TikTok: Seven ways to ensure your content is safe

   Ever since its launch, TikTok has been encouraging its users to focus on creativity, and spread joy while staying safe online. However, while TikTok encourages its users to stay safe, content creators are also expected to follow proper online protocol and be responsible while posting content online. While posting content is an integral part of how TikTok works, ensuring that users understand and take steps to ensure their online safety is also essential.

TikTok content safety
TikTok content safety

Here are seven ways to keep your content safe on TikTok


If you are a regular poster of TikTok videos, you will be aware of the fact that you can post any type of content you can, as long as it is within TikTok’s community guidelines. Whether it is a video that involves your dog or one where you are sharing educational content amongst your list of followers, views are assured, but you may want to remember to turn off the ‘Download Video’ option if you’re concerned about having these videos freely available on other social media platforms.


Restricted Mode is an optional account setting that will limit the content that may not be appropriate for younger users. The feature is activated via a password, which will be valid for 30 days.


To better empower users, users can also manage comments on the app by filtering words they deem undesirable. Users will be able to choose up to 30 keywords and modify them as they wish, in Hindi and English, which will be filtered out automatically.


You can decide who and who can’t watch your videos. If your TikTok profile comprises videos of crazy cats and dogs, there is no harm keeping a public profile. However, if you’re the type to put more personal things like family trips and videos of your child, then it’s recommended to have a private profile.


You are the controller of your profile; decide who can comment for you. To access and configure your data, all you need to do is visit ‘Privacy and Safety’ options in the application settings. Over there, you tap ‘Who can comment on my videos’. Choose ‘Everyone’, ‘Friends’, or ‘Off’, based on the type of content you post.


You must stay in control when it comes to duets. TikTok’s duet option is fun, but you may not want to sing a duet with anyone and everyone. We suggest if you fall in this category, then you enter the ‘Privacy and Safety’ settings, tap ‘Who can Duet with Me’, and customise your preferences. If you come across abusive content that can violate the online privacy of either you or a loved one, you should report it immediately.


Using this feature, TikTok users will be able to end sessions or remove their accounts from other devices from within the TikTok app to better manage their safety of their account. This feature will help avoid the misuse of user accounts.


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