Freedom of Media- A Fading Dream

Freedom of Media- A Fading Dream

Media today reflects what it is paid to. I’m crying spade a spade for some strong reasons. Sure enough that the media and journalism were born to make truth heard loudly. How accurately facts are broadcasted depends on the freedom of media. People accept what they read, watch or hear. Those who exploit this reality, get the biggest chunk of cake. What you receive in your daily news feed is planned. Shocking but true. Sometimes (or many times) facts are twisted to the limit where we can’t identify the difference.

Mainstream media is mostly controlled by the government and big business organizations. Alternative media, on the other hand, challenges the Mainstream and hence the government.

Switch on the television and they will recite what they’re paid for. Newspapers, journals are written for the powerful people. Media is free to express but when it gets paid, only the money speaks.

You must check the latest stats on the World Press Freedom Index. The suppression of journalists is rising every year. And this is no longer limited to Turkey and Egypt. Every country is facing hostility towards media. Politicians and big businesses buy or take other measures to control media. The irony is that the common person is not able to differentiate between the right and the wrong.

Sadly India is ranked 138 among 180 countries who curb freedom of speech. Norway and Sweden top the list with first and second position respectively. North Korea is at the end because of obvious reasons.

Pictures Credit: 2018 World Press Freedom Index —

RIP ‘Freedom of Media’!

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  1. The Words Kraft says:

    True and so true. Media houses are gradually turning into political war houses, each stocking up ammunition to fire rounds at the other party. There’s no transparency, no selflessness. The real News never comes out.

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    1. aditi says:

      I felt the same. The harm done by media is way more than any physical harm. It leaves deep impression on the minds of people, crippling them forever.


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