Let Truth Create Sensation

Let Truth Create Sensation

Man is a slave to some false perceptions where the lie is considered a better approach to an easier life; better than the truth that is harsh and unfriendly. Such perceptions fill us with guilt.

It was a mid-day break during school hours. I was having lunch alone as my bestie was absent on that day. There was this ‘so-called’ friend of mine who gave me a lesson on the importance of truth. She came to me and asked for a company to the school canteen. Agreed.
The canteen supervisor was busy, so he asked my friend to take out the ice-cream herself from the freezer. She did so. But instead of one, she took two ice-creams from the counter. She snatched my handkerchief and covered one ice-cream to hide from the supervisor. I became furious. How could the girl take me for guaranteed? I had agreed to accompany her to the canteen but not to commit a crime.

“How many have you taken?” Canteen man asked casually.
“One!” My friend was extra cautious in replying.
My parents always taught me to be truthful and honest in my actions. The situation was a far cry from my morals. My friend paid for one ice-cream and took two, leaving me bewildered. I rejected her as my friend and took my hanky back, baring the ‘stolen piece’.
“Two ice-creams!” It was me. I was beaming with pride. The truth freed me from guilt.

On that day, I lost a friend but learnt an important lesson for life. When I tell the truth my conscience lauds me. Somewhere in my heart, I feel satisfied that I’ve not broken the trust of my family who has complete faith in me.

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15 thoughts on “Let Truth Create Sensation”

  1. A family is a strange thing. If they are good and supportive, that’s the best gift. The biggest support system one could possibly imagine. On the contrary, I have been seeing families where siblings and parents have a blood-bath over a tiny piece of land or inter-caste marriages. Where’s the faith and love? Where’s the compassion? Lucky, I have a wonderful family adorned with a little kid.

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  2. Lie is like a vicious web. You might find solace in speaking it for that moment to escape from a situation but then you are trapped and it keeps you getting entangled more and more. Your simple story holds a powerful msg. #readbypreetispanorama

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  3. Indeed! One can not afford to slip up and get entangled in the web of lies and deceit. Honesty is an imperative lesson to be learned during childhood and remembered throughout life.

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