What I learnt from Blogchatter Creative Writing E-course

What I learnt from Blogchatter Creative Writing E-course

As many of you already know, the ever-learning, ever-evolving bloggers community, Blogchatter is conducting the ‘Creative Writing E-course’ from March to June 2019.

*The first phase of the course included ‘Understanding the nuances of creative writing’ where we attended live sessions and chats with renowned writers on Blogchatter’s social media platforms.
I was a part of some chats and watched the recorded versions of those I missed. I’m writing about what I learnt in the first phase of the e-course.

•It was an opportunity for the blogger community to interact with the famous Indian author and journalist, Aditya Sinha. He gave us tips on how to write gripping non-fiction.

What I learnt from Aditya Sinha

1) While writing in Non-fiction genre, make your content interesting to capture your reader’s attention for long.

2) If you want to blend facts with creative liberties, go for ‘Faction’ means using real-life characters in your creative writing.

3) Internet is a vast source from where one can get information to write Non-fiction.

4) Whichever genre you are writing, be confident to pass the same enthusiasm to your readers.

5) Reading is your only reliable source if you are writing Non-fiction. Don’t write on the basis of what you hear.

6) To make Non-fiction an interesting read, you can plan it in non-chronological order.

7) Who reads Non-fiction?
People who want to learn and hunt for revelations pick up the Non-fiction first. Write for them. Sometimes truth gets hidden in the misty lies, your job is to unveil the reality.

Dipankar Mukherjee was another author who gave us some serious Creative Writing goals. Please find below some quick notes on what I learnt from the famous fiction writer.

1) Entertainment-factor is very important for creative writing though it varies from person to person. Some like emotional stories whereas others may find commercial stories entertaining.

2) Gain knowledge about the topic you are writing on by reading.

3) Select your theme cautiously. You should be clear on who will read your stuff.

4) Think about the ideas that will make your writing stand out.

5) Write on the theme, you have some real-life experience in. Don’t go for the theme just because it is popular.

6) Give a personal touch to your writings. It will distinguish you from the other writers and make your identity unique in the market.

• Importance Of Keeping A Writing Schedule
The article by Andaleeb Wajid suggests keeping a schedule for writing if you want yourself to be a productive and focused writer. I think this is one of the most important tips I have to practise. By allotting 3-4 hours a day to my writing, I can think of reaching my aim.

• Second phase of the ‘Creative Writing e-course’ is DOCUMENTING THE UNDERSTANDING, what I’m doing here.

• Phase three will begin in June when Blogchatter will give writing based prompts for evaluation.

•When I registered for the Creative Writing e-course by Blogchatter, I hoped to learn nuances of good blog writing. I attended some chats and live interactions with renowned authors and learnt how they plan their writings. I must say it has been a fulfilling experience.

•The best thing that I learnt during the e-course is yet to be shared:)
From the live interactions with the published authors, I got to know my genre. I found that most of my posts are non-fiction. It attracts me, it prompts me to pick up the pen and write. Non-fiction with creativity makes it interesting and attracts readers; this is another important lesson learnt from the e-course. I’m grateful to the team Blogchatter for guiding me in the right direction:)


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