled “When Daddy Was A Little Boy”, the book was dedicated by the author to his daughter.

“A young, bespectacled father made mistakes and was teased by his friends. Like any other ‘normal’ child, he was not perfect. I could relate the story with my father’s. The book had an everlasting impression on me.”

I began to understand that father, too, is a human. He has his own share of laughs, cries, ambitions and desires. We expect him to be a dutiful father and he plays his part efficiently without fail. We want to see him as a strong, protective wall who saves the family from worldly disturbances. In order to give his best, Father somewhere overlooks his dreams in life. To build a happy family, he neglects his passion in life.

I can’t bring his precious years back but will try to revive his passion for travelling. Making this Father’s Day special by gifting my Dad a trip to Australia. A new beginning is on the cards.


This blog is a part of blog train hosted by Preety Tiwari of Delhi Blogger and Priyanka lodha patwari of Flavors Of World
Thanks Shilpa Bindlish⁩ for passing the blog train challenge to me.

I request Bhawna Shah of Kickupstairs to carry the blog-train forward:)

Happy Fathers Day:)

Please check another ‘Fathers Day’ incident shared by me back in 2016:)

27 thoughts on “When Daddy was a little Boy– A Tribute.”

  1. Lovely surprise you’ve got planned for your dad on father’s day. I’m sure he is going to love it.
    The book he had gifted you when you were a child is an even more beautiful memory. Do make your dad read this post–he will be thrilled you remember!

    Hugs and love to you…

    #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

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  2. Beautiful post. I completely know this thing.. we as a children also thought our father are strong and strong people don’t cry. But behind that strong shell is a soft heart which has done so many sacrifices for his kids.
    Same pinch on gifting a holiday to dad this father’s day.. though we are going together 😋😋😁😁

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading the post. Fathers are the pillars of strength but they have an emotional side too.
      Happy Fathers Day:)


    1. Even my father caring and was involved in every activity of mine but he has the habit of hiding his emotions. I think men consider themselves stronger than women and show their protective side.


  3. A touching post Aditi with a great message. Looking through different lens, father appears all the more respected figure!
    Your father must be very proud to have received a wonderful gift from you. God bless you and your father!

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  4. Well expressed, even i am also the one from majority who thinks father never cry, he is the strongest man but we forget that he is also human with a heart, I saw my dad crying first time at the time of my marriage (bidai) and it was very sad to see my #superhero crying for me 😫

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  5. Through this post you have shared a father’s emotion too! Sometimes they cant be so expressive but they have selfless love for daughters.Australia trip is going to be a real fun for him.

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  6. Someone said that correct, dads are like coconuts… Hard from outside soft from inside, they never expresses it out but they too have hearts to feel. They need a salute for whatever simple or big things he do for us. Thank you for sharing..

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