‘Cabo de Rama’- Hidden Treasure of Goa!

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Cabo de Rama – Hidden Treasure of Goa

In Stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of North Goa, the serenity of South Goa takes you to the another world where you’re at peace with yourself. Here one can find nature’s untouched beauty in abundance. Cabo De Rama is such undiluted corner away from the buzzing city life. The majestic fort showcases the dramatic view of Colva beach and Canacona stretch.

Climbing up the stairs of the fort is quite a task but the heavenly view from the top will give you the experience of lifetime. Greenish blue water fascinatingly garlanded by strip of Palm groves, wild waves mischievously playing with the shore; AMAZING! The divine view takes the breath away!

Must confess it’s the purest form of nature I’ve ever witnessed.
An old church Santo Antonio stands tall in the courtyard of the fort. Still in excellent condition, the church attracts many local people and tourists.

Mystery surrounds the ancient Cabo De Rama fort as one can find ruins of cannons lying unattended. There are deliberate holes in the giant walls that must have been used for attacking the enemy. Curiosity was rising and when I couldn’t get a satisfactory answer to my queries, I turned to master Google!

The fort is one of the oldest forts in the history of Goa. During 17th century Portuguese took control over the fort after defeating King of Soonda and equipped it with guns and military barracks. Hindu rulers overtook the fort in 1763 but the impression Portuguese left is visible even today.

Cabo De Rama remained abandoned for a long period. In 1955 the bastion house in the monument was converted into a prison. British also used the fort as their military base in 1900. Another interesting fact about the fort is that it is one of the places where Lord Rama stayed with his wife Sita during his exile days.

*These investigations were enough to make me more impatient to plan another trip to the fort.
‘Cabo De Rama’ tells the story of the magnificent past of Goa; without diluting. One feels like being transferred to that particular period of history..



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23 thoughts on “‘Cabo de Rama’- Hidden Treasure of Goa!”

  1. Felt as if the old walls will speak up any moment and share the stories from the history. You left us at a note where one is compelled to visit it!
    Brilliant piece of travelogue, replete with history and pics!
    #OpenNTalk #CrossBorderSisters

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  2. Thanks for this one, I’m visiting this place someday(maybe this month) as you already know I’m an hour away from Goa. This pictures are so so pretty 🙂


  3. The forts in Goa are truly beautiful and take us on a virtual trip to the time gone. One can only wonder what the walls must’ve seen over the years.
    #OpenNTalk #BloggerBabes

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  4. Hey Aditi, somehow I was so sure I had commented on this post earlier (during the ‘OpenNTalk’ days). But the comment section doesn’t seem to show my comment.

    Cabo De Rama never ceases to fascinate, and I am glad you liked the serene scenic side to my Goa. Lovely pictures! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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