A Smart guide to Smart Home

A Smart guide to Smart Home

One thing that I find drool-worthy in every ‘Koffee With Karan’ episode is Google Home playing music following the instructions of Karan Johar. Dying to acquire the device, my search for a perfect smart home begins because I don’t want to lag behind in adopting the latest technology.

It is twenty-first century and technology has been developed from being a luxury to a necessity. Anytime messages to important documents, you need a fraction of second to deliver the information. Even a child can find answers to his queries with the click of a button. What more, the clicking is slowly disappearing with ‘smarter than the smart’ devices. Now you can get answers, play songs, entertain yourself, plan your day and control your smart home with just your voice. Sounds interesting!:)

In this article, we will discuss how to convert a simple home to a smart home.

Control Your Smart Home with your voice

There are many devices in the market to make your home smart. The smarter is the decision to adopt these choices. Go through the details of these smart devices and know how customers are spoilt for choice;)


Google Home is a remarkable invention for the smart generation. You can play music, view calendar or control the home-entertainment by uttering simple words- “OK Google”!
Google Home works on voice commands.

” OK, Google! Play my favourite music!”

“OK, Google! How is the weather?”

“OK, Google! What’s my schedule for today?”

“OK, Google! Dim the lights!”

And Google will promptly respond with all its knowledge and technology.

It’s fun, isn’t it?:)
As you enjoy the freedom to do things at your pace, Google Home helps you stay updated with the latest news and entertainment. Access to information was never this easy.


With Google Chromecast, you can stream entertainment directly from your phone or other devices to your television. Plug-in the Google-Assistant enabled ‘Google Chromecast’ to your TV’s HDMI port and control from smartphone or laptop. No additional remote-control is required.


Connect smart lights to your home WiFi and control them directly from anywhere in the world. Be free to control colour and intensity. Show your concern by setting schedules and scenes. Above all, save energy as you show off your tech-savvy traits:D


Last but not least, they have smart plugs and switches to control appliances from your smartphone. Set reminders, switch on or off the appliances or get notified when anything unscheduled happens.

Well-equipped with smart inventions, I’m proud to call my home a Smart Home🙂

“OK, Google! What’s my schedule for tomorrow?”

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