Theme Reveal #AtoZChallenge

Theme Reveal #AtoZChallenge

Finally, it’s the time of the year when bloggers from around the world gear up for the #AtoZ blogging challenge. The aim is to improve the visibility of their blogs in search engines. The rank grows, the audience multiplies and the blogger rises to his potential best.
I got to know about the challenge of Blogchatter and learnt a few tips from fellow blogger friends.
For me, it’s the first opportunity to grab the limelight. A lazy writer like me who enjoys her comfort zone more than anything else in the world needs a push, or more precisely, motivation in the right direction to become visible in the action sphere. This reason being adequate, I signed up for the A to Z Challenge with zeal.
The challenge before entering the main challenge itself is to select the theme on which one can write a post every day for a month.

Global AtoZChallenge

I’m a ‘Lifestyle And Social Blogger’ and my theme should be in sync with my blog. Keeping this in mind and targeting a theme to keep myself (and my readers) motivated for a long month of April, I committed myself to write on the uniqueness of my country India. India is such a vast country that we can write volumes on it. Distinct cultures bestow various hues and diversity imparts flavour to vibrant India. What’s better than my country to write an everyday column!

Guys! Follow my A to Z Challenge journey and explore the sweet and spicy traits of my India:)
I will be sharing my #AtoZChallenge posts with hashtags #AditiWrites and #CelebrateIndiaWithAditi on social media for your ready reference.

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