Glimpse of India – Crazy for Cricket

In India, we have an unofficial religion lovingly called CRICKET. People like me who do not follow this religion are looked down upon as strangers or more precisely, aliens. You can find children as young as 2/3-year-old posing with a bat and aiming to become another Tendulkar or Gavaskar. Parents too feel proud to see their children toiling for run-race.

Pic credit Wikimedia Commons

The beginning of India’s obsession with cricket goes back to the year 1983 when Kapil Dev and his Devils turned the cricket world upside down by defeating mighty West Indies in the World Cup final. Cricket started gaining popularity in India after the proud win. Proud because it was the first victory of this level to say, ” YES! WE CAN!”
Sachin Tendulkar made his entry to the world of cricket and people got their ‘God of Cricket’. IPL and the satellite television added to the flavour.

We celebrate the season of cricket in India and it is no smaller than any of the natural seasons. Well, literally!
The cricket season has its own characteristics.

1) You can find people listening to cricket commentary by bunking office, college or school during the season. People of higher authority can’t control the breach because the cricket fever grips them first.

Pic credit Sports Keeda

2) Kids learn to play Cricket in small gullies but their dreams are not less than touching the stars. Frankly, this is the only sport Indians find worth-following.

3) When there’s a match with Pakistan, even people like me whose knowledge about cricket is the lowest possible, stay glued to the TV. Nobody wants to miss the excitement.

4) Cricket fever grips all Indians equally. Religion, region, customs, traditions everything comes second to cricket.
Where else do we find an example of equality in diversity?;)

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  1. Best match played in life is – the match played with the writing pad after the last day of exam in school!! Lol… Cricket, cricket & cricket.

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