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Storytelling has always been man’s favourite recreational activity. The history of our existence is based on the art of storytelling that our ancestors perfected with time and passed on to us. We grew up listening to stories from our parents and grandparents. Irrespective of age, we enjoy telling and listening to good stories. Now, let’s talk about the children of today. Technology has changed a lot of things but the fondness for storytelling remains the same. There’s a small transition from the previous method and I believe that it should be acceptable. Technologically smart children spend more time with their gadgets than with their parents or grandparents. That’s the reason I am always looking for an interactive learning app to interact with children in their own specific way. MaPa story app is such an interactive application where parents and children can record stories in their own voice. It enhances family bonding and inculcates good speaking skills in children.

MaPa Story caught my attention when I was searching for an app for recreational activities. Recording stories in our own voice and listening to them gives us immense pleasure.

MaPa Storytelling App

Reasons to own MaPa Story App

Guys, I found MaPa Story app quite effective. Here I’m sharing some reasons that will resonate with you.

MaPa Story App…

1. Promotes Family Bonding

MaPa Story app gives a strong purpose to the parents and children to sit together and read or record stories in their own voice. As a result, the special bond between the two generations strengthens for better bonding. Children can listen to the stories recorded in their parents or grandparents voice even in their absence, making the relationship more beautiful.

2. Prepares children in public speaking

Most of the children shy away from speaking on stage and in front of the camera. MaPa Story App can help them gain the confidence to express in public. One can record stories in his own voice and listen to them afterwards. This can help improve pronunciation if the progress is followed honestly.

3. Inculcates Confidence

Confidence is one essential thing that can make impossible, possible. Recording stories in MaPa Story app develops self-belief that encourages children to speak without hesitation, the first step towards gaining confidence. There’s a free version of the app and then there is a paid version. Go for the paid one because it has many more features than the free version.

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4. Ensures Quality time Spent

In the busy routine, we want our time spent with the children to be quality time. Yes, parents prefer those interactive activities with children that leave a favorable impression on the child’s mind. In MaPa Story App, parents and children can sit together for interactive sessions. The app builders have taken care of the interests of the children while selecting stories. The stories are categorised in the following sections:

•Knowledge Stories
•Moral Stories
•MaPa Originals
•Bedtime Stories
•Family Stories
•Fairytales and Folktales
•Friendship Stories

5. Promises Vocabulary Improvement

Reading and recording stories in our own voice helps improve vocabulary. MaPa app is designed to make storytelling a wonderful activity that caters to the interests of children as well as their parents/grandparents. Interaction between the two generations becomes healthy and leads to stronger bonding. Children learn many new words while reading and recording stories on MaPa Story app, preparing themselves for a better life. 

Check out this unique storytelling app that I really enjoyed – MaPa Story! You can read, listen to and record stories from anywhere. Get a special 30% discount by subscribing on the App. Here is your referral code 👉🏻 51536.

Click here to download the app!:)

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