Reflections- April AtoZ Series

Reflections- Glimpse of India

April has been quite an eventful month for me. Blogchatter AtoZ series kept me in read-write mode and I got an opportunity to challenge myself. I consider myself a lazy blogger and completing 26 posts in the month of April is a HUGE success for me. Now that the challenge is over, I’m here to reflect what I gained (and what lost!?).

Before the beginning of the AtoZ challenge, I was confused about the theme of the series. It was my first AtoZ challenge and I was determined to prove myself. A few days before AtoZ Challenge was to begin, I had hosted the blog train for travel India with more than 70 posts shared on social media with hashtag #XploreBharat. I became more interested in knowing various cultures and landforms of India. AtoZ challenge gave me an opportunity to discover my own country through 26 blog posts:)

Next challenge before me was to write one post a day (Told you I don’t get started easily!!;). Luckily, the enthusiasm of my fellow bloggers rubbed off on me. It gave an (unexpectedπŸ˜‚) boost to my writing power and yes, I completed the series on time!!

Wow! I’m an A-to-Z-Challenge SURVIVOR:)

My experience with AtoZ Challenge

πŸ‚ Before the AtoZ challenge, my blog was updated sparingly because I was hesitant to use the words! Oh, literally! The challenge gave me confidence to start writing whenever I feel like, without any false assumptions.

πŸ‚ I got to read the blogs of many wonderful bloggers whose work encouraged me to spend a part of myself in blogging.

πŸ‚ After completion of AtoZ series, I’m counted as one of those reliable bloggers;)
What else do I need?

πŸ‚ My Alexa rank shows a huge improvement and I’m happy with the progress. Pray, the power of Alexa be with meπŸ’ͺ. Always.

πŸ‚ I hope to continue updating my blog more often because participating in the AtoZ challenge showed me the right way to blog.

πŸ‚ Last but not least, I would like to thank Blogchatter for mentoring me in wading through the blogging challenge:)

πŸ‚ You can find all my ‘Glimpse of India’ posts πŸ‘‰HERE. Please read and leave a comment to encourage:)

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